State Farm Insurance Bringing 500 Jobs To Atlanta

This is part of the metro Atlanta insurance coverage sponsored by the Waggoner Insurance Agency in Marietta, Goergia.  Waggoner Insurance Agency has been serving customers in Marietta and metro Atlanta since 1974.  Visit their website today to learn more. State Farm Looking To Add 500 Jobs in Atlanta State Farm has announced they will be looking to hire 500 people, and perhaps more in the future, at  a new 400,000 square foot facility located near the Perimeter Mall in metro Atlanta.  The exact location of the new facility is 64 Perimeter Center East (the former Philips Electronics building) and 66 Perimeter Center East. State Farm Insurance is the nations largest property and casualty insurance company.  The location at 64 Perimeter Center East is an ideal location for State Farm due to the easy access to interstate and public transportation. Along with the new facilities, of course, comes a whole new lineup of job opportunities.  State Farm plans on expanding their [...]

Uncovered! Little Known Insurance Strategy Can Save You Thousands

If you live in the metro Atlanta area, then give our friends at Waggoner Insurance Agency a call.  They have offices in both Marietta and Smyrna. Are you in the market for some new insurance?  Or perhaps you are looking to lower your insurance rates on big ticket items like your house or your car?   If so, then you might be surprised to learn that there's an opportunity out there looming where you can jump in right now and possible save over $400 a year on your insurance coverage. When the economy started to tank back in 2007, it sent the insurance market into a tail spin as the majority of consumers started cutting back their expenses and shaving down their insurance packages. As consumers started to shave down their packages, the insurance companies had to tighten their belts and find more creative ways to keep their profit margins increasing.  One of those ways has been to simply [...]

10 Reasons To Consider Grand Protect Coverage On Your Recreational Vehicles

With summertime upon us, families are starting to put together their plans for family fun and adventure.  Of course, these summer outings can come in many different shapes and sizes - family trips to Disney World in Orlando, camping trips to the Grand Canyon, or even as simple as packing up the family and traveling to friends and family.   A lot of times, these trips happen logistically by loading up into a recreational vehicle and heading on down the highway.  Some families might be hauling a camper, while other families could load up into a large RV.  Whatever and however you make your trip this summer, if it's in a recreational vehicle then you might want to take a look at what's called a Grand Protect insurance policy for recreational vehicles. Grand Protect Insurance for Recreational Vehicles in Marietta, Georgia As an insurance agent in Marietta, Georgia we are particularly fond of helping out our local clients with [...]