Vacuum cleaners are one of the most efficient equipment in cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are very convenient and can spare you from that physically demanding house cleaning.

But, vacuum cleaners have to be maintained and regularly serviced to sustain its maximum efficiency.

One way you can do maintain effeciency is by replacing your bag.

Replacing vacuum bags is easy and here’s how to do it:

Know your vacuum cleaner.

Replacing vacuum bag is just like replacing your garbage bag. All the dirt accumulated during your cleaning is consolidated in this bag.

But replacing it does not begin on the actual act of removing the bag then replacing a new one. It begins when you buy your vacuum.

You have to consider if the replacement bags are readily available in your local store.

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Yes, new units may have complementary replacement bags but they will eventually run out and if you do not do your homework, you might end up buying a new cleaner instead of just buying bags.

Now that you have your replacement bags and you are ready to use them, turn off the unit and unplug your vacuum cleaner. Nobody wants to be electrocuted. Open the bag compartment. You might want to wear a mask since this bag is full of dust and might trigger respiratory problems.

Grab the collar of the bag off the latch. Be careful not to tear it or to rip it open. Stash away the bag. Do not press it or try to flatten it to avoid dispersing the collected dirt and dust in the open.

Flatten the new vacuum bag on a surface to eliminate air. Tuck the open end of the bag on the vacuum bag latch. Some bags fit as they are while some needs to be folded on the side so that the fresh bags mouth is enough to fit the vacuum cleaner’s hose or the latch. Make sure that all parts of the vacuum bag’s open end are tightly and properly tucked to prevent dirt and dust from escaping.

Close the bag compartment and you now have a vacuum cleaner with a newly installed bag.

Vacuum bag replacement depends on the frequency of using your vacuum cleaner. If you use it twice or thrice a week, you might need to replace your bag every month. Leaving a full bag on the cleaner might cause the bag to tear apart and scatter the dirt inside the cleaner which might later cause unwanted damage on the other parts of the cleaner.