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Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail

Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail Hours in Athens, GA 30606


Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail
1808 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Athens, GA 30606
(877) 339-3133
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(877) 339-3133 (Call Now)

1808 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Athens, GA 30606 (Directions)

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Car wash, Car detailing service

Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail: Services

1. Exterior car wash
2. Interior detailing
3. Exterior waxing and polishing
4. Headlight restoration
5. Wheel and tire cleaning
6. Engine degreasing and detailing
7. Paint correction, ceramic coatings, and paint protection film application
8. Leather care treatment
9. Fabric protection treatment
10. Upholstery cleaning
11. Pet hair removal

FAQ’s for Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail

1. What services does Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail offer?
Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail offers a full range of car washing, detailing, and protective coating services. We specialize in hand washing, waxing, polishing, interior detailing and protection, wheel cleaning and protection, paint protection film installation, headlight restoration/protection, paintless dent removal/repair. We also offer unique services such as decontamination deep cleaning for wheels and paint surfaces as well as Nano Ceramic Coating applications to enhance the longevity of your vehicle’s paint job.

2. How long does it take for my car wash or detail service?
The amount of time depends on the size of the vehicle and the type of service requested. Our standard wash packages generally take between 30 minutes to 1 hour for completion; however complex services like paint correction can take multiple hours depending on how severe the oxidation or scratches are. Our team will provide an estimate before we start work so you know what to expect.

3. What is included in my car wash package?
Our standard car wash packages include a thorough hand washing using high-quality soap and microfiber cloths; application of Carnauba wax to protect from UV rays; vacuuming interior seats, carpets, mats & trunk area; interior dusting & wiping down of dashboard & other plastic surfaces; window cleaning inside & out; tire dressing including wheel wells; complete exterior wipe down with clay bar treatment (removes contaminants); headlight restoration & protection; complete drying with microfiber towels.

4. Do you offer any additional protection treatments?
Yes! In addition to our standard hand washing/waxing process we also offer additional protective treatments such as Nano Ceramic Coatings that are designed to last up to five years with proper maintenance—this helps protect your vehicle’s body panels from UV rays & harsh weather conditions while providing excellent hydrophobic properties (water beads off). We also offer Paint Protection Film installations which help protect your vehicle’s exterior parts such as bumpers, hoods, mirrors etc from rock chips or scratches caused by regular road debris.

5. Does Car Genie use eco-friendly products?
Yes! All products used by Car Genie are eco-friendly & biodegradable—we believe in protecting our environment which is why all soaps used are water-based detergents that do not contain phosphates or other harmful chemicals found in traditional automotive cleaning solutions. We also use recycled materials whenever possible when available (i.e., rags instead of paper towels). Additionally all solvents used during detailing are water based to further reduce environmental impact.

About Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail

Car Genie Mobile Car Wash and Detail is a premier mobile car wash and detail service in the greater Seattle area. Founded on the principle of providing top-notch, convenient car care services to busy professionals, Car Genie offers an extensive list of services that range from basic wash-and-wax packages to more comprehensive detailing jobs. The company also provides window tinting, paint touch up and repair, interior deodorizing, leather conditioning, and more. With the use of high quality products and experienced technicians, Car Genie makes sure that every vehicle they work on looks its best. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as one of the best mobile car wash companies in the country.


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