3 Basic Keys To Healthy Teeth & Gums

Let's take a moment and get back to the basics of dental health. In today's day and age of complicated procedures, teeth whitening technology, and cosmetics, we can tend to forget about the core fundamentals of healthy teeth and gums. But at the end of the day, all the technology in the world doesn't replace the healthy habits of taking care of your teeth. The same habits you have learned since you were a kid that your parents and teacher instilled in you. So today we are going to cover 3 basic steps you can take to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums. These steps are fundamental, and should be practiced by kids and adults to ensure overall healthy teeth and gums. 1) Brush Regularly This is a function of consistency, not "let me brush right now for 3 hours straight to make up for years of neglect"! The key to getting the most out of regularly brushing [...]

8 Tips For Brushing Your Teeth More Effectively

You've been brushing you teeth since you were a child. So you know how to brush your teeth, right? But if you seem to have a lot of plaque build up between dental visits, perhaps you should revisit your brushing routine. Here are some steps to brush your teeth and keep that plaque from building up between checkups. 1.  First floss in between each tooth to dislodge any food or plaque that maybe trapped. A toothbrush can not get in between the teeth so flossing first is very important before brushing. 2.  Hold your toothbrush horizontally along your teeth with only some of the bristles on the gums. Tilt your brush so that it is pointing at a 45 degree angle to the gums. 3.  Brush with a small circular motion trying to focus on each tooth individually. Brush with this motion for about twenty strokes. If your gums are healthy,brushing like this should not cause pain. So if [...]

3 Steps To Healthier Teeth & Gums

"Gum disease" - now those are words that no one ever wants to hear or have to confront. Gum disease, in its worst form, can actually result in tooth loss or even worse, spread throughout your mouth and affect all of your teeth. Here's a scary statistic for you - did you know that nearly 80% of all adults in the United States have some form of gum disease? Gum disease can take on a few different names that you may be more familiar with such as "periodontal disease" or "gingivitis". And the range, or severity of the disease can range anywhere from mild gum inflammation to serious cases where the damage to the gum results in tooth loss. The prevention of gum disease can be a process that is quite easy for the average American. You may be surprised here, but there are some simple, everyday steps you can take that will dramatically decrease your chances of forming [...]

4 Dieting Tips For Healthy Teeth

This is part of our dental health and news series that is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry located in Rochelle, Georgia. Looking for ways to get healthier teeth?  Did you realize that the types of food you eat will have a direct impact on your overall dental health?  It might seem obvious to some people, but for others, they have no idea what kind of damage you can cause to your teeth simply from the types of food you eat. The obvious dangers are found in foods with high amounts of sugar.  But there are less obvious food choices that you can make that can have a big impact - for the positive or the negative - on your overall dental health. Here are 4 dieting tips you can implement to start improving the health of your teeth: #1:  Vegetables, whole grains, & fruits The first food group to focus on for improving the health of your teeth is [...]

3 Keys To Healthier Teeth & Gums

This article is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry and is part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. If you are anything like me with kids in your house, you strive to find any and every way possible to promote healthy teeth and gums.  Few things make a parent more proud than when your kids come back from the dentist with a report that they have no cavities, and everything is looking great with their teeth and gums. But when you have kids who are always wanting gum, candy, soda, and everything else full of sugar, it's an understatement to say that it's a challenge to keep kids teeth and gums healthy.  There are some concerted efforts we can enforce, however, to promote the kind of healthy teeth we all want, and that we want to instill in our children.  And below are three keys to promoting healthy teeth and gums, and this applies to both kids and adults alike. #1:  Regular [...]