3 Google Places SEO Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Looking for SEO in Athens, or SEO services in Atlanta?   Call Bipper Media today at 706-363-0335 The impact that the iPhone and Android smartphones are having on local search is significant, which is means local businesses have a whole new world of opportunities to connect to new customers. The most recent iPhone 4s release was a bit disappointing in terms of expectations.  The world was expecting the iPhone 5, but Apple came out with a souped up version of the iPhone 4 instead. But do you realize that even in the midst of an otherwise disappointing product release, AT&T has described the demand for the iPhone 4s as extraordinary?  AT&T, who started out as the exclusive iPhone retailer back in 2007, is basically saying that the sales volume of the iPhone 4s is something they have never seen before.  And not to mention the Android smartphone market which, according to some estimations, is on on par with the iPhone in terms [...]

5 Google Places Tips For Higher Ranking & More Customers

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know how passionate I am about preaching the importance of Google Places for local businesses - or any business that's located in a particular local / metro area.  So even if you have 10 locations throughout the U.S., each of those local offices needs to have a Google Places page.  And if you are a local business like a carpet cleaner, attorney, car dealer, etc... then you absolutely need a Google Places page that is linked directly to your local business website. Here's 5 tips to help you build a stronger Google Places page, which will ultimately give your business more traffic, rankings, and exposure on Google.  This is critically importantly because millions of people are searching on Google right now for what you offer.  And if your local customers don't see your business at the top then guess who's phone is ringing???  That's right - [...]

How Your Website Will Increase Your Google Places Page Rankings in Google

You'd be surprised actually at how many local business owners still aren't aware of Google Places.  I've talked with several business owners in the past about Google Places who not only knew what Google Places was, but they were equally surprised to learn that a Google Places listing was already created for their business.  That's right, anyone can actually create a Google Places listing for a local business.  But it will remain in an "unclaimed" status until the business owner actually claims the listing.  And once claimed, the business owner can then optimize the Google Places page with relevant information about their products and services, and even upload photos and videos from the Places page. How Your Website Can Improve Your Google Places Rankings When it comes to local search results, Google places listings have become the standard for what Google displays.  However, this search display and integration of Google Places is morphing a bit to a combination of [...]

Google Places SEO – 5 Tips For Higher Rankings

Looking for SEO in Athens, or SEO services in Atlanta?   Call Bipper Media today at 706-363-0335 Are you a local business that sells products or services? If so, do you have your Google Places page created yet? These are two critical questions because if you are a business that services a local customer base, then Google Places has become the most effective platform for your business to connect to new customers. Let me ask you this.  Where do you think people are turning to find local businesses, products and services?  What's the first thing that comes to mind? I hope you said "Google", because if you didn't, you are certainly unaware of the way the world is changing.  Google search is the, by a long ways, the single most popular way that local customers seek out, and connect with, businesses that can meet their needs right where they are. Need a landscaper?  Looking for a baby sitter?  How about [...]

3 Key Factors For Top Search Results in Google Places

You've heard of Google Places right? If not, and you are a local business, then you need to contact us ASAP! Seriously though, Google Places pages are the primary search results showing up in local searches on Google, both on regular desktop and laptop searches, and also in mobile searches. Key factors in top Google Places search results So let me just assume here that yes, you've heard of Google Places and that if you are a local business owner, you already have your Google Places page built and launched (again, if not, stop what you are doing and contact me). Now that you have your Google Places page built, verified, and live on Google, it's now time to find out exactly what you need to do to get your Places page to show up at the very top of the search results for your most profitable keyword search phrases. This means - if I own a tire shop [...]

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Why You Need A Mobile Website If You Use Google Places

Most of you know about Google Places, right?  This is a free service provided by Google that allows any business with a local address to create a business listing.  Basically, with a Google Places page, your business is able to present contact information to someone searching for your type of business, product, or service. The powerful thing about Google Places is that for most local search queries (i.e. "pizza in atlanta ga"), the Google Places section loads at the top of the search results even above the natural search results. Here's a screen shot so you can see what I'm talking about: As you can see, the entire top of the search results is Google Places listings.  These are all local businesses in Altanta that sell pizza. You'll get the same thing on a mobile phone like an iPhone for example: As you can see, with Google Places pages, people on mobile devices will see the map icons showing them places [...]

Our First Google Places Seminar

  We just finished out first seminar today at Cornerstone Church of God in Athens, Georgia.  Our topic of discussion was Google Places and our objective was not only to introduce Places to the attendees, but also to teach them how to enhance and optimize their Places pages for top search results. Google Places is a very interesting evolution in the world of internet - and more specifically, search - marketing. 1)  Google Places is for local businesses.   The fact that Google has introduced an exclusive marketing platform for local business is amazing, in my opinion.  Google has always operated in "scale", meaning, massive exposure that grows exponentially.  You'd think that "local" businesses don't necessarily meet Google's definition of "scale". Quite the contrary however. Google sees that 97% of people use Google to research local and small businesses.  This means, the overwhelming majority of people turn to Google to quickly find a local business.  The same pattern is [...]

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