How To Remove Yahoo Toolbar And Speed Up Your Computer

Slow computer got you down?

I know exactly how it feels, trust me.  

And nothing can put a drag on your computer processing power and web loading speed like a fat, ineffectively, RAM consuming toolbar.

And when it comes to toolbars, few (if any) are a bigger culprit of consuming your computer resources than the Yahoo Toolbar.

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I received a question from a reader that was asking me, simply “how do I remove the yahoo toolbar from my IE7 computer”.

What he or she asked was not necessarily related to what type of browser you are using – i.e. Internet Explorer 7, IE8, or even Firefox.  Because with the Yahoo Toolbar, it is actually installed as it’s own independent running software.

And ultimately, by removing the Yahoo Toolbar (or any other toolbar you have running) you will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your computer or laptop.

Why Toolbars Are Bad

Toolbars are a lot like anti-virus and anti-spyware type applications.  They are installed locally on your computer and are continually running background processes.

This means, without you even seeing it, these programs continually run sort of “behind the scenes”.

But even though you don’t see it, because they are consuming a lot of your computer’s resources, you feel it in terms of slow, sluggish computer speed – or by your computer completing locking up on you.

Toolbars are just like that – they run in the background and continually process information on your computer, most of the time without you even knowing it.

And then you wonder why in the world is my computer so slow and locking up on my all the time?

So the fastest, and easiest way to remove the Yahoo Toolbar from your computer, and thus from all of your web browsers, is to remove the application itself.

Here’s how you remove the Yahoo Toolbar and in turn, make your computer run faster:

1)   Open your control panel

On Windows XP computers, simply click the start button (lower left) > click “Control Panel” on the pop up menu

On Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines, click the start button (lower left) > and click “Control Panel” in the pop up menu, or type in “control panel” in the search box > then click the appropriate search result.

2)  Open “Add / Remove Programs:

On Windows XP computers, once you are in your control pane, find the icon that says “Add / Remove Programs” and double click that icon.  This will open up a list of all of your installed applications on your computer.

On Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can simply type “programs” in the search box either in the upper right hand corner, or in the search box right above the Windows start icon (in the lower left).  You are looking for the “Programs and Features” application icon (again, only applicable in Windows Vista & Windows 7).

3) Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

If you followed step one and two above properly, you should now be looking at a list of the programs installed on your computer.  This are (most of the time) sort alphabetically.  So scroll down through the list to find Yahoo Toolbar.

Once you find the Yahoo Toolbar program, click on it once to highlight, then at the very top of the list of applications you should see a button called “Uninstall”.

Go ahead and click “Uninstall”.  You might get a message that asks “are you sure?”, and click “Yes”.

Then just follow your on screen instructions!

This should now go through the process of uninstalling your Yahoo Toolbar.

And like I said, I would strongly recommend you go through and uninstall any and all toolbars that you have installed.  All toolbars run processes in the background of your computer.  And by removing these processes, you will in turn make your computer run much more efficiently by freeing up valuable processing resources to focus on more important tasks.

Hope this helps!

read also:  4 Steps To Make Your Computer Run Faster


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