business bloggingWondering how to dominate the web and Google (think SEO) with blogging for your business?

There’s really only two main keys to business blogging success.  Both of these key elements, if implemented effectively, will ensure that your business blog dominates your market, your competitors, and puts you directly in front of your most profitable customers – those who are searching for, and researching, your products and services.

Business blogging, as you’ll read below, can also set the stage for a powerful SEO strategy that can elevate you above your competitors in even the toughest markets.

2 Keys to Business Blogging Success

1)  Relevance:  your business blog content doesn’t have to win Pulitzer Prizes in literature, but it does have to be built on topic and built around the themes that describe your most profitable products and services.  In the bigger picture of brand dominance on the web, and in Google, content production should be driven by the topics that define and compliment your targeted keyword phrases for branding in Google.

This is bit out of scope and what most would consider an advanced topic on SEO, but by producing content that’s on topic with your targeted keyword phrases, you are now empowered to create silos (or grouped themes) of content within your site that all link up to the targeted pages that you are attempting to drive to #1 in Google.

This silo strategy meets the “relevance” factor with Google as it crawls and indexes sites.  Google first looks for on-page authority which you can easily achieve with the meta tag title, description, and content.  But then, on a much higher level, Google looks for site relevance – supporting pages within your site that have related content matter and that link to each other in mini-sitemap fashion.  And then all of these supporting pages link up to (in essence vote for) the targeted landing page – that page we are attempting to rank in Google.

The sites that understand and implement these strategies are few and far between – actually you need to turn to sites like Amazon, Wikipedia, and Yahoo Answers to find explicit examples of this at work – it is not ironic or circumstantial that these sites rank as strongly as they do for any given keyword phrase.

2)   Frequency:  equally important is the frequency of content production. is an extreme example of content production frequency where they are producing upwards of 41 new articles every hour – 24 hours a day.  The point in frequently producing content is to keep Google coming back to your site, re-indexing pages, and attributing more content (theme relevant content as discussed in point #1) to your site – all of which contributes to the relevance factor.

These two key elements of business blogging (relevance and frequency) when combined and implemented effectively, make it nearly impossible for any other brand to achieve a higher level of online authority and stronger presence in Google.  The only way to beat this system is to produce more relevant content, more frequently, and create a higher quality silo (hierarchy) of internally linked pages… something very few people know or understand how to implement.

Your turn:

What do you think about these 2 keys to business blogging success?

Do you know of other methods and strategies that can contribute to successful business blogging?

We look forward to your comments…