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SEO in Athens Video Introduction

Athens SEO is the process of driving local businesses, products, and services to the top rankings in Google, for their particular keyword phrases, for businesses located in the Athens, Georgia area. As a resident of Athens, Georgia for over 10 years, I’ve come to know a lot of local business owners in the Athens – Clarke County and Oconee County areas.  One conversation that comes up consistently business owners is the topic of SEO, or search engine optimization.

Any discussion with Athens, Georgia would be remiss to not at least include an image of the Arches at the entrance of The University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!!!).

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A common question I hear from business owners in Athens and Oconee County regarding the ‘art of SEO is, “what magical SEO tactic will drive my website to the top rankings in Google?”  And to that question, I’ve always had the same (although sometimes disappointing) answer that there is no “magical SEO tactic” to drive your website into the top rankings in Google – the process is a very specific, purposeful, well planned out strategy where very little is left up to chance and where attention to detail becomes the cornerstone to success.

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The truth is, high quality SEO is a methodical process that’s more about ‘paying attention to details’ than deploying a magical SEO formula.

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Search Engine Optimization in Athens & Oconee County

For any website owner in the Athens and Oconee County area who desires top rankings in Google, the process through which their website will rise to the top, and the detailed steps and integration required, is what’s referred to as ‘search engine optimization’ or commonly referred to as SEO.  The unique thing about SEO in Athens & Oconee County is that you are simply going to attribute (or tag) the word ‘Athens’ or ‘Oconee’ to your keyword phrase to drive the geo-targeted search queries allowing your business to connect to new leads, prospects, and customers in the Athens area.

In most cases, SEO is discussed in the context of ranking your website in Google search results.

However, people are always asking if there are different strategies for top rankings in Bing and Yahoo, and to that answer I say that I typically don’t directly target Bing and Yahoo.

Not that Bing and Yahoo are not important because they area.  My approach is that I focus intently on the attention to details for top rankings in Google, and by doing this I’m including the proper SEO strategies for top rankings in Bing and Yahoo.

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5 Keys To Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Athens & Oconee County

#1:  Keyword Research

Keywords define markets!  This is a phrase I’ve been using for nearly 10 years, even back in the day when I was building landing pages for real estate agents in Lakeland, Florida.  Just as it is with Google Adwords (SEM), keyword phrases allow you to reach a very targeted audience – the audience of prospects who are searching for your specific products and services.

The better keyword research you do up front, the more effective your SEO efforts will be and the more traffic, leads, and sales you connect to in the Athens & Oconee markets.

That’s why here at Bipper Media, everything we do starts with indepth, robust keyword research.  Before we begin implementation and optimization for our client’s websites, we’ll know exactly what keyword phrases will drive the most profitable traffic to your website.

#2:  Competitve Landscape Analysis

After Bipper Media conducts thorough keyword research and we are confident we are targeting the most profitable keyword phrases for your business in Athens, our next step in the SEO process has us turning our attention to your competitors.

Specifically we want to know who the top rankings companies are in Google for your Athens and Oconee County targeted keyword phrases.  This typically can be achieved by analyzing the top 3 – 5 websites currently found in Google for your targeted keyword phrases.

We analyze the top ranking websites for your targeted keyword phrases because:

1)  want to see what’s working best for these top rankings sites and

2)  where they are overlooking, or not paying attention, to key details which is where we (Bipper Media) will be able to capitalize for you (our client) and your website rankings in Google.

(the rest is coming soon…)

#3:  Internal Website Analysis

#4:  Site Structure

The structure of your website is critical important to effective SEO in Athens. The local market is extremely competitive in Google which means in order for your website to be found at the top of Google, Google has to qualify your site as being the most authoritative for any given keyword phrase.

When looking at the internal structure of your website there are certain elements that are key to reaching the top of Google search. For example, your meta tag data (title, description, and keyword tags) must be optimized for your targeted keyword phrases. High quality Athens SEO type phrases are key to connecting to new customers in the Athens area who are searching for what your business offers.

Equally important is the internal linking structure throughout your website. Some businesses attribute authority in SEO to the number of inbound links your website possesses. However, this couldn’t be furthest from the truth. In fact, with a lot of the updates recently with Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm updates, backlinks could be getting more toxic rather than more valuable to a site’s SEO strength. Building outbound links to highly authoritative sites such as BoingBoing, Wikipedia, CNN, Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, HuffingtonPost, DrudgeReport, and even highly authoritative .edu sites such as Harvard.

Now, let’s bring this Athens SEO strategy down to the ground level for right here in Athens – you can identify and target high authority level sites for linking out to that are from Athens, Georgia such as UGA.edu, Wikipedia’s Athens page, Athens Clarke County Gov, Visit Athens, and Athens Library.

#5:  Reporting & Tracking

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