Increase Website Traffic Most Profitable Visitors

There are ways to increase traffic to your website overall.  Say, for example, you sell ads on your website and the advertisers earn revenue based on CMP (cost per 1,000 visitors).  Then you would obviously focus on driving increased traffic to your website regardless of who the visitor is.

The other side of that equation is to drive traffic from a highly segmented audience.  These visitors make up the people who are interested generally in your business category.  This is a very effective strategy when you are looking to build your brand exposure and reputation in your overall market.

Then you have the scenario where you are interested in increasing traffic to your website from your most profitable, or premium, visitors.

These are the people who are searching specifically for your premium products or services in your specific market or metro area.

And in order to reach this type of premium audience, you need a content strategy that will put your business (i.e. your website) directly in front of this highly segmented audience.

Blogging For Premium Customers

An effective strategy to increase traffic from your most profitable audience is to start producing content that focuses on your premium products and services.

And this is most easily achieved by starting a business blog on your website.

Here’s a couple of examples to illustrate this strategy:

The dental market

Let’s say you are a dentist in Atlanta.

Obviously, you want to increase traffic to your website from people who are interested in finding the best dentist in the Atlanta market.

So you can implement a strategy to increase the overall traffic from people interested in finding a new dentist in Atlanta.

But, let’s say your most profitable procedures are cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers.

In this case, you would leverage your blog content to target those specific procedures.

However, since you are dentist in Atlanta, you also want to include the term “Atlanta” in the titles of these articles and throughout the content of your blog post.

By writing content about cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers, and including mentions of “Atlanta” in the title and content, you would start to increase traffic to your website from people who are interested specifically in those procedures, and who are from the Atlanta market.

The legal market

Let’s say you are personal injury law firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  However, your most profitable practice area comes from brain injury cases.

You would obviously be interested in increasing traffic and exposure in general from the Milwaukee market.  And one strategy we use for our clients, in this case, is to produce news articles about accidents and injuries happening in their city, which drives increased traffic to their website from their targeted metro area.

However, since your law firm’s most profitable cases come from brain injury victims, you’ll want to tailor your articles specifically to news and information about brain injury news and information.

By writing blog articles about brain and head injuries, and more specifically, those happening in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, you would start to increase traffic from people who are interested in this type of content AND located in that targeted metro area.


In both cases above, you are leveraging blog articles to attract the most profitable visitors to your website.

The more content you produce around your premium products or services, or your most profitable metro areas, the more visitors you will attract to your website that represent your most profitable customer or client base.

Even if those visitors don’t call you upon their initial visit to your website, you are still building your brand reputation to your most profitable audience.