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Video SEO & Branding in Google

Here’s just two examples of our clients dominating the front page of Google with their brands through the use of our video SEO services:

video seo atlanta video seo athens ga

Nothing on the web is more engaging than video. And nothing on your website will keep people longer, encourage deeper connections, and leave a more favorable impression than videos about your business, products, and services (let’s just call all of the above your “brand”).

But getting someone to connect to your “brand” or your website requires you to get noticed in places like Google search.

And that’s where the power of video SEO and video branding in Google come in play!

Video SEO allows your business to stand out definitively on the front page of Google, capturing that critical “first look” from people who are searching for your products or services.

When you have a large, customized image associated with your search results in Google, research shows your website will experience more than a 75% increase in click thru traffic – and that’s traffic from people who are already searching for your business, products, and services!

Branding, Internet Marketing, & SEO

SEO & Branding on the front page of Google

There’s an interesting (and powerful) merger taking place that combines traditional SEO (top rankings in Google) with the power of branding. Here at Bipper Media we are on the cutting edge of this trend and as a result, our clients are receiving amazing increases in traffic, leads, and sales. These results come from standing out definitively in the top search results in Google, versus the “old” way of doing SEO which is just achieving front page or top rankings in Google.

Here are some of our SEO clients branded on the front page of Google:

best seo company

There’s a fundamental difference between achieving “front page rankings” in Google and “branding” your business on the front of Google. The idea of front page rankings is all about an event such as, “my website is now on the front page of Google”, or “my website is now #1 in Google”. However, branding your business on the front page of Google means that you’ve not only achieved the event (front page or #1 in Google), but you are also standing out definitively on the front page of Google.

When you, your website, and your business stand out definitively on the front page of Google, you are now achieving something substantially more valuable than just an event – you are now branding your business in a way that allows you to stand out from all of your competitors, build brand awareness, and connect to the highest quality customers looking for what you offer.

Athens SEO, Atlanta SEO, & Global SEO Consulting

Tips, strategies, and information to help business owners increase traffic and exposure to their websites and brands through search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (Google Adwords), content marketing (blogging for business), and conversion analysis (Google Analytics). Website design and SEO optimization from the inside out on all websites to include structured data and keyword consistency, meta data optimization, and powerful competitive analysis and competitive SEO insights. There’s nothing your competitors are doing that we cannot uncover, analyze, and capitalize on from an SEO (search optimization and internet marketing) perspective.

Bipper Media was founded by Bobby Holland and is a full service search optimization and internet marketing agency providing consulting and implementation services as well as self guided ‘DIY’ services for internet marketing teams, agencies, and internal departments. In order to do SEO effectively, you have to know the technicalities at work “behind the scenes”, within the code of your website to the onsite content. The presence and consistency of your targeted keyword phrases is a balance that must be met in order to dominant the #1 search results in Google.

Ready for your website to stand out on the front page of Google and benefit from increased traffic, leads, & sales?

  • Top search results for your most profitable keyword phrases
  • Branding your business with thumbnail integration in Google search
  • Focused content marketing to drive an increasing flow of targeted, profitable traffic to your website
  • Exclusivity & focus:   Bipper Media only works with one client per market / per geographic area

Since bringing on Bipper Media, we’ve seen an 80% increase in business as a result of our rankings and presence in Google’s natural search results. (Aimie Fritz,

We’ve seen a 30% increase in cases here at our law firm as a result of our top rankings in Google and our mobile app that loads whenever search traffic is coming from Google mobile. (Mo Wiltshire,

Targeting your most profitable keyword phrases

  • keyword research is at the core of everything we do
  • our main objective is to first identify what keyword phrases your customers are actually using
  • we leverage advanced keyword tools and search data to identify your most valuable customers

Your website, mobile web presence, and more…

  • after the keyword phase, our attention turns to your website
  • your website will be organized into a highly structured, high quality web property
  • we build lead generation sites for those who need a website
  • we build HTML5 mobile sites that load automatically from all mobile devices and convert new customers fast

High quality, highly targeted, & consistent content creation

  • high quality content gets published to your site or blog on a consistent basis
  • Google crawls and indexes your website faster, and attributes more authority to your site
  • consistent content fuels explosive growth in highly targeted traffic to your website

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