Community Helpers Who Use STEM

Community helpers are people whose job is to help you and the residents of your local area. Some common community helpers are firefighters, teachers, and doctors. If you are trying to teach your child real-life examples of how STEM is used, this article will go into ways that STEM is used by community helpers. 

What is STEM? 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Children need to learn about STEM because these four concepts are applied in all components of society. Additionally, having a good understanding of STEM can help inspire children to think creatively and strengthen their problem-solving skills. To help children fully conceptualize STEM, finding STEM activities they can partake in can help keep them engaged and is a fun way to promote learning.  

Community Helpers who use STEM 

In this article, the community helpers that will be discussed are firefighters, teachers, and doctors. Each of these jobs helps neighborhoods function properly and set the groundwork for a thriving community. Read on to learn more about what differentiates each of these people, how they use STEM, and activities you and your child can participate in to educate children further on what community helpers do. 


Firefighters are brave individuals who go into the line of danger to put out fires, rescue civilians, remove hazards, and do many other activities that help communities. Educating children on what fires are, the ways they happen, and how you can extinguish them is a component of STEM. 

Science Behind What a Fire Is 

Fire is the process of combustion exposed visually. A fire begins when fuel and oxygen are combined with fuel. 

Ways Fires Happen 

Fires occur in five main ways. The first is cooking. When cooking, fires can start from food or grease that is too hot. The second is heating. Especially during the winter, portable heaters can be knocked over and start fires. The third is electrical fires. Electrical fires happen when there is a problem with the electrical components of something. The fourth is smoking. When someone smokes and does not properly dispose of the cigarette, fires can be started by its light. Lastly, the fifth is candles. If candles are not monitored while burning, they can be knocked over and start fires. 

How to Extinguish a Fire 

If you happen to see or start a fire, there are a few ways you can extinguish it. The first is to cool it down, the second is to limit its oxygen, the third is to reduce its reach to fuel, and the fourth is to affect its chemical reaction. Some examples of this are spraying water on it, using a fire extinguisher, or covering it with a blanket. If the fire is large, instead of trying to extinguish it, you should evacuate the area and call the fire department for a professional to put it out. 

Firefighter STEM Activity 

A STEM activity to educate your child about fires should always be monitored very closely and have a parent or guardian present. The purpose of this activity is to show how fire reacts to certain acts of tampering. 

To participate in this activity, you will need: 

  • 1 Candle
  • A Glass
  • Spray Bottle of Water
  • A Lighter

To begin the activity, have the parent or guardian light the candle and alert your child not to touch the flame. 

Spray Bottle Activity: Give your child a spray bottle of water and allow them to spray the flame. This should cool the fire and depending on how much water is sprayed, can put it out. This should teach your child the impacts water can have on fire.

Glass Activity: Give your child a glass and instruct them to place the glass upside down on the candle. This should make the flame go out. Explain to your child that when oxygen is restricted, fire will go out. 

Participating in this activity can give your child an understanding of how firefighters use STEM every day to help the lives of others. 


Teachers are very important people in society. They are in charge of educating the future generation. During class, teachers will instruct children on many foundational ideas, one of which is STEM. While all components of STEM are touched on throughout the school year, science and math are prioritized. If you are a parent or guardian, here are some ways that science and math may be taught to your child when in class. 

Your child’s grade level will impact the level of advancement in science in math your child will receive. Because of this, this article will only touch on basic science and math principles taught in elementary school. 

Basic STEM Concepts Taught by Teachers 

  • Counting 
  • Addition and subtraction skills 
  • Shapes 
  • Weather
  • Water cycle 
  • The problem, hypothesis, experiment, and results in science 

Activity to Promote STEM in the Classroom 

Water Cycle Activity (science)

For this activity, teachers help students understand the water cycle.

To participate in this activity, a teacher will need: 

  • Glass jar with lid 
  • Ice 
  • 1 cup of hot water 
  • Hairspray 

Once all materials are gathered, the teacher will add hot water to the jar. Next, they will cover the top of the jar with the lid and allow her students to add ice cubes on top of the lid. The teacher will wait a few seconds and then quickly remove the hot water from the jar and spray hairspray in the jar. They will add the lid back to the jar and then wait with their students for a cloud to form in the glass. This is a cool way to teach the students how clouds are formed and the role they play in the water cycle! 

Hopefully, this helped you learn about some of the ways teachers use STEM to educate the next generation. 


If you have ever been sick, chances are you’ve been to a doctor. Doctors are there to help the community and work to make the sick healthy again. In this profession, STEM is used daily to treat patients and evaluate conditions. Read on to discover common times STEM is used. 

Common Ways STEM is Used by Doctors 

  • Analyzing x-rays and CAT scans 
  • Choosing the correct medicine dosage to prescribe a patient 
  • Measuring BMI 
  • Reading and understanding statistics

There are some of the many ways that STEM is applied by doctors. 

STEM Activity to Teach Kids About X-Rays 

X-rays are a combination of science and technology and they are used every day to help treat people all over the world. To teach your child about X-rays, participate in this fun activity with them. 

For this activity, you will need: 

  • Online X-ray images printed out 
  • Pretzel sticks 

While kids know what a hand or a foot looks like, they probably do not know what they look like under an x-ray machine. Find X-ray images of feet, hands, heads, and other body parts online and print them out. Then, with your child, go through the images and ask them if they can discover what body part the image is. Once they label everything, ask them to make their own skeleton using pretzel sticks. This is a great way for kids to understand the human body and how everything is connected. 

Children Learning STEM

Teaching your child how community helpers use STEM every day can help them understand why STEM is so important to learn. For more STEM educational content and activities, check out The Learning Experience’s Bubbles and Friends YouTube Channel

Bubbles And Friends
Bubbles And Friends
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