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How To Generate High Ticket Cases for your Law Firm

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a system that could generate high ticket cases and clients for your law firm on autopilot?

Ok, the autopilot idea is a bit of a stretch as you’ll always need “a little” human intervention.  But the beauty of technology and the internet is that you can attract new high ticket cases and clients for your law firm by simply leveraging the power and scalability of the internet.

Never before have more people been engaged with search and social media.  And the rise of the mobile devices has only perpetuated the amount of time people are engaged online.  All of this comes together in the form of tools you can leverage to generate high ticket clients and cases for your law firm.

In essence, the internet enables your law firm to leverage technology to do the heavy lifting to generate high ticket clients, instead of investing man hours and manual labor into promoting your law practice.

Your Law Firm Marketing Funnel

In order to generate high ticket cases and clients for your law firm, you need to change the way you think about marketing and advertising.  I’m not talking about long term strategies here such as organic SEO, local SEO, and blogging for business in order to build your law firm’s brand.  Those processes are important in the long term scope of your business.  But what I’m talking about is driving traffic right now from a high quality group of prospects, whittling that group down into a higher quality group of leads, and then narrowing your leads further to your high end cases and clients.

A system like this is possible when you implement a highly effective funnel for your law firm.  When I say “funnel” in this context, I’m referring to the entire workflow of generating traffic and converting leads to turn into high ticket cases for your law firm.  Let me walk through the framework here so you have a better understanding of what I’m talking about.  Here’s the framework for a high ticket funnel for a law firm:

  1. Generate traffic from a highly defined source
  2. Create an opt-in page for a free webinar or information session
  3. Create “demand” for your time through appointment scheduling
  4. Convert your highest quality leads into high ticket cases

Generating traffic from a highly defined source

If you are a personal injury law firm that focuses on helping auto accident victims, then your client base probably comes from your immediate geographic area.  In this case, Facebook ads provide a powerful way for you to run campaigns that target your specific geographic areas.  For example, if your law firm is based in Atlanta, you can run Facebook ads that target a 20 mile radius around the metro Atlanta market.

Your Facebook ad campaign can be drilled down further to the most likely demographic that owns a car.  Think in terms of age demographics such as 25 – 65 year olds.  You can drill down even further to target specific annual salary ranges, say between $50,000 and $250,000.

By leveraging the geographic and demographic targeting tools in Facebook, your ads are reaching an audience of people that more than likely own a car.  And if you own a car, you eventually have an accident.  And if it’s bad enough, you’ll want to talk to an attorney that specializes in helping auto accident victims.

Create an opt-in page for a free webinar or information session

This is where leveraging technology and the internet really gets fun!  Your law firm can create a simple, short 10 – 20 minute webinar that talks about everything you, the auto accident victim, needs to be thinking about as a result of your accident.

When creating the content for your webinar, I like to use the acronym P.A.S.T.O.R.  And no, I’m not talking about the Pastor for your church here…!  I’m talking about a systematic tool that your law firm can use to create an helpful, informative webinar to present to auto accident victims.  Here’s what the acronym stands for, and the template you can use when creating your webinar:

  • P  —  this stands for Pain.  You want to open your webinar talking about the pain an auto accident victim has just experienced.  You’ll want to talk about both the physical pain someone might be feeling, and also the emotional and financial pain that an auto accident can add to someone’s life.  By opening your webinar talking about the pain your potential client is experiencing, you’ll more than likely create an immediate connection with your audience by showing that you understand and can sympathize with what they are experiencing right now.
  • A  —  this stands for Amplifying.  Next, you’ll want to talk about the amplification of the pain an auto accident victim can experience if they do nothing.  Meaning, if you are the victim of an auto accident and you do nothing, you can talk about how the physical, emotional, and financial pain from the accident will only get worse.
  • S — this stands for Story.  This is where you share stories from your previous clients that experienced an auto accident.  You can talk about the circumstances of their accident, what led them to your law firm, and how your law firm was able to help them in their most trying times immediately following their accident.
  • T — this stands for Testimonials.  After you share one or two stories of past clients, you want to reinforce your stories with what’s called “social proof”.  And testimonials are usually the best form of social proof for your law firm, as it conveys the experience that past auto accident victims had with your law firm.
  • O — this stands for Offer.  Now you want to move into the “offer” portion of your webinar.  This is where you offer your audience an opportunity to schedule a time to talk with a lawyer about their accident.  During the offer portion, you want to create a demand element for your time.  For example, you can say something like, “this free consultation isn’t for everyone, as your law firm is only able to work with a select number of clients at any given time.”  This creates more of a demand for your time and consultation, and forces your audience to commit even further to the process of working with an attorney.
  • R — this stands for Response.  Finally, you close your webinar with the call to action, or response, that you want your audience to take which is scheduling a free consultation with your law firm.

Once your webinar closes, your law firm can now review the information being submitted and follow up with the cases that you feel would be the most beneficial.

Creating demand for your law firm’s time

By creating a funnel process like this, you’ll end up with the absolute highest quality potential cases for your law firm.  For the auto accident victims that responded, they have already invested a valuable resource into your law firm – which is TIME!

Someone had to invest time initially by registering for your free webinar.

And again, they invested time in showing up to watch your webinar.

They invested more time by scheduling a free consultation with your law firm.

And finally, more time has been invested by actually getting on the phone with you to talk about their case.

Converting high ticket cases for your law firm

In summary, creating a marketing funnel like this helps you to filter out the absolute highest quality leads for your law firm.

And most important, you leveraged the power of the internet and technology systems to do the heavy lifting for you, which saves your law firm an exponential amount of time and resources in connecting with high quality leads.

You leveraged Facebook to drive traffic to your landing page where people can sign up for a free auto accident victim webinar; you leveraged a pre-recorded webinar video that can be used over and over again for your audience; you leveraged marketing automation tools to move your audience further down your funnel and a scheduling system to convert people into scheduling an appointment.

Now, your time is being maximized by talking with only the highest quality potential prospects for your law firm.

And you filter that group further by using your own best judgement in determining what cases you do and don’t take on.

The best part of this funnel is that it’s scalable!

Once you’ve refined a system that works, you’ll be able to zero in on the most effective funnel process that’s converting high ticket cases for your law firm.

Bobby Holland
Bobby Hollandhttps://bippermedia.com
Founder and contributor at Bipper Media.


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