We start by creating the foundation for you and your website to dominate the web.  This means optimizing your website or even building a new one.

When we start working with new clients, our focus turns first to their existing website and web properties.

It’s always best for us to leverage the client’s existing website, if at all possible and if they have one currently published, because the domain age gives us a solid foundation to build upon.

From there, we start digging into the website to see, structurally, what changes need to be implemented.

Our goal is to organize the client’s website into a well structured property made up of high quality content, starting with the top level directory (the homepage).

In some cases, our clients do not have an existing website.

This is still not a problem for us and some of our most successful clients are those whom we’ve built a website for their business, and started the optimization process from day 1 of going live.

Depending on the current status of your website, creating your web presence could consist of actionable items such as:

  • organizing the existing content of your website
  • building new content within your existing website
  • adding a blog to your existing website and producing frequent blog posts
  • building a new website for your business
  • creating and optimizing a lead generation page
  • and more…

Ultimately, creating an optimized website for you and your business is where we begin.

In order for you to rise to the top of your market in Google search results and in social media, your website has to be better optimized with a stronger foundation than all of your competitors.