Here’s a simple 3 part series on how to grow your business with Google Maps.

Part 1:  Why your local business needs to be found in Google Maps

Google Maps is primarily seen first in the search results, especially on mobile phones, which means the local businesses that have top rankings in Google Maps will be the first businesses found for any given search.

Over 80% of all transactions begin first with a search.  This means the majority of your new, future customers are already performing searches and finding businesses in the search results.  If your business isn’t found first, then your competitors are.

70% of all new customers use reviews to decide on what business to go with.  The businesses found in Google Maps have reviews prominently displayed in the search results, making it easy for new customers to decide.

In summary, by getting your business found at the top of Google Maps, you will be found fast by new customers who are searching for your type of business in your area.

Tens of thousands of searches happen everyday from people looking for your type of business, products, and services.  From direct searches to questions, you have an audience of prospects that are actively searching for what you offer.

Getting found in the top rankings in Google Maps is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to grow your business and build your brand for long term growth.