The Secret To Stronger Feet Revealed! Expert Audio Interview (Listen Here)

Listen Here >> Stronger Feet / Barefoot Running Shoes And the barefoot movement rolls on... in fact the barefoot movement is picking up so much speed that Dr's. are now starting to conduct in-depth research to better understand the pros and cons of barefoot walking and running.  But even though the barefoot movement is picking up steam worldwide, there's a large segment of this movement that's interested in barefoot running shoes, or minimalist running shoes - those who want to the full barefoot experience without... well... being 100% barefoot. But are there really benefits to barefoot running shoes? For those of you who are just getting started in the barefoot movement, especially barefoot running, then the best advice for you is to take it slow at first.  Barefoot, or minimalist running, is something that must be gradually adopted - especially if you are overweight or otherwise not used to exercising.  But for those who are out there running, walking, [...]

3 Reasons To Consider The Minimalist Running Shoes

A great debate is forming as to whether or not minimalist running shoes are healthy for runners.  This article will highlight three reasons as to why minimalist running shoes may, after all, be the best option for developing a more natural running form. Over the past several years, there's been a shifting paradigm in the world of runners from a traditional running shoe model to a minimalist running shoe.  Minimalist running shoes, if you aren't aware of them, are thin, lightweight, running shoes designed to let the runner feel the ground underneath their feet. And basically, those who are making the switch to minimalist running shoes are doing so under the belief that there are more benefits to running with these thin, minimalist shoes than their are using the old, heavily cushioned running shoes that we're all used to. There is certainly no shortage of arguments that take a stance against minimalist running shoes.  Most people who are against [...]

The Best ‘Men’s Only’ Barefooting Hiking Boot

Alright men, for those of you into barefoot hiking, it's time to reveal a secret to you that you're going to love.  I know that a lot of you men out there love to go hiking and get out into nature. But there are a few of you out there who are into hiking the trails in a pair of barefoot boots - or minimalist hiking boot. This is admirable because not everyone can get out there in a pair of minimalist hiking boots and take on the trails. So it would only make sense then, if you are going to hit the trails in a pair of barefoot hiking boots, then why not consider the only barefoot hiking boot made for men? The Kuuva by Feelmax is the only barefoot hiking boot (minimalist hiking boot) that is made just for men, and is designed specifically with the hiking man in mind.  Touch, durable, great traction, and breathable - [...]

Feelmax Osma – Pre Order The Feelmax Osma Men’s & Women’s Running Shoes now has the Feelmax Osma men's and women's running shoes available for pre order with multiple sizes available. Pre Order Feelmax Osma Barefoot running is definitely something your neighbor probably hasn't seen yet.  In fact, if you are wanting to cause a lot of whispering and turn some heads in your town, then head out the door for run with nothing on your feet - that's right, 100% barefoot - and see what kind of response you get. It will probably be to the tune of:  dude, what's up with that person running down the road in the barefeet - they must be crazy or something! For some barefoot runners (or minimalist runners), the turning heads is irrelevant - they are used to it actually.  But for some others, they would rather avoid the whole embarrassment and chatter. This means, however, finding a barefoot or minimalist running shoe that allows the runner to have a great looking pair [...]

Best Minimalist Hiking Boots for Men & Women, The Feelmax Kuuva

The Feelmax Kuuva, hands down the best minimalist hiking boots for both men and women, as now available at Pre Order The Feelmax Kuuva Minimalist Hiking Boots Light, fast, protective, and super thin!  If you're looking for simply the best minimalist hiking boots this year for both men and women, then you really have to look no further the Kuuva hiking boot by Feelmax. It achieves both comfort and style for the hiking enthusiast. And weighing in at less than 100 grams, you'll be lucky if you even know these minimalist hiking boots are even on your feet. The Feelmax Kuuva is a hiking boot designed with the hiking adventurer in mind who loves to not only get out on the trails and take in nature, but who is passionate about feeling the earth beneath their feet as the pass over the terrain. Barefoot hiking, or minimalist hiking as some refer to it, is getting re-energized as more [...]