How To Leverage Google Authorship For Your Business And Why You Need To Do This (Like Yesterday…)

Here's a concept that you may have never heard about before but it's called "Google Authorship", and it allows anyone publishing content on the web to generate a thumbnail image with their search results. Let me give you a quick example of what [...]

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How To Brand Your Business On The Front Page of Google

The more local and small business owners I speak with, the more I realize one thing is true - everyone is trying to figure out how to gain even the slightest advantage over their competitors and even the big brands who compete in [...]

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How This One Simple Keyword Strategy Can Help Your Local Business Stand Out In Google… (and NO! It’s not spam)

When it comes to Google, every business - whether local, regional, global, or even e-commerce (100% online) - wishes they had more exposure in Google's natural search results. Yes, Google makes billions of dollars per year from Adwords which is their pay per [...]

Simple Trick To Get Google To Crawl And Index Your Website More Often… Works Every Time!

This is a question I'm asked frequently by business owners and webmasters who are trying to solve the problem of Google only crawling their website once every 7 to 10 days or more.  The crawl rate of a website (or the lack thereof) [...]

Google Drive For Linux Not Yet Supported

As cool as Google Drive seems, with its 5GB of free space and super fluid interaction between your documents and Google Docs, there's still one overhanging flaw that doesn't quite sit right with some folks.  You see, Google Drive is available for Windows [...]

3 Reasons For Running Image Only Ads With Google Adsense

I want to share with you an amazing revelation I had just the other day with Google Adsense that has 100% changed my approach to maximizing my earnings with Adsense. As you already know, sites that are running Google Adsense are a dime [...]