With your website optimized, you are now ready to stand out definitively in Google, and connect to those who are searching for what you offer.

How To Stand Out & Connect

One of the best ways to show you how our clients are standing out definitively in Google search is to simply show you an example.

Below is the front page of Google for a search result where no one (no business) is standing out definitively.  This means, the front page search results are nothing more than a list of text and links – nothing is causing any one search result to stand out more than any other.

And by not standing out, there’s nothing drawing the searcher’s attention into your search result and compelling them to click through to your website.

Again, here’s the front page (top 5) search results as an example of where no one is standing out definitively (click here to see the full page search results for this query):


Now to show you what our clients look like!

In the example above, I used the keyword search phrase “used cars for sale atlanta” as my example since I know it has a lot of search volume and would be sufficient for testing.

Now I want to show you, in the screenshot below, an example of how our clients here at Bipper Media are standing out definitively on the front page of Google.

It’s not just standing out in Google for the sake of standing out, however – the reason it’s important to stand out on the front page of Google is because it dramatically increases the click through rate to your website.

This means… it increases traffic!

And it’s not just any kind of traffic – this traffic is the kind where it’s people actively searching for your products and services.

All of this is to say that you will CONNECT to new leads and customers a lot faster by standing out from all of your competitors.

Again, here’s a screenshot of one of our clients:


The screenshot above shows the front page search results for the keyword phrase “invisible dog fence athens”, and the business owner in the #1 ranking, along with his thumbnail image, is a client of Bipper Media.

Comparing the two screenshots above, which would you say is delivering more targeted exposure in Google search?

Again, the point of causing our clients to stand out in Google search is to:

1)  Catch the eyes of those searching our targeted keyword phrases

2)  Increasing the click through rates to the target website – which happens because of the first point.