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The new buzzword in the digital marketing society and the business world right now is ‘growth hacking.’ As the gates of opportunities open for startups, the majority of entrepreneurs realize that they need to think outside the box to keep up with the trends.

Inadequate marketing budgets or insufficient venture capital funds to aid expensive executives is one of the many reasons why startup businesses should conjure avant-garde strategies and fresh approaches for producing a loyal and strong customer base.

Fortunately, there are ways to obtain customers after the subscription to a particular channel is consumed automatically. Certain systems work like magic for every business without redoing them all over again. It may sound impossible, but it is. And it’s called growth hacks.

As a matter of fact, some people are already reaping benefits of these growth hacks, including the biggest names in the E-commerce market today. Take heed because you can too.

Below are the top growth hacking ideas for E-commerce startups that you can use to make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Speed Matters

You can increase the conversion rate of your site through improving its speed. The customers will fly in droves if the site’s page loads too slowly. One second delay in the site speed can diminish conversion rate by up to ten percent. This mistake may take a toll on your wallet.

If the site is not generating a feasible conversion, slow loading speed could be one of the culprits. There’s a high probability that your site isn’t just one second slow because it could be much slower than that. It’s necessary to think about its effect on your profits.

You like to be meticulous with the details of your page, the contents, and applications of your website. However, for the visitors, it’s the loading time that matters.

You should know that loading time is becoming one of the most important factors for a search engine. Ideally, the loading page for every website should be less than two seconds.

Social Proof and It’s Perks

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Social proof is an absolute must for every website. It could come in many forms. You can place the names and logos of your major clients or add the logos of big media outlets that mentioned your brand’s name where visitors can see them in one look.

A testimonial is another form of social proof. It’s highly advisable that you persuade your customers to leave reviews about your products or services. Or, it could be about how your products and services help the users achieve their goals, both in personal and professional aspects.

To understand why social proof is paramount for every business, especially start-ups, you need to comprehend this unusual aspect of human psychology. Whenever you are stuck at something and need guidance, you look towards around you and see what you can learn from them to move on.

In the same manner, social proof on the website does the same thing exactly. It guarantees the people who are inside the fence. When a potential customer is not sure about using your product or services, testimonials, likes, comments, and logos may do the trick of nudging him or her to give your brand a shot.

The Power of Barebones Homepage

You may not have noticed yet, but more than half of the great websites today are using barebone homepage that are visually pleasing.

Let’s cut the chase here. You only have one chance to make a sales pitch when a customer decides to visit your website. You also need to remember that people, in general, have an aversion to risks. People look for a reason to say no and walk out of the door even before you started your sales pitch.

Invest in a beautiful looking yet simple to navigate home page with the help of marketing experts for Shopify. Creating a homepage with messy contents and videos, multiple call-to-action plans and haphazard and random links will only lessen the chance of your website to become well-flourished. It’s best to keep your site from unnecessary clutters.

Initiate Chats Through Analytics

If you can view the activity of users who are visiting your website on a real-time basis, you need to use it to your advantage by initiating a proactive chat with potential customers.

If a customer is looking for an individual product with particular color, or any specifications that are not visible, offer help through chat. Waiting for customers to hear you or put you on hold for a long time is the worst thing to do. Waiting is not the name of the game when it comes to growth hacking.

Chatting with consumers could do wonders for your business. You can acquire happy customers who are willing to come back and pay for your products or services again. If you still don’t have a live chat, you need to subscribe, and do it, like right now!

Make A Rewarding News

Imagine what will happen if you give a person with small presents or free service from your products or services who refers your company to their friends. Yes, it will generate more leads and potential customers.

One good example that uses incentives and free gifts as tools to drive more customers is Userlike, a live chat provider. The technique works like a charm for the company as it generates more clients and leads.

Offering a free service to the referred users is a win-win situation for both the website and the customers.

Use Unprecedented Approach To Reach Users

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The final tip for growth hacking your way towards a successful startup is using the innovative approach as you upsize your company, develop relationships and connect with clients.

Instead of spending your limited time and resources for creating products and services that no one else offers, focus on using a unique approach to building a community around your business.


Applying the growth hacks as mentioned above on your marketing strategies will produce results that’ll grow your business at an exponential level. There’s no one way of doing things right because the possibilities are endless. If there’s an interesting idea that’s keeping you awake at night or your analytics are giving you go signals, test them and find out what works best for your business.

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