*** UPDATE:  May 3, 2013 — my client is now #1 in Google for the keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta”.  A substantial achievement considering 1)  the high profile nature of these cases and 2) the hyper competitive environment in Atlanta from the top law firms in the south east.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been working hard at researching the intricacies of the Google search algorithm, especially captivated by the social signals and mechanisms that have been integrated with Google+ profiles and Google+ pages for business.

The integration of how these social mechanisms work in concert with other properties such as your website, and subsequent web pages under the top level domain, is nothing short of “awesome” on the one hand and “stunning” on the other.

And by “awesome” and “stunning” I mean that I sometimes find myself frozen in time as I realize, just at the surface level, the complexities that are work in determining the results that you and I see when we type in a simple search query.

So one way I can display just a glimpse of this amazing technology at work is to start archive and penning down the results that I’m getting as I plow through the experiments, analyze results, tweak, then “wash and repeat”.

I’m fascinated (to say the very least) as I seem to be learning something new everyday about the “secret” sauce at work behind the words most profound technological advancement since that ax was invented millions of years ago.

The thing with the ax, however, is that it influenced the advancement of man kind for another 1.5 – 2 million years… will Google achieve such as long standing record?

Results for keyword phrase:  brain injury attorney atlanta

Keyword phrase:  brain injury attorney atlanta

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Current position in Google:  my client is currently ranked #2 in Google for this hyper competitive keyword phrase (my client is pdwlawfirm.com / Michael Daniel).

Results:  when I first started optimizing the client’s website for this keyword phrase, they were of course no where to be found in Google.  Basically, they have never pursued this keyword phrase before in Google, nor have they ever produced content around the keyword phrase.

After completing the optimization, setup, and integration of all the key SEO elements, it wasn’t until about 14 days later that I even picked up on the page I produced which was sitting at around page 50 (or the 500th search result in Google).

For the first couple of months, the search result moved ever so slightly from 50 up to page 20.  Now I know that’s a significant jump (300 search results plus to be exact), but it’s still page 20.  And as you probably know, page 20 and page 20, no matter how you cut it.  Which means, no one is going to notice your site because no one EVER goes out to page 20 (except me as I’m looking for my client’s sites).

Around the third month, I saw a significant initial burst from page 20 up to around page 10.  This was a REALLY big deal for both me and the law firm who’s targeting the keyword phrase.

After all, the keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta”, although it has low search volume associated with it, it’s an EXTREMELY profitable keyword phrase to be found on the front page of Google – as you can imagine I’m sure.

Now I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but around month 5, leading into month 6, I search the keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta” and I saw my client at the bottom of page 1.  This was such a big deal, I almost feel out of my chair!

However, I wasn’t expecting much more than the bottom of page 1 because above my client was about 3 or 4 other attorneys who had Google authorship integrated.  This told me that the other law firms were paying, A LOT OF MONEY, to someone to optimize their site and get them to where they are.

But then it was only a few weeks later (coming up to within the last couple of weeks), that I’ve watched my client’s rankings climb from the bottom of page 1, to the middle of page 1, and now sitting in #2 at the top of Google.

Based on the speed and velocity of the ascension in the search results, especially on the front page of Google, I told my client that I FULLY expect he will be in the #1 position shortly for the his targeted keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta”.

Who wants to be the “over under” that he’ll be #1 in Google within the next 5 weeks?