How Your Kids Can Help You Pack for Hiking in the Great Outdoors

Hiking can be a fun activity to engage in with your kids that helps promote a fit and active lifestyle. However, when it comes to packing, it can be difficult to teach kids what to bring and what to leave at home. In this guide we’ll tell you how your kids can help you pack for hiking in the great outdoors. That way, it takes less time to pack and your children will learn the do’s and don’ts of packing for a hike.

Teaching Them About Packing Essentials

For your kids to be able to help, you’ll first want them to learn what the packing essentials are. It could be a good idea to sit down with your kids with all of your items and equipment laid out in front so that you can talk them through each one and help them understand why they’re important before you begin to pack.

Here are some of the main items you’ll want to talk them through:


Fueling appropriately is important during hiking so that both you and your kids can maintain high energy levels to make it the whole way through. Some snack examples that will be good for your kids are pieces of fruit and carrot sticks. Rather than chocolate bars or sweets, these will keep them healthy while helping them to stay energised.

First Aid Kit:

First aid can come in handy if anyone in your family gets cut, bruised, or injured during the hike. Helping your kids understand the importance of this kit. It also educates them on why it needs to be packed so that as they age, they will always bring it with them.


Torches can especially come in handy to help you see in the dark and when you’ve planned a hiking trip that might last all day.

Bug Spray:

It’s always possible that you might come across ticks or other critters while you’re out exploring. Your kids should learn early on about the importance of bug spray to help keep them at bay so that you can make the most out of your hike and stay safe at the same time.

Sleeping Bag:

If you are staying overnight, a sleeping bag is essential. You might also want to advise your kids to carry one anyway even if they don’t plan to sleep while hiking just in case they decide to do so. It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Learning How to Pack the Right Way

When it’s time to actually pack your goods, you’ll want to take your kids through the steps as they help you so that they know the right way to pack. You’ll want to teach them to pack the following way:

  • Less needed items first
  • More frequently used items on top
  • Heavy items in the centre and at the back of the pack
  • Light items in the middle, top, or bottom, but not at the back

That way, you’ve covered the three main areas of your backpack: top, middle, and bottom. It’s also important to talk them through any exterior pockets that can be used to carry additional items that might be less necessary but still come in handy. Perhaps these could be a great place to add in a few emergency snacks. However, important items can be stored here too such as water bottles which are essential for hydration. Once you explain this to your kids, they’ll be able to play a helping hand by packing while learning along the way about the important items that are not to be missed.

Advise them on the importance of packing correctly as it makes it easier to access items that are more important and used often when they’re placed at the top. For example, if they were to be packed at the bottom, they’d have to lift out other items in order to reach them, which can become inconvenient and annoying.

With a few simple tips and allowing your kids to help with the packing process, they’ll be on their way to becoming an expert in no time!

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