Are you a local business owner who’s been trying to figure out the best online marketing strategy for your business?  Are you a small business owner who’s been struggling to generate a favorable level of online traffic, authority, and sales conversion?

There are literally millions of local businesses throughout the United States that are just frozen in this world of the Internet with Google, Facebook, mobile phones, and everything else that’s popping up each day that’s totally different from the day before.  I mean, who can realistically keep up with it all if they are running a local or small business?

But at the end of the day, a local business owner should really only concern themselves with the platforms where the majority of their clients are found, and the applications that the majority of their clients are engaging with.  For example, the majority of our clients can find the most of their customer base on three different platforms:  Google search, Facebook, and YouTube.

Search Marketing

And among those three, Google search is typically the one that most local business owners want to focus on.  And that makes sense.  Who wouldn’t want to connect their business to someone (a potential lead or customer) who are physically searching for your products and services?

But getting into the top search results can sometimes be a long drawn out process.  And that’s even if you are proactively working your search results on a daily basis.  So in the meantime, businesses will turn to Google Adwords to force their listings into the top search results.  But that can be a VERY expensive proposition – and it’s one that usually doesn’t last long term, unless you just have a ton of money to throw at Adwords.

YouTube / Video Marketing

The path to building your rankings in Google’s search results can, however, be dramatically enhanced by leveraging the other two platforms – Facebook and YouTube.  Video is already the #1 activity on the web and by 2015, the dominance of video will be astronomical.  There’s really never been a medium available for businesses to produce content and establish a strong platform and brand.  The rise of YouTube is, and this is truly an understatement, on a scale of magnitude like the world has never seen before.

So by you producing videos about your business, products, and services, you can really gain a foothold in your niche market place – especially if we are talking about a local business.  And by providing links throughout your videos, or on your YouTube Channel page, that points back to your website, you are again contributing to the authority of your website which will ultimately help your website to rank higher in Google search results.

This all is one simple reflection of how a local online marketing strategy can, and should, be made up of different platforms and strategies.  But if time is an issue, and for most local businesses it is, then picking out one or two main platforms – say, Google and YouTube – and really focusing on building your brand and exposure in those can really do wonders for your overall online traffic, exposure, and sales conversions.

What about you?  Do you see local online marketing as a multi-dimensional function where many different platforms have to come into play?  Or do you think local business owners should just focus on one platform at a time for marketing their business?  Let us know if the comments below…