5 Tips For Buying Homeowners Insurance in Smyrna, Ga.

Are you a homeowner in Smyrna, Ga and wondering if you are paying too much for your current homeowner's insurance policy?  Or are you a new owner, or looking to buy your first home, and you are trying to find some tips on how to buy your first homeowner's insurance policy?  Below we'll share 5 tips that should help you in purchasing your next homeowners insurance policy. #1:  Replacement Cost vs. Market Value When purchasing your homeowners insurance policy, it's important for you to know the difference between the replacement cost of your home and the market value of your home.  In most cases, it's usually cheaper to replace your home in which case the replacement cost would be lower than the market value.  But you have to be aware that the replacement cost could be higher if you purchased your vehicle as a foreclosure or a short sale.  Having a full understanding of both the replacement cost and [...]

Homeowner’s ‘Force-Placed’ Insurance Coverage Hearing Coming To Atlanta

Metro Atlanta insurance news & information sponsored by the Waggoner Insurance Agency in Smyrna, Goergia.  Waggoner Insurance Agency has been serving customers in Smyrna and metro Atlanta since 1974.  Visit their website today to learn more. The controversial force-placed insurance coverage policy is a  topic that has garnered the attention of the top insurance regulators.  And now the attention on the subject is being elevated to a new level with a hearing being scheduled in Atlanta on August 9. What is force placed insurance? Force placed insurance is a policy that is a enacted by a bank or mortgage company when a homeowner falls behind on their original homeowner's insurance policy, or when the homeowner's insurance policy expires due to lack of payment.  The bank will then, acting in its own best interest, place insurance on the home on the homeowner's behalf. The problem with this, as you might imagine, is that the force placed homeowner's insurance policy is substantially more expensive than the [...]

One Good Reason For Lower Home Owners Insurance Rates in Smyrna, Georgia

Are you a homeowner in the Smyrna, Georgia area?  Are you looking for a great reason right now to go out and look for lower homeowner's insurance rates on your policy? If so, then you might not have to look any further than your water bill. Before I explain, let me recommend that if you are a homeowner in the Smyrna, Ga. area looking to get a better rate and lower the cost of your homeowner's insurance policy, then give our good friends at Waggoner Insurance Agency a call. Waggoner Insurance has been providing the best homeowner's insurance policies with the lowest rates since 1974. And surely you have friends or relatives in the Smyrna, Ga. area that have heard of Waggoner Insurance.  Check out their website and give them a call today. You may not have heard yet, but the Smyrna City Council members are meeting to discuss increasing your water rates by 8% starting in July 2012. [...]