TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, gaining 1 billion users last year. As the app keeps growing in popularity, more and more brands are using TikTok to increase awareness of their business. 

Why should your business consider promoting itself on the viral app? No matter the industry your business is in, TikTok increases the odds that more people, even outside of your target audience, will see your brand and interact with it.

With 25% of TikTok users stating they purchase or research a product after watching TikTok, the platform is a huge opportunity for any business. 

Many brands have utilized influencer marketing, hashtag challenges, and user-generated content. Some even create original songs in the hopes that they will go viral. 

It might be easy creating a business TikTok account but it can be much harder to come up with content that will perform well. 

Finding inspiration through other brands and seeing what performed well for them is crucial to creating effective content. 

Though some specific industries have a higher amount of brands present on the app, there is still untapped potential regardless of what your business does. 

With that being said, here are some TikTok brand accounts broken down by different industries to show how they have used the app to boost their business. 

Hospitality: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Followers: 132.6K | Likes: 1.3M

Cavo Tagoo, a luxury hotel located in Mykonos, Greece highlights everything they have to offer through TikTok. The hotel posts videos showing its luxurious rooms, pools, and views of the city. 

Each post tells a different story that could catch a user’s eye. Some show the scenes of a romantic giveaway, while others have people doing backflips off a roof into an infinity pool. 

It seems that the majority of the account’s success is due to the gorgeous sights and amenities the hotel offers. It is hard resisting the temptation to look up room prices after seeing their TikTok. 

Watch @cavotagoomykonos on TikTok

Education: Duolingo

Followers: 3.4M | Likes: 62.2M

Duolingo helps people learn different languages through their website and mobile app for free. 

While one might assume their videos would revolve around tips for learning a new language, that is definitely not the case. 

In reality, little of their page has anything to do with learning a new language. Duolingo takes advantage of various viral trends, making users laugh at the creative content it makes. 

The brand uses its mascot Duo, a green owl, in every video they post. Duo’s random adventures and cheeky memes keep users entertained and wanting more. 

Duolingo’s account is not serious by any means, but it never fails to grab your attention. At this moment, Duo’s main goal is not to learn a new language, but to get Dua Lipa to marry him

Watch @duolingo on TikTok 

Construction: RR Buildings 

Followers: 1.8M | Likes: 23.3M

RR Buildings, led by Kyle Stumpenhorst, is a company specializing in custom post-frame structures that have grown extremely popular on TikTok. 

While most of the videos are them demonstrating construction equipment or showing the progress of a construction project, others are simply funny. 

They also have some videos of workers doing risky actions, such as standing on a ladder with stilts on, to catch a viewer’s attention. They have a perfect combination of demonstrating their construction abilities along with genuinely entertaining content. 

Watch @rrbuildings on TikTok

Law: Law by Mike

Followers: 6.4M | Likes: 102.1M

Mike Mandell, a lawyer from California, has grown to become one of the biggest lawyers on social media. 

Mandell finds a way to make his content engaging by acting out various scenarios, following up with legal advice on what to do if this were to happen to you. On top of the compelling plots, he uses an extreme amount of transitions and edits that keep viewers entertained. 

Sometimes he strays away from the scenarios and speaks about notable lawsuits as well. 

Combining legal advice with reenactments of storylines seems to be an effective tactic for lawyers on TikTok. 

Watch @lawbymike on TikTok

Real Estate: Heider Real Estate

Followers: 3.3M | Likes: 48.3M

Heider Real Estate is a luxury real estate group based out of Washington, D.C. that makes viewers wish they are living in the homes shown on the company’s TikTok.

Their videos showcase the interior and exterior of the glamorous mansions they’re listing. They tend to be walk-throughs of the houses or drone shots of the exterior, paired with music that matches the mood of the residence. 

Though it is not hard to create opulence when you’re working with large mansions, many real estate companies showcase their listings through videos on TikTok with great success.  

Watch @heider_realestate on TikTok

Museums, Zoos, & Parks: San Diego Zoo

Followers: 2M | Likes: 28.9M

The San Diego Zoo makes content that highlights all of the animals they have to offer, compelling viewers to see them in person.

The zoo has found clever ways to implement their animals into current trends which makes them stand out from the rest. Most of their videos use a viral TikTok sound in the background while an animal is doing something funny, cute, or dumb.

They provide lighthearted content that people of all ages enjoy while also tempting people to visit and see the animals for themselves. 

Watch @sandiegozoo on TikTok

Journalism: The Washington Post

Followers: 1.3M | Likes: 52.6M 

The Washington Post finds clever ways to tell the news in terms that anyone should be able to comprehend. 

While most news publications explain current events by showing clips of the news, most of The Washington Post’s videos tell current events by acting out funny scenarios explaining what’s going on. 

Instead of someone simply explaining what is happening, they draw viewers in through storylines that are humorous yet descriptive, which people on TikTok love. 

There is nothing better than being entertained while learning. 

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