How To Get Facebook Fans More Active On Your Facebook Fan Page

Are you the owner of a Facebook Fan Page, and you've been struggling to get activity and interaction from your fan base?  Have you been looking for an easy strategy that can breath more life into your Facebook Fan page? These are legitimate questions and concerns for any Facebook Fan Page owner.  After all, one of the best ways to increase your brand's authority and exposure in social media is to have an alive and active fan base. If your fans are dormant on Facebook, then the Facebook ranking algorithm isn't going to look very highly upon your fan page updates.  And without higher rankings for your fan page updates, fewer people will see your Facebook page updates in their news stream. How to generate more activity from your Facebook Fan Page fans I wanted to write this post to share with you one technique that has resulted in a huge increase in fan engagement on both our own [...]

Stunning New Research! Why Your Business Needs To Be Active On Facebook

Is your business easily found on Facebook? Have you, or your business (product, service, brand) been looking for a good excuse to start using Facebook for your business? If so, then I think you'll find the information below VERY interesting and compelling. Facebook is exploding in popularity Facebook has recently surpassed the 800 million member mark, and its growth doesn't seem ready to slow any time soon.  Along with the explosive member growth on Facebook comes the unimaginable number that reveals just how long each user, on average, spends on Facebook once they login. According to a recent study by Nielson, total user time on site reached 53.5 billion minutes in the month of May 2011.   Guess who (or what) the next closest site was in total user time on site?  Yahoo at 17.2 billion minutes, with Google coming in third with 12.5 billion minutes total time spent on site in May 2011. If you are doing the [...]

Facebook Camera App, Not Yet Available For Business Facebook Pages

As you probably know by now, Facebook released a new photo sharing app called "Facebook Camera for iPhone".  The new Facebook camera app is pretty slick, I have to admit.  It takes of the same features you'll find with Instagram, like the ability to crop and alter the image based on a wide range of themes. But what's clearly missing from the lineup of features with the Facebook Camera app is the ability to post images as a Facebook page admin.  This is a feature that, in my opinion, should have been in place since the day one release. I know what you're thinking though... you are like, "man, can't anyone be happy with something that's released and not complain about it?"  I agree, too much complaining out there.  But from the perspective of Facebook's user base, and considering how many fan page admins exist out there, having the Facebook Camera app work with pages would have been nice. [...]

How Local Online Marketing Takes Many Different Forms

Are you a local business owner who's been trying to figure out the best online marketing strategy for your business?  Are you a small business owner who's been struggling to generate a favorable level of online traffic, authority, and sales conversion? There are literally millions of local businesses throughout the United States that are just frozen in this world of the Internet with Google, Facebook, mobile phones, and everything else that's popping up each day that's totally different from the day before.  I mean, who can realistically keep up with it all if they are running a local or small business? But at the end of the day, a local business owner should really only concern themselves with the platforms where the majority of their clients are found, and the applications that the majority of their clients are engaging with.  For example, the majority of our clients can find the most of their customer base on three different platforms:  Google [...]

8 Key Features On The New Facebook Fan Page Timeline For Business

I'm sure you've all heard by now that Facebook has just opened up the ability for Facebook Fan Page owners to convert their branded pages over to the new timeline layout.  It's a feature that's been around for a while now with regular Facebook profiles, but the ability for Facebook Fan Pages, or business pages, is new. If you own, or are an admin of a Facebook Fan Page, then you've probably seen the message at the top of your page asking you if you'd like to convert over to the new layout.  Some Facebook business page owners have, and others are still holding out.  But ultimately, holding out is futile because Facebook will make the switch over for you automatically on March 30th. Key features to the new Facebook Fan Page for business and brands - there's 8 of them you need to know: 1)  New profile pic The new profile pic has been resized and relocated.  The [...]

The #1 Secret To Explosive Facebook Fan Page Growth

Alright, what I'm about to share with you here is something that people would pay a lot of money for through one on one consulting. What I'm going to give you is, without a doubt, the #1 most effective strategy to experiencing explosive growth on your Facebook Fan Page. But wait a minute Bobby... who in the world cares about Facebook Fan Pages?  I mean, what can they do for my business anyway? First of all, Facebook now has over 800 million users worldwide and is still growing at a ridiculous rate. Second, Facebook users are averaging 7 hours per month on the site.  This means, once Facebook users get on the site, they are spending A LOT of time browsing around to see what their friends are up to. Just to put this number in perspective for you - the next closest site to Facebook regarding "time on site" is Yahoo which averages 2 hours and 28 minutes [...]