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WordPress for Enterprise & Corporate E-Commerce

There’s a commonly held belief that WordPress is nothing more than a “beginner’s level” blogging platform.  I think this speaks more to the simplicity and efficiency of WordPress than anything else.  Using pre-built WordPress templates, and leveraging the free WordPress.com platform, a novice could spin up a WordPress site in less than an hour or less.  Likewise, websites that are built on WordPress make up approximately 20% of the web (ref: VentureBeat, 2013); again, pointing to the simplicity and efficiency of the WordPress platform.  Because of the scale and presence of WordPress sites on the web, this also means Wordpress has a powerful reputation for website design and search optimization.  Google engineer Matt Cutts takes it one step further by endorsing WordPress as the “best platform for SEO.”

But what about using WordPress for enterprise and corporate level websites?  And better yet, can WordPress power even the largest brands in the e-commerce space?

Not only do I believe WordPress should be the first choice for corporate level website design and e-commerce, but the list below proves that WordPress is at the forefront in the corporate space.  Here is a quick list of corporate websites, including corporate e-commerce websites, that are built using WordPress.

Sports / Entertainment Corporate WordPress Websites

Corporate / Enterprise WordPress Websites

E-Commerce Enterprise Websites using WordPress:

I’m sure there are many, many more corporate and enterprise e-commerce websites built using Wordpress, so by no means is this an exhaustive list.  But as you can see, some of the largest brands in the World, from Coca Cola to ESPN; to some of the largest e-commerce brands in the world, from Van Heusen to IZOD, understand the power, flexibility, and efficiency of using WordPress.

And of course I couldn’t end this post without a shameless plug for Bipper Media.  If you are an enterprise / corporate level brand looking to take your online presence to the next level with WordPress, we’d love to talk!

Finally, if there are other corporate level websites built on WordPress that I’ve overlooked, go ahead and post them in the comments below.