How To Generate High Ticket Cases for your Law Firm

Wouldn't it be great to have a system that could generate high ticket cases and clients for your law firm on autopilot? Ok, the autopilot idea is a bit of a stretch as you'll always need "a little" human intervention.  But the beauty of technology and the internet is that you can attract new high ticket cases and clients for your law firm by simply leveraging the power and scalability of the internet. Never before have more people been engaged with search and social media.  And the rise of the mobile devices has only perpetuated the amount of time people are engaged online.  All of this comes together in the form of tools you can leverage to generate high ticket clients and cases for your law firm. In essence, the internet enables your law firm to leverage technology to do the heavy lifting to generate high ticket clients, instead of investing man hours and manual labor into promoting your law practice. Your Law Firm Marketing Funnel [...]

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How To Show Text / Captions on Youtube & Facebook Videos

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to add closed caption to Youtube and Facebook videos. Adding closed captioning to a video is how words or text appear at the bottom of the video. This is especially useful on Facebook videos since the audio is off by default on Facebook mobile feeds.

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#1 Secret Content Strategy for Law Firm Websites

Law firm websites have a tendency to be very self promotional, often emphasizing the awards the law firm has won or the accolades of their lawyers.  This problem with self promotion goes beyond just law firms, as I see it across many SMB and enterprise level websites as well.  I guess there's a tendency to think when someone lands on your law firm website, you need to first tell them how great you are. But from my experience, this actually has an inverse effect on the visitor.  Since so many law firm websites take this approach, the awards and self promotion becomes nearly invisible to the visitor.    Learn more about how your law firm can compete in search for your hyper competitive keyword phrases.    So what are visitors to law firm websites actually looking for? I would argue the majority of visitors to your law firm's website are looking mostly for one of two things: Question & Answer based content News & [...]

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How To Create An Effective Nolo Profile For Your Law Firm

If you are an attorney, you more than likely heard of  Nolo is one of the most authoritative legal resources on the web with a domain authority of 85 (DA 85) and part of the Martindale-Nolo Legal Network with over 15 million unique visitors per month. For law firms, Nolo is a great resource for acquiring new clients.  For people in need of legal help, Nolo provides a wealth of resources for getting your questions answered. For law firms and attorneys on Nolo, the value starts with your profile.  If your profile is highly optimized with helpful and original content, you'll be better positioned to convert more leads..  If your profile is less than stellar, prospective clients will be more inclined to look elsewhere. In this article, I want to show you how to create an effective profile on Nolo for your law firm so you are in the best position to convert visitors into leads, and leads into new clients.    [...]

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Is Google Testing Beveled / Raised Search Result Display?

I just did a search in Google and saw something that I don't remember ever seeing before.  Check out the pic below, and you'll see a beveled / raised border around each of the search results: Versus the search results that I'm used to seeing which look like this: Notice the difference between the two? The beveled / raised search results definitely help the individual result stand out a bit more definitive. However, this could also be a browser specific style sheet as I was using Firefox when I saw the beveled / raised search results, and Chrome when I get the normal search results. Thoughts on this?

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The #1 Secret To Growing Your Business With SEO

Over the past 10 years or so, I remember many times asking myself "what's the one thing... above all other things... that we can do to impact search rankings the most?" I mean, I really searched long and hard to find that ONE THING that did it -- that shot a website up to #1 in Google and solidified their place forever at the pinnacle of search success.  I've studied tirelessly for days, months, and years on search engine optimization.  I've experimented ruthlessly with techniques and theories, then analyzed data and dissected analytics. But then a few months ago it hit me.  I finally discovered the one thing -- that #1 secret, if you will -- that will impact your rankings in Google more than anything else you can do. Even more profound, the #1 secret to SEO success can also be summarized in one single word, which is:  Structure. Structure is the #1 opportunity for any business, large or small, [...]

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Why Are Competitors Outranking My Business in Google?

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your toughest competitors in the top search results in Google whenever you type in your most profitable keyword phrases. The stories I hear on a regular basis range from corporations losing tens of millions of dollars a year, to local and small businesses having to close the doors, all because their competitors are found first in Google. Even worse are the stories I hear about websites that jumped in the linked building / link farm game 10 years ago, only to see their business completely disappear from the search results because of a penalty from Google. Obviously, having a presence in the top search results in Google is serious business. And the most common question I get asked is “why are my competitors outranking me in Google?" Another way to ask the same question, but make it more personal, is to say “how do I outrank all of my competitors in Google?" There [...]

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Marketing Attribution vs. Marketing Automation – What’s the difference?

There's actually a huge difference between marketing attribution and marketing automation! I was speaking with a colleague the other day about how enterprise level clients are seemingly fixated on marketing automation; purchasing, setting up, and leveraging marketing automation systems like Marketo, Pardot, InfusionSoft, Leadpages, and more... while mostly neglecting, or not understanding, marketing attribution. However, we agreed that all the marketing automation in the world does you no good unless marketing attribution is in place and being proactively managed. First, let me give you a definition of both marketing automation and marketing attribution to help give some context: Marketing automation:  Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. (Wikipedia) Marketing attribution:  Marketing attribution is the process of identifying a set of user actions (“events” or "touchpoints") that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then [...]

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4 Tips To Rebuilding Your Website in 2016

Thinking about rebuilding your website in 2016? Ask yourself these questions: Have you updated your website in the past year with new pages and fresh content? Is your website generating new leads and sales for your business? Are you seeing increased traffic and exposure to your website? Do you leverage social media in conjunction with your website strategy? Is your website mobile friendly? Answers to these questions may help you solidify the decision as to whether or not you need to rebuild your website. The overwhelming majority of small businesses, and even corporations, have not updated their websites in the past 2 years.  As such, these websites are probably seeing declines in traffic and rankings in Google, and are falling short of expectations with new leads and sales. Why is Google important to website traffic?  The majority (over 50%) of traffic coming to your website is probably coming from organic search via Google.  We see this across all of client's data who are made [...]

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How To Leverage News For Your Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most dynamic aspects of Google search is the way people search for news and information.  If you are interested enough to take a deep dive into the data around news related search, check out Google's 2015 Year in Review in Google Trends.  You'll see some fascinating displays of data, along with a glimpse into the humanity that binds us all together regardless of location and culture. Perhaps the most extreme example of news related search from 2015 is an interact data map showing the way people used Google leading up, during, and immediately after the Paris attack.  You can see it live here. I hate to use the Paris attacks in this article, out of respect for the families and victims of this horrible incident.  I'm only using this to illustrate, through the use of the data map, how relevant Google has become in our lives as it pertains to news related search. Here's a screenshot (non interactive) of the data map [...]

Content Marketing For Small Business Local SEO Success

Content Marketing For Small Business Content marketing has a colorful history.  I love the infographic from the Content Marketing Institute that illustrates how back in 4200 b.c., we find perhaps the first sign of content marketing in writing on cave walls.  These writings can be loosely translated to "6 Ways A Spear Can Save Your From A Wild Boar". And then again back in the 1800's, we have what is perhaps the very first organized form of content marketing from the John Deere Company.  You can read more about their company history here. But back in 1895, John Deere published a magazine called The Furrow,  which was published solely for the purpose of being a valuable resource and guide for their customers. Note the key term here -- valuable resource.   When John Deere published the The Furrow in magazine form, mainly because this was the only way to get content into customers (and potential customers) hands, their focus was to teach farmers how [...]

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Local SEO For Restaurants – How To Win In Local Search & Social Media

Local SEO For Restaurants - How To Dominate the Search Results in Google & Facebook Local SEO is the act of building brand authority and relevance for your restaurant on the web.  Local SEO for restaurants is about getting your business found in the top local search results in Google and Facebook.  And this is quickly becoming a key reason in determining whether your restaurant succeeds.  One look at the growth rate of searches in Google and Facebook, especially via mobile phones, you would be remiss to think you can avoid these fundamental strategies to successful local SEO for restaurants. There are two things that can no longer be ignored regarding local SEO for restaurants:  Over 90% of your patrons are using their mobile phone. Over 50% of your new patrons are searching for restaurants in Google and checking you (and other restaurants) out on Facebook. The Relevance of Local SEO for Restaurants Take a quick look around your restaurant and notice what behavior represents the [...]

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Facebook Local Business Directory – Is This The New Frontier in Local SEO?

Facebook Local Business Directory Facebook rolled out a new local business directory this week that allows Facebook users to connect with local businesses in their area.  Ironically enough, when news broke about this new feature, Yelp shares plummeted 8%, and ended the day (Dec. 15th) down -9%, and ended the week down -8.36%. Facebook did not make any official announcements on their new local business directory.  However, it is clear they see a huge opportunity in leveraging Facebook business pages as a way to connect Facebook users to nearby local businesses. With over 1.5 billion monthly Facebook users (as of September 2015) worldwide, and nearly 1 billion users daily accessing Facebook via mobile devices, I see a new frontier emerging in the way local businesses can connect to new customers. When you go the new Facebook business directory, you will see the homepage for your city based on your location. Since I'm located in Athens, Georgia, I see the homepage for local Athens businesses. Here's [...]

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How News Article Marketing Grew Website Traffic by 226.5% from Social Media

One of our clients is a personal injury law firm that specializes in brain injury cases.  I mention this particular client because they operate in a very niche market, and it helps to illustrate the news article marketing strategy discussed below. We just completed another full month of news article marketing for this client, and I continue to be amazed at the amount of social media traffic this strategy is producing. In fact, traffic to their website from social media grew 226.5% over the past 30 days. And this is on top of the triple digit gains we've been seeing month over month. What is news article marketing? It might help if I first explain what news article marketing is. News article marketing is the strategy of leveraging news from a particular geographic or demographic market in order to drive increased traffic and exposure to your business website. It's content marketing, news reporting, SEO, and inbound marketing all rolled up into one comprehensive strategy. How [...]

Why Local SEO Is The #1 Focus For Most Small Businesses

When it comes to online marketing, there's a myriad of options for the small business to chose from.  You have pay per click marketing which includes the likes of Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter ads, and now even Instagram and Pinterest ads.  And then you have email marketing such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Marketing Cloud. But from my experience working with small businesses for more than 10 years now, I've found local SEO to be the primary objective. Why Local SEO? At the end of the day, most small businesses care about one thing - their phones ringing from new customers, or new customers walking in their front door. What does this translate to? The phone calls and customers walking in the front door translate into new customers and sales! There's a lot of bells and whistles wrapped up in all of the paid marketing platforms that I mentioned above, such as: get in front of customers who are [...]

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How To Increase Website Traffic From Your Most Profitable Visitors

There are ways to increase traffic to your website overall.  Say, for example, you sell ads on your website and the advertisers earn revenue based on CMP (cost per 1,000 visitors).  Then you would obviously focus on driving increased traffic to your website regardless of who the visitor is. The other side of that equation is to drive traffic from a highly segmented audience.  These visitors make up the people who are interested generally in your business category.  This is a very effective strategy when you are looking to build your brand exposure and reputation in your overall market. Then you have the scenario where you are interested in increasing traffic to your website from your most profitable, or premium, visitors. These are the people who are searching specifically for your premium products or services in your specific market or metro area. And in order to reach this type of premium audience, you need a content strategy that will put your business (i.e. your [...]

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3 Easy Steps To Rank For Multiple Local Search Terms

If you are like most local businesses, you probably only have one physical address.  This is the most common local business structure after removing the big box brands from the equation.  But one of the most common questions I get asked is "how can I rank for multiple local search terms?"  What they are asking is, even though I have only one physical address, how can I rank in Google for several other surrounding metro areas? Take one of my personal injury law firm clients as an example.  They have an office location in Cumming, Georgia.  However, they desire to be the dominant personal injury law firm along the entire GA 400 corridor which constitutes no less than 5 other major metro areas.   So how can this personal injury law firm, with only one physical address, reach the 5 other markets they are wanting to target? Here's 3 local SEO tips to ranking for multiple local search terms and local markets Local [...]

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3 Local SEO Secrets To Top Rankings in Google Maps in 2015

There's been a lot of changes in 2015 that have impacted the Google Maps search results and the way local businesses get displayed on desktop and mobile search results.  I'll save the details of those changes for a later post.  But today, I want to share with you 3 things, or 3 changes in strategy, I've implemented in 2015 that have created the greatest positive impacts on our client's local search results. #1:  Understand the top 3 is the new #1 The first realization I had to contend with this year is the fact that Google now only displays the top 3 local search results in Google Maps (or letters A, B, & C).  This was a fundamental shift from their previous display strategies of showing the top 7 (the 7 pack) and top 5 (the 5 pack).  So now, regardless of whether you are on a mobile device or desktop computer, you will only see the top 3 local [...]

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How Law Firms Can Compete in Google And Drive Increased Traffic To Their Websites

For today's modern law firm, the ability to drive traffic and exposure to their website is becoming increasingly more difficult, especially when your highest quality prospects begin their search in places like Google. The initial problem is the top search results in Google are becoming filled with directory sites such as Avvo and FindLaw.  And for the few law firms that do find their way onto page one in Google, there are hundreds of more that fall to the second page and beyond.  As a result, law firms are increasingly turning their budgets to pay per click platforms like Google Adwords.  However, as they soon discover, the competition in paid search traffic is even more fierce than the organic search results. As an example of the competition in paid search for law firms, the keyword phrase "personal injury attorney atlanta" receives an average of 4,680 searches per year.  Which, according to Google, falls in the medium range of competition.  But one look at the [...]

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Using SEO To Exploit Competitive Weakness In Keyword Markets

I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and he was showing me the new website he built for his plumbing business.  The website looked good, clean, and modern as he was using Wix to build it out. This made me realize how much has changed in website development from the days when I was first learning how to build sites.  I learned how to build sites using Microsoft FrontPage and Yahoo Sitebuilder.  Then I gradually progressed to custom sites using Wordpress.  When I first started, the websites looked terrible.  And I say that because now, nearly anyone can fire up a platform like Wix, and within an hour, end up with a great looking website. But anyway, website development is not the point of this article - SEO and exploiting weakness in your keyword market is... Using SEO To Exploit Keyword Phrase Markets So as my friend and I ate lunch, we were checking out his new website and he was going over [...]

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BPRMDIA – The New Bipper Media License Plate Finally Arrived!

BPRMDIA - The license plate that took over 3 months to arrive! After nearly 3 months of working my way through the complexities of purchasing a salvage vehicle out of state, I'm excited to report two things: My car is now fully registered and legal here in the State of Georgia. The Bipper Media license plate finally arrived and I attached to my car last night. Here's a picture of the BPRMDIA license plate, with a little help from Abigail to show it off: The new BPRMDIA license plate finally makes it to our car, with a little help from Abigail to show it off to the world! Why I'm excited! More than anything, having the BPRMDIA license plate reminds me that Bipper Media is growing and moving in a favorable direction.  It's not at all about having a vanity license plate, or showing off in some sort of weird way.  To me, it's about creating a [...]

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5 Simple SEO Strategies To Get More Traffic From Google

Image credit: Bruce Clay SEO Strategies For More Traffic & Rankings in Google One thing I'm passionate about is talking with business owners and digital media managers about ways they can increase their traffic exponentially in Google.  I'm not talking about paid traffic from sources like Google Adwords or Facebook ads.  Those are like sink faucets that you can turn on an offer at will, with the downside of having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for the traffic... and in most cases, paid traffic doesn't stick, which means there's virtually no long term residual value other than building your brand. In most cases, I prefer to talk about organic search That is, traffic that's pouring into your website from people who are searching in places like Google for your business name, or the products and services you offer. Organic search traffic represents the absolute highest quality traffic because: These are people who are making a conscious decision [...]

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5 Stages of Effective Inbound Marketing

Very few businesses understand how to implement an effective inbound marketing campaign.  Most simply publish a website without putting any thought into their design.  And then, 6 months later, they are wondering why in the world nothing is happening? Effective Inbound Marketing In order to have an effective inbound marketing campaign, you have to understand the entire workflow from beginning to end.  Meaning, from the moment a new prospect sees your content in social media or Google, and all the way through to becoming a new customer, there's a strategic method at work that will dramatically increase metrics such as: visitor to lead ratio lead to customer ratio visitor to customer ratio All three of these metrics are fundamental in the effective implementation of inbound marketing - regardless of the scope and size of your business. 5 Stages to Effective Inbound Marketing Let me lay out the 5 stages of inbound marketing first, and then I'll go a bit more [...]

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How To Beat Ad Blockers And Grow Your Business

Since 2013, the interest and deployment in ad blockers has exploded.  People on the web, and on mobile phones, have grown tired of the interruption economy where ads dominate the user experience on websites and apps. Here's a telling sign that the future of the internet is on its way to being "ad free": Image by What Ad Blockers Means for Business With the deployment of ad blockers on the rise, businesses are finding themselves in a dilemma where they have to discover new, more effective ways to get in front of new customers.  This is most profound with businesses that rely exclusively on pay per click and impression driven ad campaigns. So what's does ad blocking mean for business? It's simple really.  If your business has relied on pay per click marketing (think Google Adwords) to generate new customers, then you'll be disappointed to learn that your ads are being seen by fewer people everyday as a result [...]

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Getting Top Search Results in Google Means ‘You Have To Take the Stairs’

I love the saying "There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs."  I'm not sure who said that quote originally, but it's a good one for sure. And the same can be said of growing your business on the web and in Google search. Contrary to popular belief, there are no shortcuts to reaching the top search results in Google, especially in hyper competitive markets. When it comes to growing your brand and building your presence on the web, you have to take stairs every time.  And taking the stairs in the case of hyper competitive markets in Google, means not only climbing up the stairs once, but doing it over and over again. In order to compete in Google for hyper competitive markets, you first need a domain with more authority than all of your competitors.  And to build more authority in your domain, you need to have continually growing traffic, and a steady flow [...]

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The Only 2 Reasons Your Business Exists

Over the years, we've had the privilege of working with a lot of different clients.  From small town independent insurance agents, to billion dollar enterprise companies.  Although the products and services varied as much as the companies themselves, there is undoubtedly one common thread that ties them all together. Why Your Business Exists - 2 Reasons Only Regardless of the size and scope of the business and market, there are really only two reasons I've seen that a business exists: to get new customers to keep your customers over the long-term I realize this is a generalized perspective that I'm spreading across every business in existence.  So there will certainly be anomalies (outliers) in the graph where some businesses exist for other reasons - although none come to mind. And I am not speaking of non-profit businesses, or organizations that exist for humanitarian reasons.  The businesses I'm speaking of are from the "for profit" scope. If you are part of a [...]

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3 Steps To Higher Rankings in Google Local Maps Search Results (Local SEO)

The local search results in Google are becoming increasingly more valuable for locally oriented businesses.  From local retailers to lawyers, dentists, and doctors, to the local carpet cleaner and house painters, being found in the top local search results in Google can mean the difference between your phone ringing with a new customer or client, or not even being found. Statistics show that well over 90% of the calls and clicks go to the businesses that are found in the top 3 local search results.  This results in more calls and more click thru traffic to the business.  And the more click thru conversions, the more your dominant position can be reinforced in Google. There's a couple of core reasons why it's important for businesses to be found in the top local search results Google, which I'll discuss below: Growth in Mobile Phone Searches in Google Local Intent The growth in mobile searches has grown exponentially over the past 12 months.  In [...]

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3 Ways Law Firm Websites Can Leverage Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design for Law Firm Websites Image by HubSpot There's a new buzz word (or phrase) in the world of inbound marketing called "growth driven design".  A term, and concept, coined by Luke Summerfield (@SavvyLuke) with HubSpot.  And in this article, I want to illustrate how a law firm can (and should) leverage the growth driven design strategy for their own law firm website. We work with several major law firms here at Bipper Media, and in practice, we've been implementing the growth driving design concept for years with our client's websites.  But now, with the strategy being formalized, and the tools (such as HubSpot) being available to implement and scale with ease, we are focusing heavily on expanding the growth driven design strategy for both our law firm clients and our entire client portfolio, both SMB's and enterprise. I believe, based on our client portfolio, that law firms can gain a substantial competitive edge by [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Lead Generation Website

Why Build A Lead Generation Website When it comes to generating news leads and sales, the internet presents the most fertile environment for your business.  However, with the scale of growth seen on the web today, simply publishing new website for your business is hardly enough.  If you pursue such a strategy with your business website, you will likely find the time and money invested to be a waste. In order to succeed and thrive on the web today, your presence needs to be dynamic and fluid.  Meaning, your website needs to act as a core artery to the heartbeat of your online presence and business.  And in order to be the heartbeat of your business, your website needs to have life flowing in and out of it. So a lead generation website for any business is one that doesn't just "get published and sit on a server"; rather, the website starts to take on a life of its own, and [...]

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The Secret To SEO Link Building That Might Surprise You

For years, I've been reading about, following, and studying the latest SEO link building tactics.  And a lot of these tactics are still talked about and promoted to this day from some of the biggest names in the SEO and online marketing space (I'll refrain from naming names here...!). If you've been interested in the world of SEO, online marketing, inbound marketing, and the overall idea of driving more traffic to your website, you've probably seen some of the more popular link building tactics discussed, such as: getting links from .edu sites getting links from .gov sites getting links from comments link exchanges and so on... These are just a few of the tactics that, over the years, have been reported as "must do" strategies in building authoritative links back to your website. So why all the fuss about building backlinks for SEO anyway? If you are new to the world of online marketing, inbound marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), etc... [...]

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How To Increase Website Traffic (And Grow Your Business) With News Articles

The Value of News Content News is a common denominator that spans every industry and market around the world.  Weather you are an enterprise corporation in China, a financial institution on Wall Street, or a law firm in downtown Atlanta, your market is saturated with news and events each and every day. So you have news on one side of the equation. On the other side of the equation, you have your website and your overall online presence in places like search engines (i.e. Google) and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...). Regardless of the size and scope of your business or industry, every business wants more exposure and presence, and every business wants to expand the reach and influence of their brand. In other words, every business wants to acquire more customers. Which makes sense, because this is how your business goes from mediocre to abundantly successful. So what can we do with this equation? Is there a way to leverage [...]

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Why Your Website Design Strategy Is Broke! (Growth Driven Design)

Credit: Hubspot Broken Website Design Strategy Over the past 20 years or so of website design strategy, there's one thing that hasn't changed all that much... and that is website design strategy!  From Yahoo Sitebuilder, all the way up to modern day web development platforms like Weebly and SquareSpace, you see the following workflow /strategy implemented: Spend months planning your website design and obsessing over details. Pay huge amounts of money for someone to build it (or you build it yourself). Publish your website. Your website remains static for years. Now, if years later you realize your website needs to be updated, you may end up back at step 1... wash and repeat. This has been the traditional model of website design for small and large businesses, and also for website design agencies. But this process is broke! Enter Growth Driven Design Growth Driven Design is "looking at a system that mitigates the risk of large investments in website design, and looks [...]

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The Ultimate List of Corporate Websites Built Using WordPress

Wordpress for Enterprise & Corporate E-Commerce There's a commonly held belief that Wordpress is nothing more than a "beginner's level" blogging platform.  I think this speaks more to the simplicity and efficiency of Wordpress than anything else.  Using pre-built Wordpress templates, and leveraging the free platform, a novice could spin up a Wordpress site in less than an hour or less.  Likewise, websites that are built on Wordpress make up approximately 20% of the web (ref: VentureBeat, 2013); again, pointing to the simplicity and efficiency of the Wordpress platform.  Because of the scale and presence of Wordpress sites on the web, this also means Wordpress has a powerful reputation for website design and search optimization.  Google engineer Matt Cutts takes it one step further by endorsing Wordpress as the "best platform for SEO." But what about using Wordpress for enterprise and corporate level websites?  And better yet, can Wordpress power even the largest brands in the e-commerce space? Not only do I believe Wordpress should [...]

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The Secret Sauce to Local Business Blogging Success

A successful business blogging strategy is one that leverages content, in the form of blog posts, as a way to drive inbound traffic to a website.  The purpose of driving traffic to your website is to increase your brand exposure and ultimately acquire more customers for your business. News Article Marketing If your market is defined by a geographic area, news content may be the 'secret sauce' to your business blogging success.  No matter what city you do business in, large or small, there's no shortage of news happening on a daily basis.  And as such, you can leverage this news content as a way to dramatically increase local traffic to your website. I've experienced first hand the power of news content.  Over the past 5 years, I've built two blogs that have subsequently been accepted into Google News.  Both of these sites were sold to 3rd parties solely because of their high traffic volumes.  Through these experiences, I [...]

Successful Business Blogging Is About Accumulating Success Over Time

When it comes to successful business blogging, there's a couple of principles you need to keep in mind: Success is accumulated. 80% of of success is simply showing up. Success is Accumulated When you first start your business blog, expect your very first post to be your worst.  Your first post will have no viewers (equivalent to sound of crickets chirping).  And only your mother and closest friends will even click a link to your new post that you emailed to them. But... before you give up due to the dismal results from your first blog post, you then need to be encouraged from the fact that success is accumulated. This means you've taken the first step on the path to building a vibrant growing audience; to driving increased volume of high quality visitors to your website; and, you've taken the first and necessary step to building your brand. Perhaps most importantly, you've set a divergent course for your business where you separate [...]

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Can Google Expand The Podcast Market by 450%?

This past week was a big one for the Podcast community as Google announced it will be launching its own portal for podcasters.  The new podcast platform will be available in Google Play Music, and will recommend podcasts to the listeners based on their "mood or interest - something to make them laugh, get lost in a story or learn something new"?, according to Google. But the opportunity I see is for content producers to dramatically expand their potential audience and brand exposure.  According to Forbes, data shows the number of iOS devices to be shipped from 2015 to 2019 will increase from 237 million to 274.5 million, with a market share of 14.2%.  But the Android based market share will reach 1.53 in the same period with a market share of around 79%. According to Pew Research, already in 2015 over 33% of all Americans have listened to a podcast.  Here's a graph showing the growth in listeners: Doing the [...]

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3 Powerful Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Small business websites can be tricky when it comes to finding ways to generate more organic traffic.  After all, we aren’t talking about Hollywood gossip or hyper trendy products here. ​We are typically talking about segments like law firms, professional services, carpet cleaners, and taxicab companies that are, for the most part, attempting to reach a hyper local customer base. One of the primary ways you typically see small businesses take is to leverage paid advertising, both online and offline.  For example, you’ll see law firms leverage Google Adwords pay per click marketing, or accounting firms invest in Google Express local paid advertising.  In the offline world, you see the roadways lined with billboards and heavy investments in local newspaper advertising. Unfortunately, none of the paid advertising methods help, in the long term, to build high quality growth in website traffic to your small or local business.  After all, once you stop paying for your ad campaigns, your business [...]

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Local SEO Strategy – 6 Steps To Top Rankings in Google Local Search Results

The following article appeared in LinkedIn as one of Bipper Media's featured articles and discusses the core strategy we follow about local SEO - the process of driving clients into the top search results of Google's front page map listings.   Written by Bobby Holland, Owner / Founder of Bipper Media. --------------- Back in the day, when "Google My Business" was actually divided into Google Places and Google+ Business Pages, it was nearly impossible to pin down a systematic approach to local SEO. And what I mean by "local SEO" is... the process of getting your business ranked in what's called the 7-pack, 3-pack, and now even a 2-pack or 4-pack, of the Google local search results. You know, the A thru G (7 pack) rankings you see at the top of Google local search results. Also read:  3 Keys To Reaching #1 in Google Local Search Results But thankfully, Google has come a long ways in cleaning up [...]

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Mobile First SEO – Why Mobile Needs To Be A Big Part Of Your Overall SEO Strategy

When it comes to consumers searching for products and services, especially at the local level, mobile is quickly becoming the platform of choice.  In fact, Matt Cutts, a Google search engineer, has stated that as soon as this year, mobile search volume may surpass searches on desktops.  This means a fundamental shift in focus in SEO needs to take place.  Now, a "mobile first SEO" strategy has taken on a whole new level of importance. Originally posted by Bobby Holland on LinkedIn (view here) One of the major areas of focus in my agency over the past 6 months has been the combined strategy of "local SEO" and mobile web apps for business. The combined strategy, and the impact its having on our clients' business, has given birth to what I now call the Mobile First SEO Strategy. Let me use one of my DUI attorney clients as an example. This a great market for the mobile first SEO strategy because, [...]

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How Digital Media Enhances Google Search

There's an interesting paradigm shift underway within the search results in Google. On June 25th, Google removed authorship profile pictures from the search results. And no one was exempt! From the New York Times all the way down the local plumber, anyone who had a profile picture appearing with their website in the search results, suddenly looked like everyone else with nothing but a link and text. Brands of all sizes and locations relied on this profile picture in order to brand their business and stand out from their competitors. Google claimed that profile pictures did not impact click thru rates, but this was simply not true and many site owners have the data to prove it. But nonetheless, the decision was made and Google authorship is gone. Because of this, I believe, the digital media bar has now been raised across the board - from the small local business to the large media and corporate brand. Now, in order to [...]

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The Best Strategy For Local SEO Success

If you serve customers from a local market, it's critically important for your business to show up in Google's local search results. These search results are sometimes referred to as Google Maps listings. They are most easily identified as the results marked or ranked from letter A - G. Here's a screenshot of Google local search results on a normal computer screen: And here's a screenshot of the local search results on a mobile device such as an iPhone: Getting your business into the local search results is important for mobile devices such as an iPhone because these results typically show up first before any of the other results. More importantly, mobile search results include a "tap to call" button, making it easy for customers to call your business. So what's the best strategy for a getting your business into Google's local search results? The answer is really two fold: 1)  Have a Google local business page, and... 2)  Create a consistent footprint of citations across multiple local directories. [...]

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Why Every Small Business Website Needs To Be Stellar

Do you have a website that's, well... less than stellar?  Well today's your lucky day because here's what every small business website needs to be 'stellar'! And when I use the word "stellar" for a small business website, I'm thinking more in terms of inbound traffic and customer conversion than anything else. Ultimately, I would say you have a stellar small business website if you are actually generating leads and sales as a result of your website. If you aren't, and your website is simply occupying minuscule amounts of bandwidth on a server somewhere, than you might want to take what I'm about to share to heart. What every small business website needs to be 'stellar' The simple answer to what your website needs to succeed is a great content strategy. But I realize that's a generalized answer, and one that doesn't give you actionable steps to take to having a stellar website. To be more specific, a content [...]

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Local SEO Secret Revealed: How To Take Advantage of Google’s Local Search Algorithm

With the onslaught of algorithm updates coming from Google lately, how in the world are you suppose to keep up with all the changes and make sure your local or small business reaches the top search results in Google? First of all, you can't - so stop chasing algorithms. Secondly, there are just a few fundamental variables that carry the majority of the weight in Google's algorithm.  There are even fewer variables that carry the most weight that you have any control over for influencing your rankings in Google. Think of it as the 80 / 20 rule to SEO:  20% of the variables that you can actually control carry 80% of the weight in influencing your rankings. But there is one variable, or strategy if you will, that could mean the difference between not being found, to being ranked #1 in Google for your locally targeted search phrase. Metro Targeted Landing Pages I have a client who runs [...]

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How Lawyers Can Respond To Losing Their Profile Pictures in Google Search

 Hi, I'm Bobby from Bipper Media and I want to take a moment to talk about Google's recent decision to remove profile pictures from the search results in Google.   One industry that's been especially hard hit is the legal industry where, in a matter of minutes, thousands of lawyers went from having a profile picture in Google, to now nothing more than a link and text. And now, unfortunately, every attorney looks exactly the same in Google search - no one is standing out definitively. But luckily there's solution to this problem! I hope the information below is helpful, informative, and encouraging in that it provides a solution for how to respond to Google's decision to remove profile pictures from the search results. If you have questions, or would like to discuss this further, call my office directly: Call us at 706-363-0335 Shoot me an email at Thanks again for taking the time to read this article, and [...]

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How Video Helps You Sell More From Your Small Business Blog

One of the best ways to sell more from your small business blog is through the use of video content. Video has proven, time and again, to be a more compelling source of content for visitors.  Primarily, video helps your visitors do less while consuming more. Think of it like this, if you compare two types of web pages where one has about 500 words of text and the other has a video at the top of the page followed by some text, what web page do you think is going to be more engaging? Even if your video is only 30 seconds long, people are going to hit play and more than likely sit and watch your video content for those 30 seconds. If your web page is nothing but text, then statistics show that the visitor to your web page are going to last around 10 seconds or less.  If the visitor did end up reading your [...]

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3 Digital Media Strategies For Growing Your Local or Small Business

Running a small or local business takes up enough of our time as it is, how in the world are we suppose to find time to do things like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc...? I've got some good news for you... you don't enough time to do all of the above. On the other hand, we all know that regardless of what type of business we run, nearly 100% of our customers are engaged online with at least one of these platforms. So what's a small business or local business owner to do? Here's 3 strategies to consider if you suddenly realize that you need to be engaged with digital media, in some form or fashion, but you are unsure where to begin. Strategy #1:  Just pick one, then iterate Because we are all limited in time, I suggest you just pick one platform to focus on and then start producing content on a consistent basis. Perhaps you [...]

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Here’s What You Do Now That Google Authorship Is Gone?

On June 25th, Google announced that it would be removing the small little profile pictures that appeared in the search results and that were the result of Google Authorship.  This was obviously a hard pill to swallow for a lot of local and small businesses.  We work with quite a few attorneys, for example, and we understand how important it was to them to have that branded thumbnail image - at least it was for those who had Google authorship profile pics in place. But now that Google Authorship is gone, what can do you now to gain a competitive edge in Google search and stand out definitively from everyone else in the search results? The solution is video authorship. Here's an example of what video authorship is: Notice the thumbnail image that appears in the top search result in Google.  This is one of our clients who's a brain injury attorney in Atlanta.  This is what it looks [...]

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Did Google Just Nix Google Authorship For Lawyers? Profile Pics Are Gone…

I couldn't help but notice, as I was checking up on the rankings for several of our law firm clients, that none of the normal faces I'm used to seeing in Google search were showing up. Basically, I no longer see any profile pictures of attorneys who were leveraging Google Authorship with their websites. Nothing, nada... no more profile pics! I thought this was perhaps my computer - maybe something weird going on with the caching of my Chrome browser or something.  But I was already working in an incognito session, and still couldn't get any Google authorship pics to show up in the search results for attorneys. For example, if you Google the phrase "brain injury attorney chicago" (or just click here), I'm used to seeing at least 4 - 6 profile pictures of attorneys appearing in the Google search results. But now, at least when I search it anyway, I see none.  The front page of Google [...]

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Video Authorship – Making Magic Happen in Google Search

Video Presentation on Video Authorship Bipper Media presentation on video authorship, video and brand marketing in Google search.  Learn more by visiting our article aboutvideo authorship here. Video authorship is one of the most amazing ways to brand your business, product, or service in the organic search results in Google! One of the things I love seeing in my work here at Bipper Media is when one of my clients suddenly appears at the top of Google for one of their most profitable keyword phrases.  But moreso, not just when they appear in the #1 position in Google, but when they appear AND they have a large branded video thumbnail image that's causing them to stand out definitively in that #1 position. Such has been the case recently with one of my clients who's a personal injury lawyer in Athens, Georgia.  Google the phrase "personal injury lawyer athens" and you should see what I mean.  My client is Michael [...]

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The #1 SEO Mistake Website Owners & Bloggers Are Still Making

Produce authentic, original content that provides value to your visitors, or else you may find yourself disappearing completely from the top search results in Google! Back on May 20th, Google Engineer Matt Cutts announced that their latest algorithm update called Panda 4.0 was "rolling out".  The main focus of this latest update was to make the algorithm better detect true authority, in the sense that many websites will copy content from other sites.  And Pando 4.0 is designed to do a better job at detecting the original source of the content. Search Engine Land did a great write up about the impact of the previous versions of Panda update and how it negatively impacted a website that was producing original, high quality content.  While simultaneously, sites that were scraping (copying) content from this authoritative site were still ranking well in the search results. However, when Pando 4.0 was released, the original source (or site) of the content seemed to [...]

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