Process Success in SEO

So what’s the secret to success in search?

Is there a magic button that can be pushed and boom… your website is suddenly ranking in the top search results in highly competitive markets?

I don’t think so.

There is no magic button to push that gives you instant results.  But there is, however, a recipe you can follow that will almost certainly bring success to your business in search.  And that secret recipe is called “process”.

Process is the secret ingredient to success in search.

The more you engage with the process of SEO and proceed down its long and winding path, the better your chances are of rising to the top results in Google for your most profitable keyword phrases.

Organic search is critically important because it can easily account for 50% or more of sales coming from your online presence.

The problem with 90% of the “how to” SEO and digital marketing content out there is they give you quick fixes, shortcuts, and otherwise corner cutting methods in hopes of delivering faster results.

Especially when it comes to data and analytics and how to leverage data to drive more sales.  Don’t get me wrong, proper interpretation of what’s working and what’s not is important.  But data analysis alone will not drive a dominate presence in organic search results.

Or you have the “money making” gurus running “Make $100k a month” Facebook ads to get you to sign up for their $5000 funnel training.

Regardless of the shape and form these “quick results” gurus take, what they always fail to mention is the process involved in achieving true success.

The same principle is true with search optimization.

The truth is, driving business growth — I mean, true business growth where over half (50%+) of your sales comes from organic search — requires a much more disciplined approach.  There are no shortcuts; black hat methods no longer work; and the path to top search results only happens when you engage in the process.

We have a client doing $100 million in sales a year with nearly 60% of their online sales comes straight from organic search.  However, getting them to this point has been a 3 year process that continues to this day.

Three years ago, this client had serious issues with their website which resulted in a diluted presence in organic search.  In fact, their main product (top tier pages) were actually found in the omitted search index in Google.  Which is the equivalent of not being in the search results at all.

In order to turn this around and get them to where they are today, the process has looked something like this:

  • up front keyword research and competitive analysis (which took months to fully understand)
  • restructuring and reorganizing their website, which consists of 100,000 pages
  • identifying top tier landing pages for their main products
  • focusing on core keyword phrases / categorical level keyword phrases for search optimization
  • building both internal linking structures and external inbound links that contribute to building true domain and brand authority.
  • consistent content production (articles) and social media distribution of that content

After 3 years of continual process, and with 50% – 60% of their sales coming from organic search, we are still a long ways from this client being the #1 ranked website for all of their most profitable keyword phrases.

But with patience and persistence, and continual engagement in the process of building domain authority, this client will continue to grow their presence in the search results.

And not only for their top tier category level keyword phrases.  The more domain authority that builds for this client, the more the client will rank for the millions of long tail keyword phrase variations of their top tier phrases.  And the more this happens, the more their website is exposed in search results that drives waves of high quality traffic to their website.

Process is the only way success is achieved in search.

The good news for you (any business, website, and brand) is that 99% of your competition never full engages in the process of building domain authority.  Most businesses hire so called SEO experts that come in and build a few links (mostly spam) and optimize the meta data of a few pages.  But then that’s it – they stop engaging in the long term process of building domain authority.

That’s where you, by continually engaging in the process, can quickly set your business, website, and brand apart from the competition in search.

Success in search is a long term game, and the process is always worth pursuing!