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Top DUI Lawyers in Clarkston, Georgia. Clarkston, Georgia is a city in DeKalb County with an estimated population of about 8,000. Clarkston is home to a campus of Georgia State Universities Perimeter College and also Friendship Park, just off E Ponce de Leon Ave. Below is a list of Top DUI lawyers in Clarkston, Ga. If you find yourself in need of a top rated DUI lawyer in Clarkston, we recommend reaching out to one of the attorneys below.

Attorney Larry Kohn
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Attorney Larry Kohn

5590 Roswell Rd #200, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Mr. Kohn has dedicated his career to defending clients accused of all types of criminal offenses, though he places special emphasis on DUI cases. read more

Edwards Law Firm
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Edwards Law Firm

4416 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Clarkston, GA 30021

The Edwards Law Firm specializes in Immigration Law. Other areas of practice are Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Traffic Cases, Small Business Representation. read more

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DUI Lawyers in Clarkston, Ga.

Arrested in Clarkston, Ga for a DUI? Do you know your rights?

Whether you are guilty or innocent of a DUI violation, every resident in Clarkston, Georgia and DeKalb County should be aware of their rights. A DUI or DWI (Driving While Impaired) charge poses a unique arrest where a number of stipulations have to be met. For instance, the person’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) must be at a legal limit and a Field Sobriety Test must be failed in order for the charges to stick.

In the state of Georgia and across the U.S., the legal limit for Driving Under the Influence is set at a BAC level of .08%.  This means a driver can be arrested and convicted of a DUI or DWI if they register a .08 or higher. However, commercial drivers’ BAC cannot read at or higher than .04%. Additionally, anyone under the age of 21 who registered even the smallest trace of alcohol or a controlled substance will be automatically arrested for a DUI. For these reasons the residents of Clarkston, Georgia educate themselves on DUI Laws in case this unfortunate event occurs. By not knowing all the laws and options, a driver may run the risk of crushing their chances at a dismissal or a better plea deal.

At one time in our lives some of us may have gotten behind the wheel after a night of drinking. We make it home without a hitch and tell ourselves, “This is the last time I will ever drink and drive.” The following day you talk with your friends or family and laughingly recount the entire night out and how you drove home perfectly fine after having had one too many alcoholic drinks.  You think, “Boy, am I lucky.” However, eventually that luck runs out and if you continue to be reckless, chances are you’ll get caught. When that occurs, your life – for a predetermined time – will be taken on a rollercoaster you wish you’d never ridden.

So, imagine for a moment that it’s Friday afternoon and you and your co-workers meet for happy hour just blocks away from your office. Good times are had; stories are told and countless drinks are poured.  After about 3 or 4 hours you each bid adieu and head your separate ways. Just before shaking a final hand, one of your co-workers asks you if you need a ride because you seem too impaired to drive. Do you take them up on the offer? Call for a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft ? No, you convince yourself and others that you are fine to drive. Several nights you make it home, but not on this night.  On the road, your eyes have trouble focusing and the blurred vision makes it hard to see the green light turn red as the honking of horns fail with penetrating your ear drums. Just then you wake up inside a smoking, mangled vehicle with red and blue sirens emanating in the background. You just caused a motor vehicle accident. The good thing is you are unharmed but the other driver sustained significant personal injuries and is being transported to the nearest hospital.

Does this sound familiar?  Has this happened to you or people you know?  In the US, according to, each year around 1,500,000 drivers are dealing with either a DUI or DWI arrest.  That means 1 in 80 drivers are taken into custody because of a DUI Law violation.

In Clarkston, GA, the 7,554 residents, based on data collected from the 2010 Census, probably know someone who is able to share this and similar stories about themselves when they decided to get behind the wheel after a day of drinking in places like the popular Brockett Pub House & Grill. But it’s a fact that those who’ve had the misfortune of being convicted for a DUI would give anything to go back and keep themselves from making such a terrible mistake. Their decision cost them hours upon hours of undrivable months, attorney’s fees and a number of visits to either the Clarkston, GA Municipal Court or the DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court.

If you’ve had thins occur to you then you are urged to contact the Top Rated DUI lawyers in Clarkston Georgia. These lawyers have represented clients in numerous cases including ones where the driver caused many personal injuries to someone else. High costs can accumulate quickly but most law offices will provide a free consultation. You should consider hiring a sound DUI lawyer. One with 20 years of experience is always a great option but many on the link above are at the top of their game.

What happens when I’m arrested for a DUI/DWI?

Besides the obvious of being taken to the county jail the person arrested needs to have a relative or friend post bail with their own funds so they can be released.  If that is not an option or money is hard to come by then many family members seek a 24-hour bail bondsman to assist in posting bail.

After being released from jail the adventure of hiring the right law firm to represent you begins.  Many people sit in front of their desktop, laptops, MacBook’s, tablets, or mobile devices for hours Googling where to find the most qualified DUI/DWI attorneys in Clarkston, Georgia.  They search domains such as: and

One of today’s most popular websites where many people have found success locating a qualified DUI attorney is:  Top Rated DUI lawyers in Clarkston Georgia.  This website specifies the most prominent and top rated DUI Attorneys in Clarkston and DeKalb County. All of these attorneys are licensed by the American Bar Association and have extensive knowledge of DUI laws because of the countless hours spent in the courtroom.

Whichever criminal defense lawyer you choose they will work hard to develop the best possible game plan that may keep you from serving any jail time and even have your fines reduced. A first-time DUI case involving just yourself is one of the better cases to ensure minimal fines and convictions.  However, when the case involves a vehicular homicide, then many people seek out DUI Trial attorneys who have the right experience in dealing with jury trials.

Which is the right Clarkston, GA DUI Defense Attorney to hire?

There are a number of factors an individual facing a DUI/DWI conviction should consider when hiring a top Clarkston Georgia Lawyer.

  1. How familiar is the attorney with driving under the influence laws not only in Clarkston but in the state of Georgia?
  2. How many years of experience does this Lawyer have in dealing with DUI and criminal law proceedings? Note: If your potential attorney has less than five years then take into consideration the number of DUI/DWI cases he/she has been involved in. Just because they don’t have a decade of experience doesn’t mean they aren’t equipped to handle you case.
  3. Is this attorney strictly devoted in driving under the influence or driving while impaired cases? Or does he/she also tackle other cases like divorce, criminal cases etc.…. It may not be a bad thing to hire a lawyer with a vast array of practices under their belt, but keep in mind that sometimes working with a lawyer who is dedicated to one specific practice might be the most beneficial for you.
  4. Relationship with the prosecution. Not all lawyers have a great rapport with the Cobb County District Attorney or Assistant District Attorney but it is always ideal to hire a DUI attorney that has a great relationship with the prosecutor.
  5. A common deciding factor for most are the fees associated with Clarkston DUI Lawyers. Attorney fees vary from firm to firm. One thing to think about is the DUI Lawyers success rate in having DUI/DWI charges dismissed or dropped and your driving privileges whether reinstated immediately or getting a minimal suspension period. This is one important thing to consider if money is an issue. Depending on your financial situation, you can also opt have a public defender appointed to your case. Public defenders can help get you the outcome you wanted but with the number of heavy caseloads he/she manages it is wise to hire a top dui attorney in Clarkston, GA.
  6. High-end looking offices:  Don’t let some expensive looking real estate office scare you away and at the same time a moderate or lesser office shouldn’t deter you either. Always give any DUI Defense lawyer a chance to sit with you and advise you on your best possible routes.

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