Video tutorial on how to embed a Facebook post into your WordPress blog post:

On June 11th, Facebook announced improvements to the embeded posts feature.  The 3 main updates to the Facebook embedded post feature are:

  1. Visual content first – this is a change where Facebook is now featuring embedded elements such as images or videos first in the Facebook post, and then placing all of the text (titles, post content, etc…) underneath the photo or video.  This change derives from the fact that Facebook posts with photos or videos usually generate more interaction.  So because of this, the embedded content is being featured first with the text placed underneath.
  2. Faster load times – Facebook has made some updates to their platform that allows these elements to load a lot faster, making it a better user experience.
  3. Per publisher default width – now, when you go to embed a Facebook post, you’ll have the option to set your own width to the embed code.  In the video, I’ll actually show you how to change the set width element to “100%” so that, I believe anyway, the width will be responsive.  This could be helpful when people are viewing your blog post with the embedded Facebook post from a mobile device.

One reason I’m not a huge fan of the Facebook embedded post feature is because when you click to add a comment, or you want to view comments, you are taken off your website and directed back to Facebook.  What would be much more appealing is if the the embedded Facebook post could be interacted with directly on the page where it’s embedded, and then syndicating the URL of the post or page from your website.

What are your thoughts about the new and improved embedded Facebook post features?

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