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Are you trying to boost your search engine rankings? As part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, don’t neglect to generate backlinks. Backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors.

Unfortunately, over 66% of pages don’t have backlinks. Usually, the more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it will generate from Google.

In fact, most top-ranking pages get followed backlinks from new sites at a pace between 5% and 14.5% each month. With backlinks, you can boost your rankings to reach more customers online.

Then, you can start generating more website traffic, leading to a possible influx of leads and sales.

You don’t have to generate a backlink-building strategy alone, though. Instead, consider finding a backlink building service. Help from an experienced team can set your backlink-building strategy up for success.

Not sure which backlink-building company to hire? Here are seven factors to keep in mind during your search.

After reading this guide, you can find a backlink-building agency with your goals and needs in mind. Start searching with these simple tips today!

1. Experience

You won’t want a backlink-building company using your business as a guinea pig. Instead, focus on finding a backlink-building firm with years of experience.

Determine how long the business has run and operated. You can check their website for an “About Us” page to learn about their history. Otherwise, check out the company’s Better Business Bureau listing to determine when they were founded.

It’s not enough to find a business that’s operated for a few years, though. Instead, make sure their experience is relevant to your needs. How long have they offered backlink-building services?

How many clients have they helped over the years, too? You might want to determine how many businesses like yours they’ve helped as well.

If you can, find a backlink-building company that has helped businesses within your industry. They could have relevant experience that will benefit your campaign.

Determine which staff members will work on your backlink-building campaign as well. How long have they worked in the industry? What experience and expertise can they bring to the table?

Finding a team with years of relevant experience offering these services can give you peace of mind. You’ll know these teams have the know-how you’re looking for.

A company that only recently started offering backlink-building as a service, however, might falter. They might need to work out issues with their strategies and operations, too. Instead, choose a team that already has a plan in place.

Their ability to work efficiently can save you valuable time and benefit your rankings as soon as possible.

2. Services

Once you’ve found an experienced backlink-building firm, take a moment to consider your needs and goals.

Are you only interested in backlink-building services? Perhaps you want to find an agency that can offer other SEO services, too. For example, you might need a team that can offer content creation services.

In order to generate high-quality backlinks, you need to give other websites a reason to link to your site. Creating high-quality content can boost your chances of generating backlinks from a website with a high domain authority. Gaining backlinks from these sites will help your SEO rankings rise.

If the company doesn’t offer content creation services, that’s okay. Ask what other services they can provide.

Perhaps the company will use guest posts to help you generate backlinks.

You might find a backlink-building firm that also offers website design and development services. Google looks for websites that offer a positive user experience. You’ll need to make sure your website is mobile-optimized, fast, and secure to improve your organic rankings.

Finding a backlink-building company that offers additional services can benefit your entire search engine optimization strategy. As your organic rankings rise, you’ll reach even more consumers as they search for your offerings.

Then, you can generate more website traffic, which could boost your organic rankings further.

3. Process

Take the time to contact one or two different agencies. Ask each team about their process. How will they help you generate high-quality backlinks?

Look for a firm that can walk you through its strategy. If the team fails to remain transparent, choose a different agency. Otherwise, there’s a chance the company is using black hat SEO tactics.

Black hat SEO could lead Google to penalize your website. Your site won’t appear for relevant searches. Consumers might struggle to find your website online as a result.

4. Case Studies

If you want to find the best backlink-building service available, look for proof the firm can accomplish your goals. Ask each backlink-building agency for case studies. Case studies will demonstrate their abilities to meet your expectations.

About 75% of search engine users never look past the first page of results. If the company’s backlink-building service isn’t effective, you might not reach the first page.

If the company doesn’t track the progress of its campaigns, it might not have the necessary abilities to help.

5. Reviews

You can also learn more about each backlink-building company by asking for references and reviews. Try to speak with three of their most recent clients. Ask each client about their experience working with the agency.

Was the agency able to accomplish the client’s goals and meet their expectations? Have the client’s search engine rankings improved as a result?

Check each company’s Google My Business and Better Business Bureau listing for additional reviews.

6. Communication

As you speak with some of the company’s recent clients, ask about the company’s ability to communicate. Did they keep the client updated about how their campaigns were progressing? How often did the client receive updates from the firm?

It’s important to find a backlink-building firm that will communicate with you.

Otherwise, you might not realize their services aren’t working until you’ve wasted time and money.

7. Pricing

Gather quotes from multiple backlink-building agencies. Determine what’s included with each quote as well. Then, compare your options.

Instead of choosing the cheapest service, make sure you’re choosing the most capable agency. Their ability to help you generate backlinks will boost your rankings and with them, your ROI.

Start Link-Building: 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Backlink-Building Service

Set your SEO strategy up for success. Use these tips to find the best backlink-building service available. With quality backlinks, you can boost your rankings to reach more customers.

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