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If you seek my assistance, my hope for you is that you feel heard, accepted and understood in a space that is free of judgement. As you deal with the most painful feelings of your lifetime and the hardest circumstances you’ve ever experienced, kindness and compassion are a winning solution. You can be assured that I will see you and I will hear you.

I offer the experience of a seasoned therapist, who is not afraid to tell you as plainly as can be said, what your best options are. For couples, I have been extensively trained in the Gottman Method. This type of couples therapy is research-based with proven success. I also incorporate the methods of Terry Real in Relational Life Therapy. For those who have experienced trauma, I am a Certified Brainspotting Therapist. Brainspotting is a highly effective processing tool developed by David Grande, PhD. I have seen this tool heal my clients from the deepest of levels. I also am a certified provider for the Safe and Sound Protocol by Steve Porges, PhD. This is an awesome bonus available to you as part of your therapy with me free of charge. It will be a transformative tool that you can use to activate your polyvagal nerve and move into more creative and productive nervous system states.


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Crossing Health LLC
Couples who are at a crossroads, individuals needing support are my specialty.
Crossing Health LLC
Crossing Health LLChttps://crossingshealth.com/
Couples who are at a crossroads, individuals needing support are my specialty.

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"Bobby and his team are very easy to work with. They communicate flawlessly and I love working with them. Almost ten plus years later they continue to keep me number 1 in my market online and strive for excellence!!"