A Keyboard Shortcut For LinkedIn You Don’t Want To Miss

The other day I was on LinkedIn writing a reply message to someone, and when I was ready to send the message I did something that was instinctive in nature, but I discovered that it actually worked. And I was amazed, stunned, and even speechless for a brief moment. No, I didn't discover gravity or anything substantial like that, unfortunately.  But what I did discover is a keyboard shortcut that allowed me to send my message from LinkedIn email, or LinkedIn messaging. The keyboard shortcut to send messages in LinkedIn is "Tab + Enter".  So you'd hit the tab key and the enter key at the same time, and this will send your message from your LinkedIn email system. This is a tried and true keyboard shortcut that I use religiously in Gmail.  Every time I write a message in Gmail, I'm sending it with "Tab + Enter".  And this particular day in LinkedIn, I was typing fast and [...]

3 Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Visibility In Google

Does your local business come up in Google when someone in your city searches for your products or services? If not, keep reading to learn how your local business can increase visibility in Google search results. For locally owned businesses, the marketing game is changing dramatically.  People simply aren't looking for local products and services the same way anymore. Locally owned businesses can't keep throwing money at The Yellow Pages or the newspaper and hope to generate new customers. eads. Unfortunately, people aren't using these resources to find locally owned businesses. And there's a reason for this... It's because customers (the people in your city) is turning to none other than Google, and social media sites, to find the best local businesses, products, and services. And why would they when you can simply fire up Google on my computer or my mobile phone, and instantly find businesses that meet your needs by simply typing in (or speaking) a search query? [...]

3 Ways Content Marketing Can Increase Sales For Your Business

Are you ready to increase traffic to your website, more awareness and recognition for your brand, and ultimately more sales for your business? If so,  read on to learn how content marketing plays a key role in the success of your business! Here's a simple concept for you.  it's like "Internet 101"...  Ready? When it comes to the web and Google search results, the reason most businesses fail is because they simply haven't shown up for the party yet. What do I mean by this? It means if you're a business with a website, then the only way to connect to people on the internet and in Google search results is to be present and available when someone searches for you. I know... that was too easy wasn't it?  I told you folks... Internet 101 stuff here! And although the concept is easy enough to understand, you'd be amazed at how many businesses are perplexed when they launch their [...]

How Your Website Will Increase Your Google Places Page Rankings in Google

You'd be surprised actually at how many local business owners still aren't aware of Google Places.  I've talked with several business owners in the past about Google Places who not only knew what Google Places was, but they were equally surprised to learn that a Google Places listing was already created for their business.  That's right, anyone can actually create a Google Places listing for a local business.  But it will remain in an "unclaimed" status until the business owner actually claims the listing.  And once claimed, the business owner can then optimize the Google Places page with relevant information about their products and services, and even upload photos and videos from the Places page. How Your Website Can Improve Your Google Places Rankings When it comes to local search results, Google places listings have become the standard for what Google displays.  However, this search display and integration of Google Places is morphing a bit to a combination of [...]

10 Tips (Plus A Bonus) On Content Marketing For Local Business

Let me define "local" here for you quickly.  If your business earns revenue from a client base that either walks in your front door, drives up to your window, or places a phone call to you to make an order or schedule an appointment, then you probably have a local business. And as a local business owner, did you know that one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing arsenal is content? That's right, content marketing for a local business is so overlooked today it's not even funny.  In fact, I think I'm going to do a survey of 100 businesses where I live to see how many of them run a blog - and by "run" I mean actively post content.  I'm going to wager that the percentage is extremely small. And because of the "extremely small" amount of content being produced by a local business, there's an "extremely large" opportunity for you (or any [...]

8 Key Features On The New Facebook Fan Page Timeline For Business

I'm sure you've all heard by now that Facebook has just opened up the ability for Facebook Fan Page owners to convert their branded pages over to the new timeline layout.  It's a feature that's been around for a while now with regular Facebook profiles, but the ability for Facebook Fan Pages, or business pages, is new. If you own, or are an admin of a Facebook Fan Page, then you've probably seen the message at the top of your page asking you if you'd like to convert over to the new layout.  Some Facebook business page owners have, and others are still holding out.  But ultimately, holding out is futile because Facebook will make the switch over for you automatically on March 30th. Key features to the new Facebook Fan Page for business and brands - there's 8 of them you need to know: 1)  New profile pic The new profile pic has been resized and relocated.  The [...]

How To Build A Free Text Message Marketing System With Twitter

Building a free text message (sms) marketing platform DOES NOT require the thousands of dollars a month that some service providers charge. In fact, what if I showed you how to build a 100% free text message marketing system? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do today in this article.  It's not going to be a technical paper where you'll be instantly lost - that would sort of defeat my purposes for writing it.  Instead, what I want to do is show you how to build your very own text message marketing system that won't cost you dime to run, manage, and maintain. Ready to get started?  Great...  here we go. The Amazon World of Twitter You've heard of Twitter, I'm sure.  But what you (and most everyone) doesn't realize is that Twitter can be used a text (sms) broadcasting tool - and best of all, it doesn't cost you any money to implement and use. So this [...]

How To Have A Town Hall Meeting On Twitter

Twitter has grown into one of the most dominant social media forces in the world.  Although it's mostly used for one way broadcast messaging, the ease of access and unrestricted environment allows for valuable information to flow and reach those who are most interested in what's being shared. Twitter is also a great platform to host discussions, or otherwise isolate a particular stream of content.  This is done through the use of hashtags.  For example, a hashtag could be #wtc.  This would isolate all tweets centered around the discussion about the World Trade Center, and other people could get involved by simply sending their own tweet with the hashtag #twc in the message. This leads me to the idea of holding a town hall meeting for a local city using a predesignated hashtag.  For example, I live here in Athens, Georgia.  And let's say Athens wanted to host a town hall meeting via Twitter.  We would simply need to [...]

4 Steps To Make Your Computer Run Faster

If you've owned your PC for more than a year, then you're probably in the majority of PC users that are frustrated with the speed and performance of your computer. You've probably sat in front of your computer a time or tow and asked the million dollar question: how can I make my computer faster? If so, then don't feel bad - you're not alone by any means.  Most PC (Windows based computers) owners are frustrated within their computer's performance within 6 - 12 months.  And imagine how frustrated people can be who've had their computers for more 2 - 5 years?  These people have been asking the question how can I make my computer faster for years, not just days or weeks. Below I want to show you 3 ways to make your computer faster.  There are lot's of different things you can do, but these three are without a doubt going to give you the biggest bang [...]