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Grisham & Poole, P.C.

Grisham & Poole, P.C.

Canton, GA 30114


Grisham & Poole, P.C.

Grisham & Poole, P.C. is a law firm located in Canton, Georgia. Our Cherokee County law firm specializes in matters of criminal defense, divorce and family law. Our lawyers are skilled at managing cases requiring litigation, mediation, negotiation, and trial representation.

Contact a lawyer immediately if you have been, or expect to be, charged with a crime. Firstly, it is your right to have a defense attorney fight for you. If you are not represented by a criminal lawyer, the police and prosection have a huge advantage. From police interviews and documents they pressure you to sign, they are building a case against you. You need to build your defense.

We are client focused. We understand concerns for receiving prompt answers to questions, timely updates on your case, and controlling legal fees. We will provide you with active communication on the progress and critical details of your case. We send detailed billing statements, and offer convenient payment options.

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Grisham & Poole, P.C.
577 E Main St
Canton, GA 30114
(678) 880-9360

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Grisham & Poole, P.C.

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