I couldn’t help but notice, as I was checking up on the rankings for several of our law firm clients, that none of the normal faces I’m used to seeing in Google search were showing up.

Basically, I no longer see any profile pictures of attorneys who were leveraging Google Authorship with their websites.

Nothing, nada… no more profile pics!

I thought this was perhaps my computer – maybe something weird going on with the caching of my Chrome browser or something.  But I was already working in an incognito session, and still couldn’t get any Google authorship pics to show up in the search results for attorneys.

For example, if you Google the phrase “brain injury attorney chicago” (or just click here), I’m used to seeing at least 4 – 6 profile pictures of attorneys appearing in the Google search results.

But now, at least when I search it anyway, I see none.  The front page of Google is now nothing but a white sheet of paper with text and links.  Of course, the only exception being the Google maps / local search results.

Here’s what my search results look like right now for “chicago personal injury lawyer”:

google authorship gone

Are you seeing something different?  Do you see attorney profile pics appearing in your search results if you Google something like “personal injury attorney chicago” or “dui attorney los angeles”, etc…?

A Call To Action For Video Authorship!

Even if this is the end of Google Authorship for attorneys, and other small / local businesses that were leveraging authorship and profile pics for branding in Google, it doesn’t mean you are completely out of luck.

In fact, here at Bipper Media, we’ve been forging ahead and refining the process the video authorship for our clients.

This is basically where you implement a video into your landing page, and through the use of Scheme markup language, you are able to present a much larger video thumbnail image in the search results in Google.

Here’s an example of one of our clients who’s a brain injury attorney in Atlanta:

video authorship google.

Notice the large video thumbnail image at the top – that’s an example of what I call video authorship.  You can see how the image is much larger than the previous Google authorship profile pictures.

And, what’s really amazing me at the moment, is that I’m used to seeing the attorneys in position #2 and #3 with their profile pictures – again, because they were leveraging Google authorship.

But as you can see in my screenshot above, those profile pictures are gone!

Is this really the end of Google authorship and small profile pictures for local and small business?

If so, then video authorship is about to take on a whole new meaning of “relevance”!

Which actually has me pretty excited because we are really one of the only SEO firms in the U.S. that have been leveraging video authorship for our clients, and we’ve refined the process to where we create highly customized and branded thumbnail pictures to appear along with our clients search results.

So are you seeing the same thing?

Are the profile pictures for attorneys no longer appearing in your search results?

Let me know in the comments below what you see…