How To Turn On (Enable) Wireless Card (WiFi) For Dell Inspiron Laptops

Turning on and enabling the wireless (wifi) card on the Dell Inspiron laptop can be a bit elusive if you've never done it before. I was working on a Dell Inspiron laptop today and I had to get online in order to download my latest and greatest tools I use to scan for viruses, etc...  Actually, I didn't absolutely "NEED" to get online via wifi, I could just use my jump drive.  But having the computer or laptop I'm working on actually online helps a lot. So I saw the wifi icon on the bottom right hand corner with a red "X" on it I kept clicking on and opening up the network and sharing center.  But that didn't help me at all because again, the wireless card was turned off so nothing was showing. Finally, I figured out there is a keyboard shortcut to turning on (enabling) the wifi wireless card on the Dell Inspiron. Simply hit Fn [...]

Make Your Dell Dimension 2350 Series Faster

Speed Up / Make Faster:  Dell Dimension 2350 Series Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2350 Series PC Frustrated with your slow, sluggish Dell Dimension 2350 Series computer?  Need to find a way to make your Dimension 2350 faster, more efficient, and more secure?  Then it's time you upgrades your computer by adding more RAM.  Adding RAM is the only true way to increasing your computer speed, making all of your programs, internet browsing, and other web functions exponentially faster. Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2350 Series PC Dell Dimension 2350 Series Memory Type: DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200, DDR (non-ECC) Maximum Memory: 1GB Slots: 2 Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 512MB per slot. This means your Dell Dimension 2350 Series PC maxes out a 1GB of RAM. Again, RAM is the hardware that directly impacts the speed of your computer.  Most computers are manufactured at approximately 50% of their maximum speed (RAM) capacity.  That's why in most cases, making [...]