8 Tips For Brushing Your Teeth More Effectively

You've been brushing you teeth since you were a child. So you know how to brush your teeth, right? But if you seem to have a lot of plaque build up between dental visits, perhaps you should revisit your brushing routine. Here are some steps to brush your teeth and keep that plaque from building up between checkups. 1.  First floss in between each tooth to dislodge any food or plaque that maybe trapped. A toothbrush can not get in between the teeth so flossing first is very important before brushing. 2.  Hold your toothbrush horizontally along your teeth with only some of the bristles on the gums. Tilt your brush so that it is pointing at a 45 degree angle to the gums. 3.  Brush with a small circular motion trying to focus on each tooth individually. Brush with this motion for about twenty strokes. If your gums are healthy,brushing like this should not cause pain. So if [...]

How Smoking Impacts Your Dental Health & Teeth

It's no secret, if you smoke then you are dramatically increasing the risk of health issues arising with your mouth, teeth, gums, and overall oral health.  But despite all the warnings and risks that are associated with the habit of smoking, millions of people choose to do it anyway. Why?  Because they are addicted!  And if it was easy for someone to stop smoking, then I don't think we'd have the problem that we have today with the amount of smokers that are in the United States. But the impact of smoking on your overall oral and dental health is significant, in case you didn't know.  And I strongly feel that a discussion on the subject is in order here.  So let's talk about the dental health risks associated with smoking, and why you need to consider quitting - and quitting sooner rather than later. Smoking is, without a doubt, one of the most damaging things you do regarding [...]

3 Types Of Sedation Used By Dentists, And What They Mean To Patients

Are you someone who is afraid to visit the dentist?  Is the thought of getting in that dentist chair and having your mouth examined a thought that incites fear?  If so, then you might be a candidate for one of the many types of sedation dentistry techniques that are available today. Let me first say that if you live in Rochelle, Georgia or anywhere in the south Atlanta area, the very best dental care can be found at Rochelle Family Dentistry with Dr. Michael Frazier and his staff.  Dr. Frazier specializes in making everyone, from children to the elderly, happy, comfortable, and at ease for all of their dental treatments.  Dr. Frazier is a well know and well respected dentist that has clients drive from all over the State of Georgia to come for treatment.  Check out Dr. Frazier on Facebook today. So let's get back to this issue of having some hesitation while visiting the dentist.  This is [...]

3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist – Rochelle Family Dentistry

Being Afraid of the Dentist is Common If you are afraid of visiting the dentist then don't feel like you are alone.  Studies show that over 50% of those who visit the dentist are in fact afraid of making the visit, even if they've been to the dentist on a regular basis.  Being afraid of going to the dentist is normal. It can sometimes be a scary thought to visit the dentist and get your teeth poked and prodded, and perhaps even drilled.  But there are some things you can do that will make the prospect of visiting a dentist a whole lot easier to handle. In fact, the steps below will help you not only overcome your fear of the dentist, but they will help you be comfortable and confident each and every time you visit your favorite dentist. #1:  Visit a dentist who understands One of the coolest catch phrases I've heard from a dental office is [...]

Best Dentist & Dental Services In Rochelle, Ga. – Serving Tifton, Cordele, & Warner Robbins

When it comes to dental hygiene, you want to ensure you are getting the absolute best dental services possible for your teeth - which is why Rochelle Family Dentistry should be your first choice for a dentist in the Rochelle, Cordele, Tifton, & Warner Robbins areas. I remember when I was a kid being petrified having to go to the dentist.  I used to kick and scream, fighting my parents every step of the way, whenever my mom told me I had a dentist appointment coming up. And didn't matter what I was being told about the dentist - for some reason I couldn't get over that feeling of fear. That is, until I actually showed up to our dentist office! The waiting room was always so nice, neat, and clean.  I remember their being an area where toys were gathered.  And I always remembered the people in the office were smiling and welcoming to me.  The scene would [...]