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THERE’S ONE OPPORTUNITY – RIGHT NOW… for you to build your brand, drive more traffic to your website, and grow your business from search and social media!  There’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to leverage the marketing and distribution power of search and social media for growing your business.

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Even more important is Google mobile search and Facebook’s “mobile first” focus on exposure and content distribution.  More customers are searching for business information via mobile phones than they are via desktop computers, and over 90% of Facebook traffic happens via mobile.

Don’t just take my word for it though… here’s a statement from Google on May 5, 2015:

Billions of times per day, consumers turn to Google for I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments. And at these times, consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers. In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.1 This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach people throughout all the new touchpoints of a consumer’s path to purchase. (ref: Building For The Next Moment)

Here at Bipper Media, we help our clients take advantage of the massive opportunity that search engine traffic can deliver to their business!

Depending on the client’s current status – such as current rankings in organic and Google Maps, website and mobile site presence, social media exposure, etc… we may have to do some pre-optimization work.  This might include website redesign, rebuilding / reverifying your Google business page, creating or gaining access to social media profiles, etc… but ultimately, we are on mission to optimize your business for top rankings in search for your most profitable keyword phrases.

Funnel / Traffic / Sales Conversions

As the result of our work, you will be experiencing increases in traffic to your website and mobile site.  And we would not be giving you our absolute best service if we didn’t also account for ways to convert your traffic into new customers.

Depending on your size and type of business, leads and sales conversions can look different.  For example, an enterprise client might experience more success by having a sales funnel in place that converts leads, and then guides those leads down a path (funnel) to becoming a customer.  Or for a local / small business, you might need your phone to ring with new customers.

Bipper Media prides itself on taking the time to customize our search optimization and development work so you – our client – are setup for maximum customer conversions.

Bipper Media ~ Create. Connect. Convert.


We create a dominant online presence for our clients by focusing on 3 core areas:

  1. Mobile
  2. Website
  3. Social

Mobile:  you may not realize this, but the majority of your traffic is probably coming from mobile devices.  As such, your business MUST provide an amazing mobile experience to your visitors.  We take a “mobile first” approach as we create an amazing online presence for our clients.

Website:  After mobile, your website is where the majority of your traffic is landing.  Your website must quickly tell your visitors what you offer and how it will help them solve a problem or satisfy a need.  And then you MUST make it easy for your visitors to become a new customer.

Social:  Social media is quickly becoming THE dominant channel for building your brand and driving awareness for your products and services.  Which means your social presence and messaging must be consistent with your overall brand found on your website and mobile site.


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We help businesses connect to more people who are interested in, or searching for, your products and services.  And we do this by focusing on two main channels for our clients:

  1. Search
  2. Social

Search:  Search engines, such as Google, can drive upwards of 60% – 80% of your total traffic.  This means your business MUST be easy to find when people are searching for your products and services.  From local businesses, to professional services, to corporate enterprises – our clients are dominating the top search results in Google for some of the most competitive and profitable keyword phrases in their market.

Social:  One of the most powerful ways to grow your brand and connect to new customers is to increase your presence in social media.  Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn have the potential to double or triple the volume of inbound traffic to your website.  And the more traffic your drive to your website from social media, the more your opportunities you have to connect to high quality customers who are ready to do business.


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We help businesses convert more customers by making it easy for someone to become your customer.  One of the biggest problems we see is that business websites are simply lacking a “BUY NOW” or “GET STARTED” button.  It would be a travesty to increase traffic to your website by 500%, but then fail at presenting a simply path for a visitor to take to become a new customer.

Bring it all together:  Create. Connect. Convert.

Here at Bipper Media, we focus on creating an online presence for our clients that allows them to connect to more people and convert more customers.

How are we doing?  Here’s what some of our clients are saying…

Since Bipper took over our SEO the increase in traffic, rankings, and exposure have been impressive. It is clear to me that Bipper Media is at the forefront of all things “digital media”!
(Attorney & Partner Michael C. Daniel, / Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire)

Bipper Media has taken our online exposure to a whole new level… the traffic increase has been amazing!
(Founder & CEO Hollis Griggs / Athens Material Handling)

Doing business with Bobby at Bipper Media has been so simple. He totally exceeded my expectations when he designed my website and he keeps it on the first page of the search engines. Thank you for helping my business in so many ways.
(Johnny Pachuta / Pachuta Insurance)

Since bringing on Bipper Media, we’ve seen an 80% increase in business as a result of our increased rankings in Google.
(Aimie Fritz / Founder at Bounce Atlanta)

Since working with Bipper Media, we’ve seen tremendous growth from our ‘high impact’ website and our top rankings in Google that brings in new visitors to our church.
(Pastor Scott Sheppard / Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Church | Athens)

Bipper Media has tremendously improved our website SEO. They came in, saw what needed to be done, researched our industry and competitors, provided their professional opinion and then went above and beyond to make it happen. And it didn’t stop there. Bipper Media continues to provide high quality and detailed reporting along with proposals to take our SEO even further. They are big picture thinkers. They are quick to respond and always there to answer questions. Bipper Media staff are our go-to problem solvers. The consulting they give with each project we have is well thought out specifically for us, not a text book answer. They have gone beyond our expectations and we are excited for our continued growth together.
(Jordan Castari / Riskonnect, Inc.)

It’s been amazing to watch how Bobby not only got us to #1 in Google, but how he makes us stand out in the search results… somehow he has cracked the code!
(Attorney & Partner Mo Wiltshire / Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire)

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Bobby Holland is the founder of Bipper Media, a global leader in digital media & SEO.

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