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With summertime upon us, families are starting to put together their plans for family fun and adventure.  Of course, these summer outings can come in many different shapes and sizes – family trips to Disney World in Orlando, camping trips to the Grand Canyon, or even as simple as packing up the family and traveling to friends and family.  

A lot of times, these trips happen logistically by loading up into a recreational vehicle and heading on down the highway.  Some families might be hauling a camper, while other families could load up into a large RV.  Whatever and however you make your trip this summer, if it’s in a recreational vehicle then you might want to take a look at what’s called a Grand Protect insurance policy for recreational vehicles.

Grand Protect Insurance for Recreational Vehicles in Marietta, Georgia

As an insurance agent in Marietta, Georgia we are particularly fond of helping out our local clients with all of their insurance needs, to include providing insurance coverage for their recreational vehicles.  But here at Waggoner Insurance Agency, we are capable of providing Grand Protect insurance coverage on recreational vehicles anywhere in metro Atlanta and throughout the entire state of Georgia.  So with that in mind,  let’s talk about 10 reasons you’d want to consider purchasing a Grand Protect insurance policy for recreational vehicles.

  1. Liability coverage
  2. Medical expense coverage
  3. Uninsured / under-insured motorist coverage
  4. Collision coverage
  5. Optional trailer coverage
  6. Legal defense costs if sued
  7. Emergency first aid costs
  8. Reasonable expense incurred at our request
  9. Interest on judgments while under appeal
  10. Reimbursements of up to $200 for lost wages for a trial or hearing at our request

Here’s a free PDF download for you to learn more about Grand Protect insurance:

Free PDF Download

So what do you think about Grand Protect insurance coverage for recreational vehicles?  Do you know of other benefits that this type of coverage can provide?  Let us know in the comments below.