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10 Best Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorneys

When it comes to matters of criminal defense, hiring a capable attorney becomes critical. You don’t have a lot of time and contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is the ideal thing to do. As a citizen of the United States, you have the right to protect your freedom and put forth your position and arguments on the case.

However, you can’t do that alone, as legal intricacies are too much even for an educated citizen. Hiring an eminent criminal defense lawyer can help resolve this problem as they understand the legal system’s complexities and can guide you in navigating it.

Here’s the 10 best criminal defense Attorneys in Bradenton, Florida

Hanlon Law in Bradenton, Fl

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Being accused of doing a crime is certainly one of the most terrible experiences one can have. However, it is not the end of the world if you hire the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton, such as Hanlon Law. They deal with every kind of criminal offense such as domestic violence, sex crimes, child abuse, and whatnot.

Will Hanlon, the founder, has more than two decades of experience and has successfully represented hundreds of clients. Hanlon Law believes that your future matters and they are always ready to protect it lawfully and aggressively. If you’re facing criminal charges in Bradenton, contact Hanlon Law today. They’ll try their best to get the most favorable outcome for you.

Location for Hanlon Law

Hanlon Law
1111 3rd Ave W Ste 310
Bradenton, FL 34205
Website: https://www.criminalattorneybradenton.net/

Review of Hanlon Law

Bart Stoddard is an amazing Manatee criminal defense attorney. If you find yourself in a situation where you need help professional legal help, Bart is by far the best person to trust for the job. In my situation, my life was on the line. Bart’s calm professional approach helped ensure that my case came to the best possible conclusion. His strategic planning and knowledge of both the county judges and also other local counsel give him a huge advantage over anyone else. He is an amazing attorney and a compassionate person as well.” – Brian Licata

Grollman Law, Criminal Defense Lawyer 


Grollman Law has the most reputable and best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton. During their career, they have defended clients facing different criminal charges, from DUIs to assault and battery. They are known for deeply analyzing cases, no matter how severe or complex, and mounting a solid defense for their clients.

They are zealous believers in protecting the rights and freedoms of their clients. They vigorously defend them and try to get the best possible results. Communication is also their strong point, as they respond within 24 hours of when you contact them. Besides, Brandon Law shares all the updates about your case with you to keep you well-informed.

Location for Grollman Law

Grollman Law
544 12th St. W.
Bradenton, FL 34205
Website: https://grollmanlaw.com

Review of Grollman Law

When I found myself in a bind, Jake was the only lawyer I even considered asking to defend me. I entrusted Jake with my cases when my license and my career were on the line. I’m not alone in my confidence in Jake- his counsel is regularly sought by other attorneys in regard to criminal matters.

Jake’s legal knowledge is only matched by the passion and dedication with which he represents his clients. His expertise in criminal defense allows him to get the best possible results, but what makes him invaluable is his honesty and his accessibility. Unlike many lawyers in the area, he responds promptly to calls and messages and will always shoot it to you straight – no “BS.”

Mr. Grollman understands that he is dealing with many of his clients during what may be the worst time of their lives. Even as busy as he is, the patience and compassion he extends make you feel as if you’re his only client. Jake fought for me in court and got my case completely DISMISSED. If you want a lawyer that will competently and aggressively defend your rights in and out of the courtroom, look no further than Jake Grollman.” – Florida lawyer

Flynn Law


Flynn Law is amongst the most reputable law firms in Bradenton, thanks to their expertise in handling different criminal cases. They have the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton who have served as prosecutors for the State Attorney’s Office, which adds a unique touch to their training.

Flynn Law is always prepared to handle any type of case thrown at it. By staying way ahead of the opposition, they ensure their clients always have the upper hand. They believe everyone has the right to be heard, and are always ready to lend an ear to Bradenton residents facing criminal charges.

Throughout the legal proceedings, they stay in touch with their clients because they believe people are more than just numbers on paper. So, they work tirelessly to get their clients fair legal treatment.

Location for Flynn Law

Flynn Law
3114 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34205
Website: https://www.941legal.com/

Review for Flynn Law

After being referred to Flynn Law, I found the Flynn attorneys to be extremely professional. I anticipated my accident claim to last for at least a year or more. To my surprise, they resolved my claim for the policy limits and settled my claim for more money than I ever imagined. I would highly recommend the Flynn attorneys (Anne & Sean) to any good person who is the victim or injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Or any accident for that matter. They continuously treated me with respect and made themselves available for any and all of my questions. It is clear this law firm cares for its community and its members. Thank you Flynn Law.” – Jim Heilman”

Reid Law Firm 


The Reid Law firm believes that everyone deserves the right to due process and that accusations don’t make anyone automatically guilty. Being accused of a crime is definitely an overwhelming experience, but Reid Law will try to minimize your pain through their knowledge & expertise. From assault & sexual offenses to theft & murder, there is nothing that Reid Law doesn’t handle.

Thanks to their years of experience, they have gained immense knowledge that they use to defend their clients. They have the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton who care deeply about their clients and go the extra mile to make their lives better. You can contact them whenever you want and they won’t take too long to respond.

Location for Reid Law Firm

912 7th Ave E
Bradenton, FL 34208
Website: https://thereidlawfirm.com/

Review of Reid Law Firm

Upon a search of a lawyer I called a few Jason was on the hall and responded ASAP due to my situation. He was very quick and responsive to my cause and got my problem which could of been 5 yrs to 90 days, thank you Jason we will adhere to your advice and sincerely thank you for your service.” – Doug

The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn 


Those accused of a crime can face consequences in several aspects of their life, such as housing, work, finances, etc. The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn takes this issue seriously and strives daily to save people’s lives from complete destruction. With a combined experience of more than 75 years in both the private and public domain, their team consists of the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton who handle a wide range of criminal charges.

They believe that everyone comes with a different story, so listening to them and understanding their perspective is critical to serving them justice. No matter what criminal offense someone is facing, their law office is always ready to listen and devise a strategy that best fits the situation at hand.

Location for The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn: 

1017 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205
Website: https://www.colleenglenn.com/

Review for The Law Office of Colleen M. Glenn

Colleen is the best for a reason. I came to her absolutely sick and in need of quality representation. She eased my mind and came up with a game plan during our complimentary consultation, and stuck to it. Being the BOSS that she is, I was granted full immunity and my case was dismissed. She goes above and beyond for her clients, is never judgmental, and is a true sight to see perform in court. I truly believe she was born to help others. She’s worth every cent. I will forever feel indebted to her, and I admire her to the fullest. She will be who I recommend to any and ALL family members or friends, without a second thought.. because I know she will take care of them! She takes great pride in her work!” – Lindsay D

Pallegar Law, Criminal Defense 


Pallegar Law firm has handled thousands of cases successfully and has surpassed its clients’ expectations by a good margin. They’re experts in getting clients into diversion programs and getting the charges dismissed afterward. Communication is key to developing a good relationship between a law firm and its clients.

Pallegar understands it perfectly and is available 24/7 to answer questions from clients. One complaint people often make is that their lawyer doesn’t explain the situation well or doesn’t update them often. Pallegar Law does the opposite and keeps its clients updated with everything that’s going on with their cases.

By focusing on the end result of the case, Pallegar Law ensures that whatever they’re going on is in the client’s favor. They don’t want you to lose a job in the future just because you were accused of a crime. Hence, the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton try their best to positively influence the outcome of your case.

Location for Pallegar Law

Pallegar Law 
1811 Bayshore Gardens Pkwy, Bradenton, FL 34207
Website: https://www.pallegarlawfirm.com/

Review for Pallegar Law

Mr. Pallegar is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and non-judgmental. His pricing is fair and he will be honest about things he can and cannot help with so you don’t waste your money. He does his due diligence to steer you in the right direction regarding the process for the county you live in. He will answer and return phone calls after hours and on weekends. He explains things well in terms you can understand. I highly recommend!” – Erin R

McIntosh Law 


McIntosh has been advocating for its clients since 1993 with a high success rate. With a team approach to the case, the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton ensure that their expertise can make a difference in the outcome. It means they don’t rely on a single source of knowledge or expertise and combine different viewpoints to craft ideal solutions and arguments.

They have a team of the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton who will personally meet you and discuss all the details of the case. Moreover, they’ll also keep you updated about the progress and guide you on what steps to take next. They are also skilled litigators and negotiators who know how to defend the rights of their clients in pressure situations.

Location for McIntosh Law

McIntosh Law
766 Hudson Avenue, Suite B, Bradenton, FL 34236
Website: https://www.floridacriminaljustice.com/

Review for McIntosh Law

I have had a very good experience with McIntosh Law. They work as a team and this multiplies the chances of success. This is a team of professionals. This is a team that works for the result. I want to especially mention Kevin Griffith, with whom we went all the way from start to finish. Immediately after our first meeting in the office of the company, I knew that I wanted to hire this particular lawyer, without a doubt. And I didn’t have to regret it. Our family is eternally grateful to him for his work in our son’s case. Nobody is immune from mistakes. Whoever made a mistake is entitled to a second chance. It was very important for the young man to get the right experience in the justice system. Thank you Kevin for helping us get him a second chance.” – Vides ltd

Lail Law Firm


Lail Law Firm brings years of legal know-how & insights to the table and protects its clients from criminal convictions. Since law enforcement is usually inclined toward proving you as a criminal, it is crucial to have a reputable law firm like the Mail Law Firm fighting for your cause.

Their priority is to make clients understand their situation perfectly so the case can be pursued with confidence and composure. By telling the clients about all the possibilities, the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton ensure that the clients know what to expect. Lail is committed to standing with its clients and protecting them throughout the process, whether there is a plea bargain or the case goes to a trial.

Location for Lail Law Firm

Lail Law Firm
2075 Main St. Suite #25, Sarasota, FL 34237
Website: https://www.laildefenselawyer.com/

Review for Lail Law Firm: 

What I like about this attorney is that he takes time to call a client or future client back in regards to any questions that they may have in regards to whatever situation that they are in within the legal system. He is not one of those attorneys that are just out to get your money and then when you pay them you can never get ahold of them. I didn’t even retain Mr. Lail at the time and he returned all of my calls and answered all of my questions. It’s VERY hard to find a GOOD attorney these days who actually care about what happens to their client rather than how much money they can get out of the person. I have personally found Mr. Lail to be genuine, highly knowledgeable in law, patient, and very easy to talk to. So if you are looking for a GREAT attorney to assist you with whatever situation you found yourself in call this guy.” – Ryan Chrusz

Law Offices of Anthony G. Ryan


The professionals working in the Law Offices of Anthony G. Ryan are dedicated to protecting the rights of Floridians who have been accused of criminal conduct. Thanks to their determination and dedication to their work, they have been recognized by the Florida Bar Association.

Without passing any judgments on their accusations, the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton treat all clients equally. They believe everyone deserves respect and courtesy regardless of the legal problem they find themselves in.

They are experts in scrutinizing the evidence against their opponents and identifying weaknesses in it. Later, they use those weaknesses to get a better plea agreement or reduce the charges or get them dismissed altogether.

Location for Anthony G. Ryan

Anthony G. Ryan
4501 W, 4501 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34209
(941) 954-7132
Website: https://www.agryanlaw.com/

Review for Anthony G. Ryan

Very professional lawyer, he was able to help us with our case and we’re more than happy with the outcome. We are very grateful to have hired him for our case and especially for being able to handle it from Texas! Attorney Ryan is very responsive, and his communication is great he always maintained us Informed of everything. Explained everything very well, before hiring him I called other attorneys who were not very pleasant.” – Irma Rodriguez

Steven G. Lavely, Attorney at Law 


The Law Office of Steven G. Lavely is committed to protecting its clients. By hiring them, you don’t have to talk to the police. All the important legal communication throughout will be handled by the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton. The presumption of innocence is an integral part of the legal system, meaning you’re not guilty until you’re proven to be. It provides an opportunity to challenge the opposition’s narrative and build a strong case for their clients.

The right to due process has been granted to every US citizen, which means you can always defend yourself no matter how serious the charges are against you. By hiring the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton, you ensure to make the most of this opportunity and present solid arguments in your favor.

Location for Steve G. Lavely

Steve G. Lavely
527 Manatee Ave. East
Bradenton, FL 34208
Website: https://www.lavelylaw.com/

Review for Steve G. Lavely

I had no idea how fortunate I was to find Steven Lavely until my case began to play out. It quickly became evident that his years of experience were going to be extremely valuable.

Steve is an honest and highly skilled attorney, who “tells it like it is.”  No false promises. I was kept up to date on the facts and the progress of my case.  In the courtroom, when I saw that his peers and the judge not only had obvious respect for him but also held his opinion in high regard, it brought me comfort and assurance.  Bottom line- This guy knows his stuff, and it’s no secret!  He really came through for me!

Thank you, Steve, for your compassion and hard work. I am so very grateful for you!” – Gator


Q: What’s the job of a criminal defense lawyer? 

A: A criminal defense lawyer helps you navigate the criminal justice system and understands your legal rights. They can help you get bail, reduce your sentence, obtain a plea deal, challenge your arrest, etc.

Q: What makes a good Bradenton defense lawyer? 

A: A good Bradenton defense lawyer is aware of the local laws and understands the criminal justice system well enough. Look for the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton with a proven track record of success and the ones who communicate regularly with you.


These are the best criminal defense lawyers in Bradenton you can get in touch with. They have immense experience in and out of court and can guide you well regarding the criminal justice system. Their expertise, integrity, and honesty combine to get their clients out of trouble which their track record proves.

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