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“I just can’t believe we are #1 in Google already…”

(Echo Daniel, PDWLawFirm.com)

“Our DUI cases are up over 25% since working with Bipper Media.”

(Mo Wiltshire, PDWLawFirm.com)

“We are definitely seeing an increase in business from our exposure in Google.”

(Derek Kesler, LewisCoFloors.com)

“Because of Bipper Media, our sales are up 80% during past 2 months.”

(Aimie Fritz, BounceAtlanta.com)

“It’s amazing to see how we stand out in Google search results…” 

(Philip Waggoner, WaggonerInsurance.com)

“It’s exciting us moving up in Google so quickly…”

(Randy Rozek, RozekLaw.com)


What Bipper Media can do for you!

Our clients come to us when they are sick and tired of seeing their competitors at the top of Google search, when their phones are ringing with new clients because they are no where to be found online, and most importantly, clients come to us when they want to know how to increase their brand exposure and traffic to their websites by connecting with people who are actually searching for the products and services they offer!

Here’s just a few of the ways we are helping our clients with amazing results:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for local & small business
  • Content marketing and lead generation
  • Website optimization and “domain” authority
  • Advanced analytics and traffic analysis for conversion
  • Mobile apps for lead generation (featuring “tap to call” functionality)

Why SEO for local & small business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is, without a doubt, one of the most important pieces to any effective marketing campaign. Here’s some stats to consider:

  • 95% of people begin searching for local products & services on Google
  • 88% of all searchers in Google click on the first 3 search results
  • Less than 5% of local & small businesses are leveraging Google authorship
  • 80% of all searchers in Google click on the natural (organic) search results
  • ONLY 20% of searchers in Google click on the ads at the top and side of search results
  • 100% of businesses disappear from the front page of Google when they turn off their Adwords campaigns

All of the above are great reasons as to why you and your business need to be found at the top of the front page Google!


SEO Company in Athens, Georgia

As an SEO company in Athens, Ga., we have learned the value of working with small, local businesses.  Ultimately, our clients want one thing – they want their phones ringing from new customers and connect to new clients who are actively searching for their products and services.  This is true, however, no matter where we our clients are from, whether it’s a smaller metro area like Athens or a large city like Atlanta.

But even though Bipper Media got started in with SEO services in Athens, our reputation spread and the demand for our SEO work spread quickly into Atlanta!  It’s been amazing for us, as we continue to work with more and more local and small businesses, to watch our clients shoot to the top of Google for their most profitable keyword phrases, and hear the stories our clients share about increased traffic, exposure, and business.

We couldn’t be more excited right now in our business to connect with more clients, and help more local and small businesses leverage the fast growing world of search marketing for their business!

SEO Company in Atlanta, Georgia

One of the main reasons we are now providing SEO services in Atlanta is because some of our clients here in Athens had offices in the metro Atlanta area.  It was only natural for us to start providing search marketing services in Atlanta to clients who had, ultimately, the same objectives as our clients in Athens – connect with new customers and clients who are actively searching for their products and services in Google.

SEO in Atlanta, compared to the Athens market, requires a little bit of a different approach in order to get our client’s websites into the top search results in Google.  First, the Atlanta market is a lot bigger which means the competition is more fierce.  You can have a dozen of more businesses who are all vying for attention and exposure in Google search results.  But since Google only shows the first 10 on the front page – and as I mentioned before, 88% of all searchers in Google click in the first 3 search results – the approach for SEO in Atlanta requires a lot more attention to detail.

SEO Services in the U.S. and Beyond

With the results Bipper Media has been delivering with our SEO services in Athens and Atlanta, the word is now spreading throughout the U.S. and beyond.  Clients from other cities in the U.S. are starting to take note of the search results we’ve been able to deliver to our clients, and they are now wanting these same SEO services to be put to work for their business in their locations.

And even beyond the U.S., Bipper Media is starting to build a reputation of delivering results and driving increased traffic and exposure to websites.  Clients who are located here in the U.S. are now looking to spread our SEO services to their locations, and business initiatives, beyond the U.S.

It’s an exciting time for Bipper Media because we are helping more and more businesses figure out how to leverage the web and Google search to increase traffic, exposure, and sales for their business.

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And we honestly believe that you and your business can thrive on the web and in Google search – lot’s of clients have come from no where to achieving amazing results for their business!


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