Georgia Bulldogs Season Recap: Statistical Sunday

The University of Georgia (the reigning national champions) has started off the season strong. They are 3-0 with three straight wins, outscoring opponents 130 to 10 and only giving up one touchdown all season. The Dawgs look great and let’s turn to statistics and graphs to see just how superior they have been this year. 

Yards gained v.s Yards allowed

As depicted in the chart above UGA has been gaining yards on opponents by a large margin. UGA averages 532.3 yards per game, a truly remarkable feat. Meanwhile its opponents only average a measly 249 yards per game, not even half as many yards. Outgaining opponents by 850 yards through three games is very impressive, and this shows how UGA has been successful up until this point of the season.

Downs Gained v.s Downs Given up

The University of Georgia reigns supreme in down stats. We average 27 first downs a game while our opponents only average 13.6. Averaging double the first downs as one’s opponent is a very hard thing to do in football, and shows why UGA has been outscoring their opponents by such high margins. UGA also averages 6.3 third down conversions per game while its opponents average 4 a game. Although the 6 third down conversions per game seems low, it shows that the team scores more on first and second downs and doesn’t find itself in many third downs to begin with. This is a common statistic for high performing teams. 

Third Down Percentages

One place that the University of Georgia has shown large amounts of dominance in is on third downs. On average they are converting on 61% of their third downs. The average third down conversion rate in the NFL is 39% so UGA is way ahead of that mark. Meanwhile its opponents only convert third downs at a measly 29% clip. Let me repeat. Utter. Dominance. 

Turnover Rates

The University of Georgia has had zero turnovers this season. Meanwhile they have forced a turnover in every game of the season so far, and actually average two turnovers per game. That is quite an impressive statistic and shows how well the team has been performing this year.

Touchdown Rates

UGA averages 5.3 touchdowns per game and its opponents only average 0.3 touchdowns per game. That one touchdown given up was also scored on the backups with less than a minute in the game with South Carolina down by 48. Essentially Georgia’s starters have not given up a touchdown yet on the season and have 15 more touchdowns than opponents. Dominance. 

There are a lot more minute stats that UGA dominates in but these are some of the major stats to show how good a football team Georgia has been this year. The road to another National Championship looks free so far. 

Arkesh Ray
Arkesh Ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.


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