Someone just asked a great question on Quora about the best way to structure your title tags for local SEO.  This is a great question because most people don’t realize the impact your website has on your local search rankings in Google.

In every Google Maps listing, or Google business page, there’s a URL field where you can enter your website address.  Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like:

Google Maps Listing URL Field

The best strategy for title tag optimization for local SEO is to use the following template:

[product / service / business category] [city name] [state abbreviation]

For example, let’s say you run a junk removal business in Tampa, Florida. The title tag on the page that you put in the URL field on your Google business page should be optimized as follows:

Junk Removal Tampa FL

Or let’s say you are a personal injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. The title tag on the page you put in the URL field on your Google business page should be as follows:

Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta GA

Another variation of this would be the following template:

[city name] [product / service / business category]

Here’s the same examples that I used above, but in the new variation:

Tampa Junk Removal

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Of the two examples above, I would recommend the first template where you place the city name at the end of the title tag. Reason being, this is more consistent with the way people search naturally in Google.

Or, if people are searching from a mobile device, they wouldn’t even need to include the city name in the search because Google leverages the IP location to insert the city name at the end of the query.

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