Best Minimalist Hiking Boots for Men & Women, The Feelmax Kuuva

The Feelmax Kuuva, hands down the best minimalist hiking boots for both men and women, as now available at Pre Order The Feelmax Kuuva Minimalist Hiking Boots Light, fast, protective, and super thin!  If you're looking for simply the best minimalist hiking boots this year for both men and women, then you really have to look no further the Kuuva hiking boot by Feelmax. It achieves both comfort and style for the hiking enthusiast. And weighing in at less than 100 grams, you'll be lucky if you even know these minimalist hiking boots are even on your feet. The Feelmax Kuuva is a hiking boot designed with the hiking adventurer in mind who loves to not only get out on the trails and take in nature, but who is passionate about feeling the earth beneath their feet as the pass over the terrain. Barefoot hiking, or minimalist hiking as some refer to it, is getting re-energized as more [...]

Pre Order Feelmax Kuuva Boots Now, The Ultimate Minimalist Hiking Boot Available

Some people who love to hike prefer to find ways to have the most "natural" experience possible while on the trail.  Whether it's hiking on a beginner's level trail, or something more advanced, some hikers prefer to wear a minimalist hiking boot to get the most out of feeling the ground beneath their feet. When it comes to minimalist (barefoot) hiking boots, the Kuuva boot from Feelmax leads the charge in a fast growing market of enthusiastic minimalists.  The new Kuuva boot from Feelmax comes with a NatuRun outsole that's only 2.3mm thick allowing for the best, most realistic barefoot feeling. But don't think for a minute that the Kuuva boot isn't only being used by hikers alone.  Runners who are into the minimalist shoe type, and who also live in areas like the far north where weather conditions can be downright chilly, have found the Kuuva Feelmax boot to be most adaptive to their running style in cold [...]

Barefoot (Minimalist) Running Picks Up Stride With Spring

With the first week of April behind us, I'd safely say that in most parts of the country people are in full stride with Spring.  Heck, here in the south people are already talking about how hot it's going to be this summer.  But one activity that really starts to take off in the springtime is running.  And this year, 2012, barefoot running - or minimalist running - is picking up some popularity. What is barefoot running, or minimalist running?  According to Wikipedia, running in thin-soled, flexible shoes such as moccasins, huaraches, barefoot-inspired shoes and other minimalist footwear is often calledminimalist running. Minimalist running is biomechanically related to barefoot running, but alters sensory feedback from the plantar mechanoreceptors. Running in modern running shoes is quite different from barefoot running. People have found that minimalist running (or barefoot running) helps runners keep a more 'proper' position while running and in turn, have a better and more productive running experience.  And again, with Spring time upon us, the minimalist running [...]