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Top DUI Lawyers in Pine Lake, Georgia. Pine Lake, Georgia is the smallest city in DeKalb County, with a population less than 1000. Pine Lake is just off Route 10 and a stones throw from Stone Mountain. Below is a list of Top DUI lawyers in Pine Lake, Ga. If you find yourself in need of a top rated DUI lawyer in Pine Lake, we recommend reaching out to one of the attorneys below.

Attorney Larry Kohn
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Attorney Larry Kohn

5590 Roswell Rd #200, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Mr. Kohn has dedicated his career to defending clients accused of all types of criminal offenses, though he places special emphasis on DUI cases. read more

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DUI Lawyers in Pine Lake, Ga.

“Guilty of all charges,” rings through the Pine Lake, GA Municipal Court after the judge handed down his verdict in your DUI Case.  After months of continuances and courtroom arguments the final judgement has been determined.  Six months’ suspension on your driver license, probation and 120 hours of community service, which was reduced from the original 240 after your experienced DUI attorneys from the law firm you hired were able to work out a deal.

Is this an all too common scenario for you or anyone you know?

The chances are high that you are all too familiar with this, even if the details have some disparities. The above story happens a lot more times than you would venture to guess.  In fact, according to  Statistic Brain every single year about 1,500,000 drivers are arrested for dui. Because of their drunk driving arrest their lives are filled with a set of requirements they must adhere to in order for one day to be able to drive again.

The above statistics aren’t just common place in big metropolitan cities like the suburbs in Metro Atlanta.  They can happen in any city big or small including Pine Lake Georgia. Statistically speaking, one in every 80 drivers get arrested for a DUI or DWI (Driving While intoxicated).  Even in Pine Lake that has a population of just over 700 at 730 as of 2017, according SurbanStats.org., where the demographics in the town are 65% white, 22% black or African American, and 13% other. Regardless of origin, culture or ethnicity one thing is for sure, DUI Convictions do not discriminate. If anyone of us decide to have a night out where drinks are flowing and we decide to get behind the wheel, then we are taking a risk of being pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.  As in the scenario for the above written example.

When getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking, a person becomes a participant in what could be described as “the game of chance.” We participate when we irresponsibly get behind the wheel while intoxicated.  Sure, you can beat the odds from time to time, but if you play enough times you will eventually lose. You get arrested either because you were driving erratically or worse, you crashed your car into another, which resulted in personal injuries not only to you but the victim.  Many inebriated drivers have been found guilty of vehicular homicide. On top of the countless violations a DUI conviction brings, a person convicted of vehicular homicide may face a prison sentence of 1-15 years (for first time offenders). However, prison time can be increased between five to 20 years if you are a habitual violator.

Vehicular Homicide in Georgia

In the state of Georgia vehicular homicide has two classifications: First Degree and Second Degree.

A first-degree vehicular homicide involves a person who is under the influence of alcohol or any other impaired substance causing the death of another person. Albeit there are other violations that fall under First –Degree Vehicular Homicide. The second-degree vehicular homicide, which is less serious, is defined as causing the death of another while violating other traffic offenses.

Read more: (Ga. Code Ann. § § 40-5-54, 40-5-63, 40-6-393 (2017)

What happens when I’m arrested for a DUI/DWI?

Besides the obvious of being taken to the county jail the person arrested needs to have a relative or friend post bail with their own funds so they can be released.  If that is not an option or money is hard to come by then many family members seek a 24-hour bail bondsman to assist in posting bail.

A bail bondsman who can be also referred to as a bail bondsperson, bail bond agent or bond dealer is any person, agency or corporation that will act on your momentary behalf to ensure you are released from jail in a timely manner. A condition for this act stipulates that you agree to appear at your hearing on the date specified by the court.  Failure to appear in court allows the bail bonds agent, by law to search you out, detain you and bring you the jurisdiction of the court

If you are currently dealing with his situation or someone you know needs some sound legal advice be sure to contact some Top Rated DUI lawyer in Pine Lake Georgia. The DUI Lawyers on this list are the best at what they do.  They have obtained the necessary skills and knowledge needed to work on these type DUI charges.  A lot of these Criminal Defense Attorneys received their training at a top law school throughout the country. Many of them have argued cases not only in Pine Lake GA, but also bigger courts such as the DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court.

One of the first actions you should take if you are arrested for drunk driving is to notify one of these Top Rated DUI lawyer in Pine Lake Georgia. It is true that you can go at it alone but it is wise to speak to the experts who know just a bit more than you do.

How much does hiring a DUI attorney cost?

Every lawyer has their set price or bill you hourly based on the estimated time they will need on you case.  Price can range from $2500 to past $10,000. However, a number of attorneys offer free consultations so you won’t have to worry about fees as you go around courting the right law firm. If Pine Lake Georgia doesn’t quite give you a lot of options then searching Lawyers in DeKalb County might be an alternative when you sit in front of your MacBook or PC and begin the tireless search in places like mediation.com, prweb.com, lawinfo.com, and lawyer-map.com.

Which is the right Pine Lake, GA DUI Defense Attorney to hire?

There are a number of factors an individual facing a DUI/DWI conviction should consider when hiring a top Pine Lake Georgia Lawyer.

  1. How familiar is the attorney with DUI Cases not only in Pine Lake but also in both DeKalb County and in the state of Georgia?
  2. How many years of experience does this Lawyer have in dealing with DUI and criminal law proceedings? Note: If your potential attorney has less than five years then take into consideration the number of DUI/DWI cases he/she has been involved in.  Just because they don’t have a decade of experience doesn’t mean they aren’t equipped to handle you case.
  3. Is this attorney strictly devoted in driving under the influence or driving while impaired cases? Or does he/she also tackle other cases like divorce, criminal defense cases etc.…. It may not be a bad thing to hire a lawyer with a vast array of practices under their belt, but keep in mind that sometimes working with a lawyer who is dedicated to one specific practice might be the most beneficial for you.
  4. Relationship with the prosecution. Not all lawyers have a great rapport with the DeKalb County District Attorney or Assistant District Attorney but it is always ideal to hire a DUI attorney that has a great relationship with the prosecutor.
  5. A common deciding factor for most are the fees associated with Pine Lake DUI Lawyers. Attorney fees vary from firm to firm. One thing to think about is the DUI Lawyers success rate in having DUI/DWI charges dismissed or dropped and your driving privileges whether reinstated immediately or getting a minimal suspension period. This is one important thing to consider if money is an issue. Depending on your financial situation, you can also opt have a public defender appointed to your case.  Public defenders can help get you the outcome you wanted but with the number of heavy caseloads he/she manages it is wise to hire a top DUI attorney in Pine Lake, GA.
  6. High-end looking offices:  Don’t let some expensive looking real estate office scare you away and at the same time a moderate or lesser office shouldn’t deter you either. Always give any DUI Defense lawyer a chance to sit with you and advise you on your best possible routes.

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