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Top DUI Lawyers in Lithonia, Georgia. Lithonia, Georgia is just off I-20 in eastern DeKalb County and home to Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve where Arabia Mountain is located with it’s peak sitting at 955 feet above sea level. Below is a list of Top DUI lawyers in Lithonia, Ga. If you find yourself in need of a top rated DUI lawyer in Lithonia, we recommend reaching out to one of the attorneys below.

Attorney Larry Kohn
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Attorney Larry Kohn

5590 Roswell Rd #200, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Mr. Kohn has dedicated his career to defending clients accused of all types of criminal offenses, though he places special emphasis on DUI cases. read more

Davis & Sheridan Attorneys of Law L.L.C.
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Davis & Sheridan Attorneys of Law L.L.C.

6844 Main St, Lithonia, Georgia 30058

We will be happy to help you whether you have been charged with a crime or are seeking legal counsel either for yourself or on behalf of your company or government organization. read more

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DUI Lawyers in Lithonia, Ga.

With a population of just over two thousand residents, the quiet little town of Lithonia, Georgia is the 262nd largest community in Georgia and has a mixture of both white and blue collar workers.  Just like so many other people residing all over Georgia such as in the Atlanta area and Gwinnett County, just to name a few, individuals and families from this city spend some time commuting back and forth to work. Drivers in this small town spend over half an hour, 33.79 minutes to be exact, in their vehicles trying to get to their work.  That number is higher than the national average.  So much commuting brings on a number of unavoidable issues like car maintenance, gas fill ups and of course traffic tickets.

Not everyone who drives receives a traffic citation but chances are that you or someone you know have had to dispute, fight or pay a driving violation fine.  A speeding ticket, illegal turn, running through a red light or stop sign, seatbelt or any other tickets are just a common event when you get behind the wheel.  The good news is that those are easy to take care of whether you fight it yourself or you hired a law firm to do it for you. However, there is another traffic violation that unfortunately many people are dealing with on a daily basis – Drunk Driving arrests.

Every year in the USA according to a study conducted by Statistic Brain  around 1,500,000 drivers are facing an incident involving a DUI/DWI violation.  That means 1 in 80 drivers are taken in custody because of a DUI Law violation.  Breaking it down further it means that for every 80 motorists 1-driver is likely to be pulled over and arrested for a drunk driving incident.  So, unless that town of Lithonia, GA has an estimated 79 residents, then even this city sees its fair share of drunk driving arrests.

For example, here is a plausible narrative that can happen to anyone- Note all characters are fictional:

Here we have Max, a 30-year old native of Lithonia Georgia.  Max is the automotive service manager at the Service 1st Auto Care shop, located about a mile away from the city’s park, on Park way drive near Lithonia Industrial Blvd.  Like a lot of hard working people, Max spends anywhere from 5 to 6 days a week putting in a good number of hours in order to pay the bills. He doesn’t complain much, the town folks like him and his employees have nothing but good things to say about him. He’s never had a run in with law enforcement and the only time he dealt with any legal issues was when he fired a Family Law attorney to help in a custody dispute against his wife over their son’s well-being.

One Thursday evening as he was closing up shop his crew invited him to the Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. Max knew this meant some possible heavy drinking, which he is not opposed to but generally speaking he always knows his limits.  After some convincing he joins his employees for a couple of hours.  He leaves his car at home which was on the way and gets a ride with his assistant manager.  Fast forward it is now last call at the bar and Max realizes it is 2am and needs to open up shop in the morning at 8am. In his drunken state, he calls an Uber and heads home for hopefully five hours of shut eye. At home, he staggers to bed and in his state he forgets to charge his iPhone.  It is now 7:50 am and he is woken up by the Sun’s rays that has now infiltrated his bedroom.  He jumps out of bed but the pounding headache and nauseous feeling slows him down.  Max has a pretty bad hangover but fights through it to get to the shop as quickly as he can.  Now in the car driving 10 MPH over the speed limit he notices a police officer on his tail asking him to pull over as he turns into the shop.  A couple of minutes later poor Max is sitting behind a police cruiser with his hands cuffed and is facing a DUI Charge, even though he is under the .08 BAC limit.

So why is he headed to jail? You would think the officer made a huge mistake.  You’d be the one mistaken.  In the state of Georgia and that includes Lithonia, GA it is possible to get arrested for a DUI if the officer notices you are hungover or has reason to believe you are.

On Dec. 2015, the Association for Psychological Science put out an article “Driving With a Hangover Just as Dangerous as Driving Drunk,” to show the dangers of getting behind the wheel after a long night of drinking. In the study a team of researchers led by Utrecht University psychopharmacologist Joris Verster, discovered that even when a person “sleeps it off,” as some would call it and have their Blood Alcohol Level return to zero that they can still be impaired to drive their automobile due to a persistent hangover.

“The hangover develops when blood alcohol concentration (BAC) returns to zero and is characterized by a feeling of general misery that may last up to 20 hours after alcohol consumption,” the researchers write. “The magnitude of driving impairment during alcohol hangover is comparable to a BAC between 0.05 and 0.08 %, i.e., over the legal limit for driving in many countries.”

For this reason, people in Lithonia and in DeKalb County should contact a Top Rated DUI lawyer in Lithonia Georgia if you have been arrested for driving while hungover and are facing a number of criminal offenses. The lawyers that handle these cases have some of the most invaluable experience that could help in having your sentence reduced or in some circumstances have your DUI Case dismissed.

What happens when I’m arrested for a DUI/DWI?

Besides the obvious of being taken to the county jail, the person arrested needs to have a relative or friend post bail with their own funds so they can be released.  If that is not an option or money is hard to come by then many family members seek a 24-hour bail bondsman to assist in posting bail.

A bail bondsman who can be also referred to as a bail bondsperson, bail bond agent or bond dealer is any person, agency or corporation that will act on your momentary behalf to ensure you are released from jail in a timely manner. A condition for this act stipulates that you agree to appear at your hearing on the date specified by the court.  Failure to appear in court allows the bail bonds agent, by law, to search you out, detain you and bring you the jurisdiction of the court whether it be at the Lithonia, GA Municipal Court or the DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court.

After being released from jail the adventure of hiring the right law firm to represent you begins.  Many people sit in front of their desktop, laptops, MacBook’s, tablets, or mobile devices for hours Googling where to find the most qualified DUI/DWI attorneys in Lithonia, Georgia.  They search domains such as: justia.com

Many people have found success in websites that offer the top 3-5 lawyers in the city simply because they clicked on:  Top Rated DUI lawyer in Lithonia Georgia.

This site specifies the most prominent and top rated DUI Attorneys in Lithonia and the surrounding DeKalb County.  All of these attorneys are licensed by the American Bar Association and have extensive knowledge of DUI laws because of the countless hours in the courtroom that led them there after studying at their respective university college of law such as Georgia State University College in Atlanta, GA.

Whichever criminal defense attorney you choose they will work hard to develop the best possible game plan that might keep you from serving any jail time and reduces any fines incurred because of the DUI/DWI arrest. A first-time DUI criminal case involving just yourself is one of the better cases to ensure minimal fines and convictions.  However, when the case involves a vehicular homicide, then many people seek out DUI Trial attorneys who have the right experience in dealing with jury trials.

Why retain Lithonia Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers after a conviction?

There are a number of valid reasons what you should a DUI/DWI especially if after a verdict has been given. Your conviction doesn’t magically disappear after the judge and /or jury deliver the final verdict, that is unless your case was dismissed or the charges were dropped. It is imperative that you seek a number of the most qualified Lithonia DUI attorneys.  Hiring the right attorney can be the difference between a dismissal or conviction. Even if your trial lawyer is unable to have the charges dropped a DUI lawyer with years of experience can help.

Which is the right Lithonia, GA DUI Defense Attorney to hire?

  1. How familiar is the attorney with DUI Cases not only in Lithonia but also in both DeKalb County and in the state of Georgia?
  2. How many years of experience does this Lawyer have in dealing with DUI and criminal law proceedings? Note: If your potential attorney has less than five years then take into consideration the number of DUI/DWI cases he/she has been involved in.  Just because they don’t have a decade of experience doesn’t mean they aren’t equipped to handle you case.
  3. Is this attorney strictly devoted in driving under the influence or driving while impaired cases? Or does he/she also tackle other cases like divorce, criminal defense cases etc.…. It may not be a bad thing to hire a lawyer with a vast array of practices under their belt, but keep in mind that sometimes working with a lawyer who is dedicated to one specific practice might be the most beneficial.
  4. Relationship with the prosecution. Not all lawyers have a great rapport with the DeKalb County District Attorney or Assistant District Attorney but it is always ideal to hire a DUI attorney that has a great relationship with the prosecutor.
  5. A common deciding factor for most are the fees associated with Lithonia DUI Lawyers. Attorney fees vary from firm to firm.  One thing to think about is the DUI Lawyers success rate in having DUI/DWI charges dismissed or dropped and your driving privileges whether reinstated immediately or getting a minimal suspension period. This is one important thing to consider if money is an issue. Depending on your financial situation, you can also opt to have a public defender appointed to your case.  Public defenders can help get you the outcome you wanted but with the number of heavy caseloads he/she manages it is wise to hire a top DUI attorney in Lithonia, GA.
  6. High-end looking offices:  Don’t let some expensive looking real estate office scare you away and at the same time a moderate or lesser office shouldn’t deter you either. Always give any DUI Defense lawyer a chance to sit with you and advise you on your best possible routes.

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