I’m always amazed, not only how quickly technology changes and advances, but also the ways in which business is adapting and implementing this new and every changing paradigm.  Technology is being implemented in every nook and cranny in the enterprise, from the front lines to the C-Suite.  The ultimate goal?  I suppose every business is pushing to be more productive – in turn, push down costs – while simultaneously increasing productive.  What does all of this mean?  Well… it all comes down to increasing profits.  But in the world of risk management, businesses see increasing profits as a function of decreasing and mitigating risks.  One way businesses can do this is through the use of advanced analytical systems that allows for things like predictive modeling.  Enterprise risk management software helps facilitate this analytical insight into past risks, current risk exposure, and mitigating future risks.  But yet once again, technology never sleeps and a lot of the ERMS platforms are moving to the cloud.  Because having software (legacy) risk management solutions installed on your computer is… well… so yesterday!