4 Steps To Make Your Computer Run Faster

If you’ve owned your PC for more than a year, then you’re probably in the majority of PC users that are frustrated with the speed and performance of your computer.

You’ve probably sat in front of your computer a time or tow and asked the million dollar question:

how can I make my computer faster?

If so, then don’t feel bad – you’re not alone by any means.  Most PC (Windows based computers) owners are frustrated within their computer’s performance within 6 – 12 months.  And imagine how frustrated people can be who’ve had their computers for more 2 – 5 years?  These people have been asking the question how can I make my computer faster for years, not just days or weeks.

Below I want to show you 3 ways to make your computer faster.  There are lot’s of different things you can do, but these three are without a doubt going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

I’ve been helping people make their computer’s faster for over 10 years, and from my experience, these three areas are at the core to enhancing the speed of any computer.

I’ve taken computers that were 5 – 10 years old, made adjustments in these three areas, and made them faster and more efficient than brand new computers.  And not only were these clients happy with their newly upgraded computers, but they also saved hundreds of dollars that they would’ve spent on a new computer.  In most cases, when someone goes out to purchase a new computer, it’s mostly as a result of their frustration with the speed of their existing computes.  If they could’ve gotten their existing computer running faster, then they wouldn’t need to buy a brand new one.

4 Steps To Making Your Computer Faster

1)  Remove heavy applications

One of the fastest ways to bog down a computer and make it slow and sluggish is to fill it up with a lot of heavy, unnecessary applications.  Here’s a list of heavy applications that I typically remove from client’s computers:

  • McAfee Anti Virus:  just because this product claims to protect your computer against viruses, doesn’t mean it’s the best product for you.  Most people never fully utilize McAfee.  But since it’s installed on your computer, it conducts a massive amount of unnecessary processes that are running in the background causing your computer to run slow and sluggish.
  • Wild Tangent Games:  this is an application that I’ve seen pre installed on a lot of Vista and Windows 7 machines.  This one application consists of around 10 or more games, all of which start up and are processing in the background.  Again, this causes a huge drag unnecessarily on your computer.
  • Tool Bars:  let me just say this now – PLEASE remove all toolbars such as Yahoo toolbar, Aol toolbar, Coupon toolbars, Internet Explorer toolbars.  Toolbars are the absolute worse at consuming your computer’s resources and launching massive amounts of processes that eat up your computer’s resources.

You might be wondering why I would recommend removing “McAfee”.  After all, doesn’t McAfee help keep computer’s virus free?  Below, the section where I talk about running Google Chrome, you’ll find out why McAfee is unnecessary.  So for now just trust me, remove McAfee from your computer.

2)  Selective Startup

This is more of an optimization of your startup, but every Windows PC has what’s called selective startup.  What I do in most cases is simply disable everything but “Windows essential” programs to startup when your computer boots up.

By disabling all programs but those that are necessary for Windows, you actually free up a substantial amount of computer resources.  Because ultimately, those programs that don’t startup initially are basically laying dormant until you tell one of them to wake up (by launching the program you need).

Here’s how to optimize your selective startup programs:

Instructions for Windows XP computers:  click “start” (lower left hand corner) > click “Run..” from the menu > type “msconfig” (without quotes) in the text bar of the window that pops up after you click “Run…” and then click “Ok”.

Instructions for Windows Vista & Windows 7:  click “start” (lower left hand corner) > in the search bar that’s right above the “start” button, type the word “msconfig” (without quotes), you’ll now see the “msconfig” option appear above in the search results > click “msconfig” from the menu.

In both cases, once you launch “msconfig”, you’ll see the following screen:

March 1 2024

Now click “Selective Startup” and check the bubble that reads “Use Original BOOT.INI

Now click the “Services” tab (2nd tab from the right).

Once you click the “Services” tab, you should now see this:

March 1 2024

Once you have the “Services” tab showing, click the box to select the “Hide All Microsoft Services” option.  You’ll now be showing only the programs in your computer that are non Microsoft Services.

You now want to unclick all of these services – or simply click “Disable All”.  You are not removing or otherwise hampering the ability of these programs to run.  You are simply telling your computer to not run the programs until you ask it to.  This will free up a substantial amount of your computer’s resources because 99% of the time, the default setting for all of your applications is to launch at startup.  We want to disable this and save your computer from having to process all of these unnecessary applications.

After you’ve disabled the list of “non-Microsoft” services, go ahead and hit “Apply” then “Ok”.

You’ll now have to restart your computer for these changes to take affect.

Congratulations – your computer is now thanking you for saving it from choking to death on all of your unnecessary applications!

Let’s continue…

3)  Install & Run Google Chrome

This is a critical step in improving your overall computer performance, and it relates directly to your web browser.  I put this under the umbrella of “computer performance” because as it is with most computer users, as soon as you turn on your computer you head immediately to the Internet.  So having a web browser that is secure, efficient, and extremely fast is important.

Remember earlier I said to remove McAfee (or any other anti virus program you might have running)?  Well Google Chrome makes this possible.  Chrome is the only web browser that has protection built into the browser itself.  So if you are running Google Chrome, not only will you see a dramatic increase in speed and performance, but you’ll also have the best protection from any viruses, spyware, and adware – all without having to run an additional anti virus program.

Install Google Chrome

Click here > click “accept and install” > then proceed with installing and launching Chrome.

You’ll know you’ve installed it properly once you see the welcome screen from Google Chrome.

4)  Install / Upgrade RAM

And now for the most important step in how to make your computer run faster.  Ultimately, the speed and efficiency of any computer is driven by your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory).  RAM is a form of computer data storage at the integrated circuit level of your computer.

What you need to know here is that RAM is 100% responsible for the processing speed of your computer.  So when you’ve clicked too many icons, or launched too many processes, or your computer is getting locked up, freezing, or otherwise frustrating you because it’s not moving fast enough – all of the above are processes that are restricted by your RAM.

It’s logical then that the way to improve your computer’s performance is to increase your computer’s RAM.  Give it more RAM and your computer now has more resources to process commands faster.

The best news is that increasing your computer’s RAM is a cheap and easy process.  And as I already said, it’s truly the most important step in how to make your computer run faster.

Purchasing more RAM

To increase your computer’s RAM, you must first purchase more RAM for your computer.

Most computers are shipped new from manufacturers at only 50% of the maximum RAM capacity that’s allowed.  This means, in most cases, you can double the RAM in your computer – in essence, doubling the speed and power of your computer by simply maxing out your computer’s RAM.

Ok – let’s first purchase the RAM you need for your computer.  And the source I’m going to show you to use is called Crucial.  Here’s a video directly from Crucial:

Click here to go to Crucial.com > find the tab (middle left of screen) called System Scanner > click the button that says “Scan My Computer” > click the “check box” and then click “Download The Scanner” >  this will now download the scanner to your computer, so proceed with launching the file that just downloaded and Crucial will scan your computer.

Once the scan is complete (just take a few seconds), you’ll now see a report that tells you how much RAM your computer has > how much to max out your computer’s RAM > and it will give you a list of recommended RAM to purchase.

First make sure Crucial scanned your computer properly and is showing the correct computer make and model (for example, a Dell Dimension 2400).  Then I recommend going with the top recommended RAM product.

You can either make the purchase right there from Crucial.  Or what I do is find the model number to the RAM and then head to Amazon.com where it’s usually cheaper to buy.

After you’ve purchased your RAM and its been delivered to your home.  It’s now time to install the RAM into your computer.  I could literally write an entire new ebook on how to do this, but it’s easiest just to head to YouTube > search for “how to add ram to your computer make / model” and watch the video.  Or call someone you know who can help you out with installing the RAM in your computer.

Here’s an example of a video that I found searching quickly on YouTube:

In conclusion:

Taking all of these steps together is, without a doubt, the most effective way to improve the speed and performance of any computer.  I’ve been helping clients with this for the past 5 years, and I’ve seen computers 10 years old all of sudden outperforming brand new computers.

In total, you’ll spend between $50 and $100 in RAM and shipping.  Everything else is 100% free.  So for around $100, you can take your existing computer and make it lightning fast – faster than almost any other computer you could buy brand new.  And in turn, save yourself hundreds of dollars and lots of headaches.

Got questions?

Let me know in the comments below!

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