How to Eat Healthy in College

Most college students try to be healthy but being on a college budget and always thin on time can make eating healthy difficult. From one college student to another, these are my tricks to eating healthy. 

Cook at home

Cooking at home can be a great way to start a healthy lifestyle. Not only can it help to save money, but it also helps people know exactly what they are eating, rather than questioning all the ingredients in a fast-food meal. Here in Athens, Georgia I recommend shopping at Publix and Trader Joe’s. I go to both about once a month. I go to Publix for my basics like bread, eggs, yogurt, etc. I go to Trader Joe’s for frozen dinners, fruits, and healthy snacks. Trader Joe’s has awesome frozen dinners that are only around five dollars each. Some of my favorites are the Chicken Chile Verde Burritos, Cauliflower Stir Fry, and Vegetable Pad Thai. I like their frozen dinners because they make it easier for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when life gets busy.  

Eat Breakfast 

The people who say breakfast is the most important meal of the day are right. Try not to skip breakfast if possible. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast such as some yogurt, toast, and fruit, will help to keep bodies energized and boost metabolisms. A study on college students concluded that those who eat a healthy breakfast have better grades. Personally, I know that when I go to class hungry it is all I can think about and I don’t retain much information from the lesson. Eat breakfast every day to help with energy, metabolism, and grades! 

Pack Snacks 

Packing healthy snacks while you are out and about helps to prevent eating unhealthy foods. I always keep a healthy granola bar or some dried fruit in my bag while I am on campus so if I do get hungry, I don’t have to go to a vending machine. College campuses can make it difficult to make healthy food choices when there are fast-food restaurants right on campus and chips and candy bars in the vending machines. Find some snacks that are easy to carry around so there are no temptations when on campus. 

Stay Away from Soda 

Americans love soda. It can be found almost everywhere but it is full of sugar and can contribute to weight gain and diabetes. Instead of picking up a Coke-a-Cola, make the simple switch to water and Crystal Light. Crystal Light is a zero or low-calorie powder that can be mixed into water to give it a sweet flavor. I always keep some in my bag so I can stay healthy but still enjoy a sweet drink.  

I know how hard it can be to stay healthy in college but making these simple changes in your life should help make it a lot easier to do. No one is perfect and every once in a while I order fast food, drink soda, and forget to eat breakfast, but just trying not to do it every day will help to keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Jessica Voyles
Jessica Voyles
Jessica Voyles attends the University of Georgia where she is studying advertising. She is dedicated to helping her community by using her God-given talents and compassionate heart. Learn more about Jessica


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