When buying a house, do not be lulled by the lovely appearance of the property. As a homeowner, you have to be sure that the property you buy is worth every penny.

A home inspection should be done to expose you to the intricate details that you cannot see during your initial tours.

A professional home inspector may be hired so he can assist you on your next plan of actions.

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Here are the things you can expect to happen when a home inspector visits you.

The actual inspection. There is a lot to know about the value of your home and its beauty.

A home inspector first examines the exterior appearance of the house from each side and from the tip of the roof to the base. He then looks at the interior.

The inspection will take about one to two hours depending on the size and the style of the house.

List of Problems Encountered

Usually, homeowners will receive a 30+ page inspection report within 24 hrs of the inspection.  Reports can also be produced on site if the client prefers.  And you can expect most home inspections to take anywhere from 2 – 3 hours, which is the amount of time required to thoroughly inspect the average home.

But if the appearance is very convincing and exudes a “no problem” aura, a home inspector usually looks at the following:

Pest Inspection

Termites are a prime example of this problem.  These insect feed on wood so as early as possible, termites should be terminated through proper treatment.

Structural Problems

Due to poor engineering, there are times when the general structure of the house is really deficient. Some structure, the roof for example may not be appropriate for special considerations such as weather and climate.
Electrical wirings are very critical. They may cause fire later on. It is important that home inspectors should take a closer look on the wiring system to improve efficiency and prevent possible fire.

Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing and drainage are two things which are inter-related. Home inspectors will see if there are leaks in toilets, sinks, or bathrooms. The drainage system should be up and working to make sure that water usage is maximized and that water wastes should go to the proper place to prevent formation of crack and holes.

Recommended Solutions

Of course detecting the problem is always not enough. A good home inspector should be able to provide solutions to the problems he has discovered.

The goal of the inspector is not to demoralize you as a homeowner, but to help you turn your home into a high quality property that is ready to sell, or in the event that you are buying a new home, one that you are confident in purchasing.

Detailed Home Inspection Report

A report will be submitted by the inspector to the homeowner. He usually goes around the house for the second time together with the homeowner. He explains in detail the findings he had as suggested by the list.