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Google Places SEO – 5 Tips For Higher Rankings

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Are you a local business that sells products or services?

If so, do you have your Google Places page created yet?

These are two critical questions because if you are a business that services a local customer base, then Google Places has become the most effective platform for your business to connect to new customers.

Let me ask you this.  Where do you think people are turning to find local businesses, products and services?  What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

I hope you said “Google”, because if you didn’t, you are certainly unaware of the way the world is changing.  Google search is the, by a long ways, the single most popular way that local customers seek out, and connect with, businesses that can meet their needs right where they are.

Need a landscaper?  Looking for a baby sitter?  How about a place to get your car detailed?  And what about your house cleaning services?

The list goes on and on.

But one thing is for sure, when it comes to customers searching for local business, products, and services, Google is the first choice every time.

And mobile phones are quickly becoming the platform of choice to search for local businesses.

How To Get Your Local Business Found

So what does this mean to you, the local business owner?  And how can you get your business found quickly by someone searching for what you offer – on both normal computers and mobile phones?

It’s simple really – all your business needs is a Google Places listing.

This is not a “how to” for creating your Google Places page.  If you don’t have a Google Places page for your business yet, you can contact us and we’ll create yours for free.

So I’m assuming that you already have a Google Places page for your local business.  And more than likely, you are struggling to figure out how your competitors are coming out on top everything in Google search.

I’m going to give you 5 tips on how you can improve your Google Places page rankings Google search.  These tips are applicable for both regular computer and mobile phone searches.  Here we go…

5 Tips For Higher Rankings in Google Places

1.  Accurate info

You have to trust me on this one – but Google is pretty darn smart.  Somehow, someway, they are able to achieve a birds eye view of the Internet and most importantly, references to your local business.

If your business is listed in two or three different places (to include your website), and each one of those show different of conflicting information, this is a great way to deflate the value of your Google Places.

Or the other way to look at it is – by ensuring that your business information is 100% accurate everywhere your business is listed, then you’ll dramatically improve the authority of your Google Places page.

2.  Address consistency

Building on accurate information is the issue of address consistency – and it all starts with your Google Places page.

When you built your Google Places page, you had to enter your local business address. When you did this, you gave Google a foundation to start building a portfolio – if you will – of information about your business.

The problem is, when Google finds your business mentioned on other sites, and then finds that your local address doesn’t exactly match what is represented in your Google Places page, then that’s a problem.

Your business address on your Google Places page is critically important because one of the most effective ways to increase your Google Places page listing is to increase the number of business address references – wait… let me rephrase that – accurate business address references.

This means, having your business mentioned and listed on other websites can become the difference in your Google Places page achieving the #1 rankings in search results.

But if your business listing on other websites shows conflicting address information, Google gets signals that your Places page is inconsistent.

And trust me – that’s a huge problem with Google.  And the price you pay is in the form of deflated authority and rankings for your Google Places page in the search results – ouch!

3.  Duplication of your business listing

I mentioned this a couple of times already, but the duplication of your business listing on other websites is critically important.

Having your business information (name, address, website url, phone, email, etc…) listed in as many places as possible is a critical step in building the authority of your Google Places page.

As I mentioned in tip #1, Google has the ability to view the Internet as a whole.  And their technology is capable of identifying references that are a perfect match to your Google Places listing.

And when this happens – when Google sees more references about your business throughout the web – the authority of your Google Places page increase exponentially.

4.  Custom Reviews

One thing you’ll notice soon after launching your Google Places page, especially if you are implementing these 5 tips for higher rankings, is that the traffic to your Google Places is increasing.

With this increased traffic comes the opportunity for people to leave feedback, or customer reviews.

Customer reviews is another one of those variables that carry a lot of authority when it comes to ranking your Google Places page.  So the more customer reviews you have (that are positive of course), the more authority will build into your listing.

One sure way to increase customer reviews is to simply tell your customers who are coming into your store or restaurant about your Google Places page.

You’d be surprised actually at how many people already know about your Google Places listing.

So a great way to increase your customer reviews is to give your customers an incentive to leave feedback on your Google Places page.

For example, Artinin’s in Athens, Ga. has a $5 off offer for anyone who posts a review on their Google Places page.

This is a great idea, and one that certainly pays off in the long term with higher rankings and more authority for your Google Places page.

5.  Backlinks

It would be foolish of me to talk about building authority for your Google Places page without mentioning backlinks.  Backlinks have always been one of the most authoritative variables for ranking in Google search results – and that’s true for your Google Places page as well.

Now granted, backlinks are not going to be as prominent when it comes to your Google Places page because it’s not your average, everyday website.

But backlinks still matter, and if you can get other sites to link back to your Google Places page, then you’ll be contributing to the overall authority – and thus, your Google Places page rankings.

What are some ways that you know of that can increase the rankings of your Google Places page?

Share your tips in the comments below…


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